Fluffy pancakes thermomix style – Doesn’t the name itself call on you to try it? You may already be watering at the mouth just thinking about it. These super-light pancakes will sound even better once you hear how easy their batter is to make with the help of your thermomix.

Say goodbye to the days of tired arms and cramped wrists from manually whisking eggs and struggling against a lumpy, uneven batter. Cooking is about to get a whole lot faster now that thermomix has come to the rescue.

A thermomix pancake is a flat cake made from a batter that is blended using a thermomix, then cooked on a griddle or frying pan with vegetable oil or butter. Here’s a fun fact: the term pancake actually originates from the Greek word for “frying pan,” and the word appeared in English in the 15th century.

Before the current term “pancake” came into use, ancient Greeks made an archaic form of the breakfast item we know and love today, which they called tagenites. Similarly served for breakfast, these were made with wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and milk. Another version of pancakes they would make were staititas, which were topped with honey, sesame, and cheese.

We shouldn’t give too much credit to the Greeks, however, as pancakes don’t really belong to any one country or people. Throughout the world, there exist many variations of pancakes with different accents but the same basic ingredients. China, for instance, substitutes batter for dough and apparently their version tastes really good too!

Some people like to add a pinch of salt to their batter to deepen the flavor, though othersmyself includedprefer to have a batter free from salt. Another awesome variation uses the addition of wheat to batter, which is something you can try for the added nutritional value it offers.

If you live in certain countries, such as the UK, you may have heard of a national “Pancake Day“. Though sadly, my country doesn’t seem aware of this custom, I like to think that somewhere in the world there’s a pancake-making contest being held right now. If you had never heard of this celebration before, consider adding it to your calendar as an excuse to try some tasty pancakes, thermomix style.

The batter of the thermomix pancakes consists of eggs, flour, milk, and baking powder. Ingredients such as buttermilk, bananas, or cheese can be added to the batter, and you can even garnish the finished product with cinnamon or nutmeg as your taste buds desire.

To prepare thermomix buttermilk pancakes, just add some buttermilk to the batter or use it in place of milk altogether. Apart from the fact that these pancakes don’t take much time to prepare (for those of you who already spend way too much time in the kitchen), thermomix pancakes are the perfect serving for breakfast, topped with maple syrup, jam, honey or nuts, as your preference dictates.

These can be served as part of a complete breakfast alongside toast, sausage or bacon. The creaminess of the milk and yumminess of the eggsas well as their valued nutrientsare good enough reasons why this meal deserves a spot on your food-making timetable. Lighter than the pancakes you may be used to, these will make a perfect breakfast meal, snack, midday-treat or dessert. Basically, your thermomix pancakes can be eaten at any time of day.

If you can’t finish them all in one sitting, these pancakes can also be stored in the freezer. They thaw well and they won’t go bad for a long time.

How do Thermomix Pancakes Taste?

The first time I ate these pancakes, I couldn’t help but wonder how and why they tasted so good. My taste buds were hooked and the quest for the perfect recipe began.

Using a thermomix to combine your batter will make the work a lot easier and faster. Pancakes became the popular treat they are because they’re soft, fluffy and creamy, and this holds especially true for your thermomix buttermilk pancakes.

These pancakes should come out thick, fluffy and satisfying. Don’t get too greedy and make more than you can handle, because they are quite filling. These pancakes go great with copious amounts of maple syrup. Making this meal requires only a few cooking accessories, like a spatula, a measuring cup, and of course, your thermomix.

Thermomix Pancake Recipe


To get tasty, mouth-watering, fluffy pancakes, the following ingredients are necessary:

    • 30g of butter (unsalted)
    • 225g of plain flour
    • 1 tablespoon of baking powder (this serves as a raising agent)
    • 1 tablespoon of caster sugar
    • 2 large eggs
    • 300ml of whole milk
    • A little extra butter

This recipe can be tweaked a bit to suit your preference. For thermomix buttermilk pancakes, you can add buttermilk to the mixing bowl to get that tart flavor you so desire.

If you like a bit of vanilla flavor, you can add a few drops of vanilla extract into the equation. This would give you a fluffy vanilla pancakes thermomix batter. You can opt for other flavors as well. You’re the chef, after all.


Now, I know the burning question that’s been on your mind this whole time—how exactly do I make fluffy pancakes with my thermomix? Relax, you’ll soon find out. The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Before cooking, the butter has to be melted. Set the thermomix bowls to 60 degrees, speed 1 (on the thermomix) and melt for 2 minutes.
  2. Add the caster sugar, plain flour, baking powder, milk, and eggs to the thermomix bowls and mix for 10 seconds on speed 5. Scrape down the sides of the thermomix bowl and mix again for 10 seconds on speed 5.
  3. Place a large non-stick frying pan on medium-high heat and add a small amount of butter to coat the pan. Pour the pancake mixture into the frying pan. The amount poured depends on how big you want your pancakes.
  4. Cook for about 1-2 minutes and flip the pancakes over when you notice bubbles beginning to form. Then, cook for another 1-2 minutes.
  5. Transfer each cooked pancake to a serving plate, continuing the process until your batter is all used up.
  6. Serve immediately or keep them warm for a short time in the thermoserver. If you’re saving these for a later meal, you should keep them in the fridge. Thermomix fluffy pancakes can be served with honey or maple syrup.


    • If you have a little vegetable oil or olive oil, this can be used instead of butter. Just omit step 1 and add 50g oil to step 2.
    • Don’t have caster sugar in the kitchen and the supermarket is miles away? No problem, you can just use normal sugar. Prep the sugar using the thermomix bowls at speed 6 for a few seconds. This will make your sugar finer and smoother.
    • To make your pancakes fluffier, you can incorporate my own tried and true method. I usually let my pancake batter sit for a few minutes before cooking it. This allows the wet ingredients to soak into the flour for a better texture. The end result ensures that the pancakes come out fluffier than ever! Don’t sweat it if you don’t have the time; your pancakes will still come out fluffy—this process just adds a bit of texture.
    • If you have any leftover buttermilk in your freezer and you don’t know how else to use it, adding it to your batter can kill two birds with one stone: your pancakes will come out richer with that distinctive tarty flavor, and you won’t have to be wasteful. Since buttermilk is made with milk and vinegar (or lemon juice), it helps to tenderize the batter, giving it a tangy flavor. 
    • Not a fan of plain flour? Don’t sweat it. If you have some self-rising flour available, that can be used instead. Just remember to ditch the baking powder if you do things this way.
    • Another way to get an extra fluffy pancake is to wait until you see bubbles form in the center of the poured batter before flipping. When you do flip it, flip once and for all!
    • Some people choose to add banana slices to the batter for an extra delicious flavor in their pancakes. The slices tend to sink toward the bottom of the bowl, but you can avoid this by sprinkling the slices into your batter right after pouring it on the frying pan.

Different flavors to add to your pancakes

Pancakes come in a whole lot of colors, sizes, and flavors. If you ask me, part of the joy of being a ‘foodaholic’ stems from trial and error and thinking outside the box.

Who still enjoys plain old boring pancakes nowadays? (I do!)

I like to change things up once in a while and if you’re like me in that sense, then you should definitely try out some flavor varieties.

There’s a bevy of spices that can be added to your batter to give it an intoxicating taste. I visited the market the other day to sample some complementary seasonings and wrote down a list of my favorites. Spices that can be added to your pancake mix include cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and turmeric (the list goes on).

An advantage of spicing your pancakes is that they will be so good on their own you won’t need to bother with syrup. This might be the solution for when you suddenly discover you don’t have any syrup to top your pancake.

Just spice your pancakes up a bit!

For a stronger flavor variety in your pancake mixture, there is the chocolate pancake (surprised?) which requires the addition of about 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder in the mixing bowl. You’ve probably tried blueberry pancakes, but have you ever thought of using raspberries instead? Both choices make a deliciously tart twist on the traditional classic.

After following the recipe above, just scatter one tablespoon of either berry onto the wet pancake right after it has been poured onto the frying pan, before the formation of bubbles. As mentioned before, you can also use banana slices or apple ones, coconut flakes, nuts, and if you’re really inspired, try bacon bits!

What to Serve with Pancakes

There are a thousand and one things that can be served atop pancakes (ok, maybe that’s a little over the top, pun intended). Considering that pancakes can serve as breakfast, mid-day snack, lunch and even dessert, logic follows there is a topping for every time of day.

Use your imagination!

The most common topping for breakfast is maple syrup or honey (which I use). Others include jam, caramel sauce, or chocolate chips. For a creamy treat, pancakes topped with whipped cream or chocolate sauce will take your taste buds to Wonderland and back.

I recently discovered how to make tasty and yummy syrup that goes well with thermomix fluffy pancakes. All that’s needed is some red apple peels, which you can warm in a pot over medium heat. Add a cup of water and leave them to boil. After boiling, remove the peels with a sieve and add one cup of sugar to the water mixture. Pour this in a small bottle and chill it. Tada! You now have some apple jam to go hand in hand with your fluffy pancakes. You can try this out if you want an alternative to store-bought syrup.

Pancakes can also be served savory-style with nuts, bananas, bacon, sausages, or other meats.

So now you’ve got a great recipe, your thermomix is staring at you, your ingredients are waiting to be usedwhy haven’t you started yet? Come on, put your thermomix to good use and go treat yourself to some thermomix pancakes.


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