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It is has been getting a bit of press lately and is a bit more popular recently as many Chefs are serving it as a less expensive cut. But many people are still asking the question: What is a Flat Iron Steak?

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It is known as an oyster blade steak in Australia and a butler’s steak in the UK (maybe butlers used to eat it – I don’t know) Sometimes they are also called top blade   steaks – They come from the shoulder or t

he chuck and are a little bit tougher but still have the taste there due to a significant amount of marbling. Get on it.

To have a look at exactly which part of the cow a Flat Iron steak comes from check out the Of Meat & Men Vid below.

To cook flat iron steak it is relatively the same as most other steaks. Get yourself a good griddle pan or BBQ and away you go. The trick is to slightly marinate or rub your steak

before you cook it. Some people like to use olive oil, crack some black pepper in there and throw in a bit of fresh thyme. Others like to do it a bit different.

I like to add a bit of lemon rind /zest in there as well for some extra Zing. Get loose and get a bit creative.

Be careful to only add salt just before you want to cook it – (adding salt to your steak too long before can dry it out) – when you add it give it a bit of a rub in as well.

Now you want to fry that baby… make sure your pan is searing hot .. and bang …away you go. Give it a few minutes on each side .. depending of course how you want it cooked and how thick it is.

One of my favourite flat iron steak recipes is to serve it with mash and some steamed vegie… simple but effective. The choice is entirely up to you.

Of course no- one cooks steak better than Gordon Ramsey

If you are looking for flat iron steak recipes or how to cook flat iron steak – of course there are many different ways. The guys in the video below prefer to just rub in some s

alt and sugar and a bit of pepper.

The best thing about cooking is experimenting with different flavours – see what works for you ! The video below shows the BBQ Pit Boys doing what they do best – BBQ- ing .. These guys are pretty awesome (oh yeah)


A great book about steak is available on Amazon – its written by a guy who travels around the world in search for the perfect steak .. check it out


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