Wouldn’t you love a delicious Red Dragon Sushi Roll with a slight kick? If you are one of the millions of sushi eaters that enjoy a little bit of kick with your sushi, this would be the sushi roll for you. This sushi roll is yummy with a little bit of heat. It is delicious, spicy, and crispy. What could be better than that?

The Red Dragon Roll is similar to the Manhattan Roll in a few ways. Both rolls were originally made with spicy tuna and cucumber. Each of the rolls is a little on the spicy side. The difference is that the Red Dragon Roll Sushi is an inside-out kind of sushi roll. The Red Dragon Roll uses shrimp tempura, which is occasionally used for the creation of a Manhattan Roll too.

An inside-out sushi roll is the kind of sushi roll that has cooked sushi rice on the outside of the Nari. This Red Dragon Roll also is unique in the fact that it utilizes tempura. Tempura is not often used for sushi. When it is, like the Manhattan Roll, it is often an item you choose to use. With the Red Dragon Roll it is a staple item.

What is A Red Dragon Roll?

A Red Dragon Roll is an enticing kind of sushi that is known to be crunchy and spicy. The name sounds threatening, Red Dragon Roll, like the roll will have a steaming taste. The roll is, however, not as spicy as you would expect. The word red is slightly misleading.

This delicious roll is characterized by the usage of cucumber and tempura. The spiciness is created by using spicy tuna or mayonnaise. The Red Dragon Roll can be personalized by using tempura flakes, scallions, and a variety of other ingredients.

Use your creativity to make this sushi roll your own. Use your favorite ingredients and customize the roll to your own liking. The featured recipe is incredible and super easy to tweak to your own tastes.

Red Dragon Roll Recipes – Crunchy and Spicy

Preparing Crunchy dragon roll

Go out to the store and get your hands on the following red dragon roll ingredients. You will need to find a recipe that teaches you to make sushi rice. This way, you will be able to find these ingredients at a grocery store or foreign food store. Each of these ingredients will contribute to the delicious flavor of the Red Dragon Sushi.

  • One Cucumber Cut into one-inch pieces.
  • Two Avocados Cut into small pieces.
  • Half of a Lemon, Squeeze for the juice. Use it to keep avocado from coloring.
  • Two Sheets of Seaweed Nori, Cut in Half
  • Two Cups of Cooked Sushi Rice
  • Eight Pieces of Prepared Shrimp Tempura
  • One Unagi Eel Fillet
  • Half a Cup of Spicy Mayo
  • One Serving of Unagi Sauce
  • Roasted Black Sesame Seeds

Once you have prepared and obtained all of the ingredients listed above, you may use them to put together the following recipe. These sixteen steps will take you about twenty minutes to complete. We did forget to add a final step to the list- Enjoy your delicious homemade sushi.

  1. Prepare a work space for yourself, Clean the space and gather all of your supplies.
  2. Cut the cucumber into four pieces, lengthwise. You will need to remove the seeds and cut each of the quarters in half again. Leave the slices whole.
  3. Cut in half the avocado and remove the pit.
  4. Peel the avocado and cut it into multiple thin slices. Then use a knife to shape the avocado. It needs to fit the sushi roll.
  5. Cover your bamboo mat with plastic wrap.
  6. Lay the Nori on the mat with the shiny part down.
  7. Cover the Nori with half of a cup of sushi rice.
  8. Flip the Nori and place the shrimp tempura at the bottom of the Nori.
  9. Place the cucumber pieces atop the tempura horizontally.
  10. Place the Unagi slices next.
  11. Begin rolling the bamboo mat so that the roll is tight.
  12. Squeeze the roll so that it sticks together.
  13. Top the sushi roll with avocado.
  14. Slice the roll into seven or eight pieces. Use a wet knife so that the slice’s edges are clean cut.
  15. Top with spicy mayo and black sesame seeds.
  16. Repeat these steps for each piece of Nori.

How to make Spicy Dragon Roll

These are the ingredients used to make a Spicy Red Dragon Roll Sushi. Find the recipes you need to prepare any of these items. Once each item is prepared you can begin to create the Spicy Red Dragon Roll.

  • Six Sheets of Nori, Cut in Half
  • Three Cups of Cooked Sushi Rice
  • Six Ounces of Sashimi Tuna
  • One Avocado
  • One Tbsp of Sriracha Sauce
  • One-Quarter Cup of Fried Onions
  • One-Quarter Cup of Tobiko
  • One Tbsp Toasted Black Sesame Seed

Gather all of your ingredients and prepare them for the recipe. Then follow the eighteen steps below. Once you’ve completed this twenty-minute recipe, you can enjoy this Spicy Red Dragon Roll.

  1. Prepare the work space. Clean up an area
  2. Cut the tuna in one-centimeter sticks
  3. Slice the avocado in half. Then you need to remove the pit.
  4. Peel the avocado.
  5. Cut the avocado into extremely thin slices. Use a knife to shape the slices to the appropriate size to fit the sushi roll.
  6. Cut the cucumber into quarters long-wise. Then cut each quarter in half.
  7. Cover the bamboo mat with plastic wrap, to prevent the Nori from sticking.
  8. Place the Nori upside-down on your bamboo mat.
  9. Cover the Nori with sushi rice.
  10. Flip the Nori over on the bamboo mat.
  11. Place the pieces of tuna along the lower edge of the Nori.
  12. Horizontally, place the avocado over top the tuna.
  13. Next, you need to place the cucumber atop the avocado.
  14. Squeeze a very thin line of Sriracha across the top of the cucumber. Use a little more, or a little less, to change the amount of heat.
  15. Roll the sushi up using the bamboo mat.
  16. Squeeze the roll to make sure that the rolls stick together.
  17. Cut the sushi roll into seven or eight pieces.
  18. Top the roll with a sprinkle of tobiko, onions, and sesame seeds.


You will enjoy the incredible combination of crunch and spice with this Japanese dish. The dish is relatively easy to make, especially if you are already accustomed to making sushi. The ingredients are easy to use. Honestly, the hardest part of making this dish will be cooking the shrimp tempura.

Either of these recipes will be absolutely amazing. You can adjust the recipes to suit your preferences. Trade out the ingredients or add ingredients to the sushi rolls. Both of these recipes will turn out delicious in under thirty minutes. Provided you have the ingredients prepared ahead of time.

Do not waste any time, jump to creating this Red Dragon Roll recipe. Trust me, the dish is incredible, and you will have the added satisfaction of knowing that you created the roll yourself. So, do not wait any longer, run to the store to gather your ingredients, then get situated in your kitchen. You have a Red Dragon Sushi Roll to make!


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