Quiche is one of those great meals that doesn’t need a lot, but if you need one, what are good side dishes for quiche? You can get really creative with your side dishes, especially if you aren’t just serving the egg dish for breakfast. If you are serving it for brunch or even dinner, you can be even more creative than you can be for lunch.

No matter what, remember to keep your quiche as the star of the show. Quiche itself is difficult to master, so you don’t want to overwhelm this dish with something that is too flavorful. Instead, try one of these suggestions.

What Goes With Quiche?

If you want to serve quiche as the main dish of your meal, there are a few different good side dish options. While you can pretty much do whatever you want as a side dish, and it will depend on the type of quiche that you make, these are some of the overarching best choices.

1 – A Salad Of Your Choice

When you get a salad with your eggs at a restaurant, you probably just ignore it. However, salads go extremely well with these egg dishes. If you are eating outside in the summertime or you just want something that is light, a salad of any type is a great option.

You can change around the ingredients to add in flavors or textures that you might not get within the main dish itself.

Salads are great side dishes for quiche because they are light as well. You can add nutrition to your meal, some sweetness, something savory, or even something salty-whatever is missing from your own meal.

They also act as a great alternative to people who may not like eggs or whatever you had in the quiche.

If you are hosting a large group of people, you may want to make a do-it-yourself salad bar so that people can just grab what they want. If you aren’t, you can just add some greens with a light dressing.

2 – A Hearty Tomato Soup

If you want to add something that is simple, delicious, and homey to your quiche meal, a bowl of good, hearty tomato soup is a fantastic choice. This soup doesn’t have a lot of ingredients and it is a flavor that goes well with almost every type of quiche that you make, especially quiche that has cheese in it. Think of it as a more grown-up version of tomato soup and grilled cheese.

If you have a quiche that doesn’t have a lot of other ingredients, you may want to try a chunkier tomato soup. If your quiche has a lot in it, try a smoother variety. You will have to see which one works for you.

This isn’t a hard combination to pull off, and you can even buy the tomato soup ahead of time at the store to give you a good head start on your meal.

3 – Focaccia Or Another Crusty Bread

You are never going to go wrong with a loaf of good bread. Most people are used to eating bread or toast with their eggs, so focaccia or another crusty bread makes a good side dish for quiche. If you are entertaining a group, you can invest in a few different types of bread that offer other flavors.

Focaccia is great, but what about a spicy jalapeno bread? You can add cinnamon sugar for a sweet taste or fresh jams for a wider palette.

The type of bread that you choose should be paired with your quiche. Don’t just think that one type of bread will work for every type of quiche. Focaccia is great for heartier quiches, but a sourdough might be better for a cheese quiche.

4 – Freshly Made Iced Tea

If you are having your quiche for brunch, lunch, or dinner, consider making your own iced tea. It may seem simplistic, but it will complement the flavors extremely well. Almost everyone likes iced tea and you will be able to create a little station where people can add their own fruits, sugar, or ice. You can never go wrong with a classic base that other people can dress up on their own.

Do not just make an iced tea mix, however. You want to brew your own tea from bags or buy it freshly made from the store. Mass-produced ice tea won’t be able to pick up the different flavors in the quiche as it is overpowering.

Just make sure that you have a lot of ice on hand, as people are going to slurp this down.

5 – Fresh Fruit Or Fruit Salad

Another side dish you can’t go wrong with? Fresh fruit. It is healthy, colorful, easy to find, and you can prepare it ahead of time so that you can focus all of your attention on the quiche. Focus on something that will cut the grease with a meaty quiche or something that will complement the cheese for a cheese quiche.

For example, you may want citrus fruits like kiwi, oranges, and pineapple if you have a meaty quiche, but you may choose berries and grapes for a cheese quiche.

Even better, allow people to take their own fruits so that you can avoid allergen problems.

6 – Potatoes Of Any Kind

Is there a better food than potatoes? You can do almost anything with them, which is why they are good side dishes for quiche. You can prepare your own fresh fries with spices, make mashed potatoes, fry up some home fries, make potato latkes, or even make tater tots. You want to contrast the texture of the quiche, so think about whether you want to make your potatoes soft, crunchy, or somewhere in the middle.

If you do make fries, remember that you will need something to dip them in, so you can add some new flavors there as well.

7 – Mimosas Make Brunch

Of course, nothing says brunch like mimosas. If you are looking for the best side dish for quiche, you can start thinking about drinks instead. Mimosas are made out of quality champagne and good orange juice.

Invest in freshly squeezed orange juice and then add in the champagne. Make sure you have it chilled and get more than you think you’ll need. Once the mimosas start, most people find it difficult to stop drinking them.

Quiche is such a versatile dish that you can pair just about any side with it and you will be fine. You want to think about the other flavors in your quiche and what you might be missing.

If you have a savory quiche, you want to add a sweet side. If you have a plain quiche, maybe make your side dish a bit more flavorful.

Of course, you will also want to think about the tastes and preferences of the people who will eat your quiche. Once you get a few quiche recipes that you know you can make, you might even want to provide a few different options.


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