Thinking of what foods to dip in hummus? What would be a perfect complement to creamy, yummy, tasty hummus? Let’s find out, shall we?

Hummus is a rich, creamy spread or dip made from mashed chickpeas, tahini (ground sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

Who doesn’t love the joy of a delicious creamy hummus at a party or even just as an everyday snack? I sure do! And I’ll bet you do, too, or, if you haven’t tried it yet, you soon will.

Aside from being delicious, hummus is particularly healthy. It’s packed with a lot of nutrients to keep your body strong. It’s also a great source of plant-based protein, carbohydrates, iron, and vitamin C. Not only that, but it’s rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients, helps with digestion, protects your heart, lowers cholesterol, and a whole lot more.

Usually, when we plan food for a special occasion or even just have a few friends over, we find it difficult to get a balanced blend of delicious and healthy. After you’ve tried hummus, you’ll wonder how you ever worried.

What is Hummus?

The word “Hummus” comes from an Arabic word that means “chickpeas” –the main ingredient cultivated in the ancient Mediterranean and the Middle East. Its full name is ḥummuṣ bi ṭaḥīna, meaning “chickpeas with tahini”.

Called an “ancient” food, chickpeas have been around and consumed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They were one of the first crops in Mesopotamia, ancient Palestinians consumed them, and they were a common food on the streets of ancient Rome. The philosopher Plato has also made references to the health benefits of chickpeas in his writings.

Said to be first consumed in Egypt around the 13th century, Hummus is a Levantine Arab dip. It is also said to have been a  favorite of Sultan Saladan, a Kurdish Muslim who founded the Ayyubid Dynasty.

The word has an inconsistent spelling in English. It is commonly spelled as hummus in both American and British English. However, in British English, it is also commonly spelled as “houmous”. Both are correct, so the choice is yours!

Hummus is one of the most widely consumed foods in the Middle East and Mediterranean. In Israel, it is eaten with every meal and served for breakfast; in Pakistan and Jordan, it’s served along with bread. Over 15 million Americans eat hummus on a daily basis.

It is mostly eaten by dipping tortilla chips, bread, flatbread, crackers, or pita bread. And, because there is no one way of enjoying your hummus, you can accompany it with pretty much anything you want: chicken, eggplant, fish, meze (an assortment of various dishes, made of stews, chopped meats, vegetables, and other dips), etc.

But, since your food should be made with love, you might decide to add some garnish with tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, and/or mushrooms. Never be afraid to get creative!

It may come as a surprise, but hummus has aphrodisiac properties. Some people even refer to hummus’s main ingredient, the chickpea, as the “Queen of Aphrodisiacs” because it contains a high amount of iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, which are all known to enhance sexual function. The chickpea is also known to boost physical energy and, who knows? It might just be what you need to get your love life back on track.

How to Prepare Hummus

You already know how wonderful it is to have a taste of this creamy dip. Chickpeas are especially creamy and delicious when blended with a few spoonfuls of tahini. Garlic also gives it a nice aroma, lemon a tart balance, and, with olive oil, a healthy flow.

Here’s the truth: you don’t have to visit the store every time you want hummus. Make yourself tasty, healthy hummus right in the comfort of your kitchen– it’s simple.

You may have heard a lot about how cooking from scratch is as easy and better than buying food at a supermarket, but it’s not always true. However, with hummus, you’ll see the wisdom holds up. Even better, your hummus will be fresh and suited just for you!

Let’s see how to make it.


  • Food processor or blender
  • Strainer
  • Spoons
  • Spatula


  • 2 cups of canned chickpeas
  • ⅓  cup of Tahini
  • 2 lemons or 6 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • ½ teaspoon of ground pepper
  • Salt


  • Drain your chickpeas with your strainer and put the liquid aside for later. Remove the skin from the chickpeas if you like your hummus smooth.
  • In your food processor, pulverize your garlic until it’s finely minced.
  • Put your chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, salt, and pepper into your food processor or blender
  • Blend the hummus until smooth. You can also blend until it’s a coarse purée. It all depends on how you like it.
  • Taste it, and, if needed, give it additional seasoning suited to your taste.
  • Scoop your hummus into a bowl and serve.

This may be the simplest recipe you can come across.


  • If you want your hummus smooth as silk, remove the skin from your chickpeas before processing.
  • For a tastier hummus, try dry chickpeas.

Storage: you can store your hummus for up to a week by placing it in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

There are variations of hummus, and you are free to choose whatever works for you. For more flavors, you can try adding smoked paprika, cumin, or harissa. And, if you want to try roasted vegetable hummus, add a cup of zucchini, eggplant, or bell peppers.

What Are the Best Things to Dip?

Can we ever have enough hummus?

Maybe not.

I am particularly in love with hummus because it is so versatile and complements a wide range of foods. You may have thought that you can only have veggies to dip in hummus or maybe chips for hummus; however, there are lots of healthy things to dip in hummus.

If you’re like me– a proud foodie– then I’m sure you’ve tried to find other things that you can pair with your hummus. To add a new dimension to your hummus for your next holiday, party, or even just dining solo, try dipping some of these foods.


Chips for hummus have become a popular favorite over the years. And you can’t go wrong with them.

You might want to use your potato chips for this dip; they always go well with hummus. I would also recommend trying black bean chips. Black bean chips are particularly savory because their flavor combines with that of chickpeas to give you an amazing salty crunch.

Ever thought about the taste of bagel chips with hummus? Trust me, there is no better combination– it will leave you craving for more.

Fried onion sun chips covered in hummus is a delicacy your tastebuds would never forgive you for if you did not try it.

Pita chips are another food you can, of course, dip in hummus. Both the flavor of the pita bread and its crunchy feel combined with the taste of hummus will leave the kind of party in your mouth that you won’t want to leave early.


The word “bread” already makes us drool with hunger; bread in hummus just makes that word harder to bear. We all love that salient feeling of the combination of cream and bread melting into our mouths. The softness of bread in the sweet, savory, creamy flavor of hummus is simply heavenly.


If you haven’t tried veggies in hummus, what are you waiting for?

Vegetables with hummus is a delicious–and healthy–combination. Vegetables are packed with a lot of nutrients, and your body will thank you for giving it just what it needs.

Some vegetable to pair with your hummus:

  • Cucumber: Cucumber and hummus are an awesome pair. Even though a lot of us might be a little hesitant to try it, rest assured that the taste is incredible. Cucumbers contain a lot of nutrients that have many beneficial effects for your body; they have antioxidants, help you stay hydrated, lower blood sugars, etc. Still not sure? Trust me on this one.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli is basically just a small tree filled with a lot of nutrients good for your system. Its health benefits are too many to count; it helps lower cholesterol levels, aids digestion, detoxifies your system, boosts your immune system and many others.
  • Bell peppers: Imagine the sweet fruity flavor of bell pepper in your hummus; they’re super tasty and offer a perky crunchy taste. Bell peppers contain vitamin E, which makes your skin beautiful and supple. They are also low in calories and have other multiple health benefits.
  • Carrots: The brilliance of carrots in the cream of hummus is not to be underestimated; this crunchy vegetable is rich in vitamins and has a lot of other benefits. It has anti-aging properties, prevents cancer, and keeps your body looking beautiful.
  • Grape Tomatoes: There is absolutely no substitute to grape tomatoes in hummus! They are super healthy and rich in fiber, vitamins, and so much more.


Pretzels are a kind of bread made from dough and usually flavored with salt. The process used in making pretzels gives it its traditional skin, flavor, and iconic twist.

There’s a variety of pretzels you can decide to use; regular pretzels and pretzel sticks, however, are by far the most popular. Whichever one you decide, sweet and salty flavors never disappoint.


If you have a weakness for sweet foods, hummus in brownies is a must. The delicious taste of chocolate in your hummus is just to die for.


Fruits are another perfect combo, especially with the flavor of dark chocolate dessert hummus.

Some of these fruits are

  • Strawberries: There’s nothing like the divine taste of strawberry dipped in the sweet flavors of hummus.
  • Apples: Imagine apple slices in hummus. This combination is exquisite!
  • Grapes: The taste of grape in hummus is simply inimitable!


Crackers in hummus is just the perfect thing. There are a lot of options when it comes to crackers for hummus. Go ahead, pick your favorite cracker, and enjoy!

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes come in assorted flavors, and each one is just the perfect thing to dip in your hummus.

Roasted sweet potatoes

Indulge yourself with the delicious flavor of roasted potatoes in hummus. Just blend your potatoes into your hummus, and eat!

Other Ways to Serve Your Hummus

There are, of course, many other different things to serve with hummus. When it comes to hummus, creativity knows no limits. Create and try new things!

Instead of having your hummus in just one particular style, why not open up?

  • Deviled Eggs with Hummus: To prepare this, you’ll need about 4 hard-boiled eggs. Scoop the yolks into a bowl. Mash the yolks with ⅓ cup hummus and olive oil and pour the mix into the now-hollow eggs. Sprinkle with paprika, and enjoy!
  • Hummus-Sesame Noodles: Mix ½  cup of hummus, 2 Tbsp of rice, ½  cup chicken broth, 2 Tbsp of soy sauce and wine vinegar. Blend this mixture together with 6 cups of cooked spaghetti and a little sesame oil. Dress with some toasted sesame seeds and dried onion, and enjoy!
  • Hummus-Beef Burgers: For my fellow burger lovers, you need chopped onions, parsley, olive oil, ground beef and, of course, hummus. Cook your onions in olive oil until soft and mix with your ground beef, parsley, and hummus. Ground the mixture into your burger patties and cook. Serve with — guess what?– more hummus, tomato, and/or lettuce. Have it just the way you like it!
  • Chicken and Hummus Brown Rice Casserole: I love the taste of chicken in hummus, and I’m sure you will, too. To make this, you’ll need cooked brown rice, cucumbers, tomatoes, chopped onions, chicken thighs, and– you guessed it– hummus. Mix your cucumber, onion, tomatoes, and chicken thighs. Pour your rice into your baking pan and add this mixture. Top it all off with hummus, add soy sauce, and sprinkle some olive oil. Bake until brown and, if you’re feeling festive, add some parsley.
  • Hummus Rotini Pasta Salad: To make, you’ll be needing rice wine vinegar, cooked rotini pasta, toasted almond, chopped parsley, olive oil, and ground pepper. Thin your hummus with olive oil and rice wine vinegar, toss with chopped parsley, rotini pasta, toasted almond, and ground pepper. This one is very simple and very tasty.

More Ideas

There are countless creative ways you can creatively use hummus. You don’t have to use it as a dip, per se. Here are few great things to go with your dip:

  • Baked food: You may be unaware, but there are actually a lot of baked foods that go well with hummus. You can try baked chicken with smoky vegetables or even chocolate donuts.
  • Sauces: Hummus in your sauce will add extra flavor and produce a kind of sweetness you can only imagine.
  • Soups: A scoop of hummus in your soup is always delicious and worth trying.
  • Sandwiches: Tired of using mayonnaise or mustard as your go-to condiment? Why not try a little hummus instead? You won’t be disappointed.

Ever thought about baking your hummus?

There are almost as many ways to prepare hummus as the amount of time it’s been around. Have you considered baking it? Yes, try baking hummus. Open your mind and kitchen to new ideas and get baking. You can try baked Hummus-Crusted Chicken, baked hummus and toasted pine nuts, or baked hummus dip with tabouli topping.

It might seem crazy that one food has cut across so many regions and traditions. Its admiration is palpable; there are several restaurants dedicated solely to hummus, and it’s even got a 2016 movie in its honor. A food once eaten only in the Middle East and Mediterranean has fast grown into a worldwide staple food.

As you can see, the list of possibilities for what you can do with this dip is endless. It’s great on its own and makes boring foods 100% better. If you’ve never tasted this fantastically delicious dip, you’re missing out.

You’ve seen how easy it is to make a hummus dip; it’s time for you to get that kitchen booming with the flavors of creamy, tasty hummus.

Whether you’re planning a vacation, party, picnic–you name it!– be sure to have a bowl of hummus with you. Maybe you’ll find something else to dip — you’ll be thankful you have hummus!


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