Volcano Roll Sushi – A Recipe Worth Trying

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For as long as I can remember I have always been a big fan of the Japanese sushi from the get-go, maybe because I lived most of my life in Japan, but I could remember vividly the first time I had a taste of the volcano roll sushi and how excited I was.

It was quite distinctive from the ones I have had. It was more like a taste of hot and cool at the same time but mostly hot though. I practically had to beg the chef for the recipe which he gave to me (I wasn’t going to let him go if hadn’t given it to me), as a matter of fact, we became friends as his joint was my favorite joint for a very long time.

More so I could also remember the first time I prepared it, it didn’t turn out as I wanted it but it was okay, as time went on, I tried a few more times until I eventually got it right and today it is safe to say that I am master at preparing it.

So, if you just had a taste of this amazing sushi and looking for ways to prepare yours then today is your lucky day as I am going to be showing you a comprehensive step by step guide on how to properly prepare the volcano roll sushi but before let’s look at what it briefly entails.

What is a Volcano Roll?

There really isn’t much to say about the volcano roll as there is no specific information on what category of sushi it belongs to except that it is a type of Japanese sushi that basically consists of a very spicy tuna, cucumber in the middle and a rock shrimp on top of it with some quantity of basil oil to perfectly complement it.

More so you should be aware that the content of this spicy sushi roll varies but the toppings for all volcano rolls are usually similar in nature such that they sort of looks like they are about to explode like a volcanic eruption hence the name volcano roll.

A Volcano roll Recipe for the Best Tasting Sushi Roll

Preparing your ingredients

Recipes for the volcano roll might differ a little maybe in terms of the type of seafood used as some person might decide to use scallops or salmon instead of shrimps. Aside from that, every other is pretty much the same. For preparing this dish you will need the following volcano roll ingredients;

  • Sushi rice: 3 cups of sushi rice, 3 cups of water, ½ cup of rice vinegar, ¼ cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt
  • Crab salad: 1 package of crab legs, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, ½ cup of Red chili flakes, 2 teaspoons Siracha
  • Spicy tuna: 1 lb. sashimi grade tuna, 3 teaspoons of sriracha, ¼ cup of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of green onion minced
  • For mayo sauce: 2 tablespoons of mayo, 2 teaspoons of sriracha
  • For Wasabi sauce: 2 tablespoons of mayo, ½ teaspoon of wasabi paste
  • Vegetables: 2 cucumbers julienned, 2 cups of avocados pitted peeled and sliced

Equipment needed

  • Bamboo mat to roll the sushi
  • Plastic wrap
  • Package of dried seaweed (nori)
  • Medium saucepan
  • Large bowls
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife
  • Two squeeze bottles


  • First things first, wash the sushi rice until the water is clear and cook with a rice cooker but should in any case you don’t have you can use the good old traditional method.
  • Combine the rest of ingredients like the sugar, salt, rice vinegar and heat over medium heat until the sugar dissolves completely.
  • Pour the sugar mixture into the cooker and stir until it becomes cool. You can use a fan to speed up the process. If this is done properly it should come out very sticky and plus your hands should be wet when you eventually use the sushi rice. When you are done set the rice aside.
  • Next up you prepare the crab salad by gently breaking up the crab either with your hands or a food processor. Ensure to break them into very tiny pieces.
  • Mix the broken-up crab with the mayonnaise, sriracha, red chili flakes and set aside
  • As for the tuna first, mince them, add the rest of the ingredient, mix thoroughly and set aside.
  • For the mayo sauce mix the mayo with sriracha and place in a squeeze bottle if you don’t have you can use a clean plastic bag with the tip cut off. Same goes for the wasabi sauce.

Preparing your sushi roll

Now for the main business of the day

  • The first step, spread a thin layer of the already cooked sushi on a piece of your nori (do this with your hands wet) ensure that you leave at least half an inch margin on both sides of the nori. Next up flip over to your plastic wrap, you also do this with a plastic wrap covered with the bamboo sushi mat.
  • The second step is to place about 3-4 strips of your cucumber, 4 slices of avocado and 2 tablespoons of crab mixture in the already spread out nori.
  • For the next which happens to be the most important step of them all, roll carefully the nori right from the non-rice end with the ingredients inside, roll tightly it like a carpet but not too tight. Ensure the plastic wrap doesn’t get wrapped up inside. Use a bamboo mat to reaffirm the shape making sure it is well compacted.
  • Add a thin layer of the already prepared spicy tuna to the top, carefully with plastic re-form the roll. Then gently and carefully remove the plastic wrap and with a very sharp knife cut each roll into 8 pieces or as many as you like.
  • Arrange cut rolls on a place and then top up with sauces, you can add a small quantity of sriracha if you like. Garnish with some quantity of wasabi and ginger and serve with soy sauce, squeeze mayonnaise on top and enjoy.
    Alternative you can add the spicy tuna to the top together with the volcano roll sauce before cutting into individual pieces.

Note: you can decide to fry the roll such that it becomes fried volcano roll and also make the outer coating of your sushi crispy by firstly making a tempura batter. Hold the sushi tight at both and roll on the batter which has been poured on a plate.

Once that is done transfer the roll to a plate of panko bread crumbs. Roll back and forth so the bread crumbs stick thoroughly. Next step is to transfer the roll to a fryer. Allow frying for about 4 minutes, until the casings become light golden brown. This also allows enough time for the center of your salmon to cook properly.

When the roll is cooked such that you now have a cooked sushi roll simply use metal tongs to remove from the fryer and place on a paper towel to drain off excess oil. Allow to cool for at least ten minutes and voila you have a crispy deep-fried sushi roll sitting in front of you.

Final Thoughts

The volcano roll sushi happens to be quite unique and distinctive compared to other sushi rolls. Its uniqueness and extremely spicy taste gets me every time and it is something I enjoy eating most of the time. More so if you are not the type that likes to eat out or you are tired of eating sushi out then you should try out this amazing recipe.

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