Similar in concept to the black dragon roll, a white dragon roll is a delectably tasty pent-up sushi roll that any lover of sushi should have at least once.

Despite the fancy name, when it comes to making a white dragon sushi roll, there is not much to tell. It is a rather simple and easy to follow recipe that anyone who is a fan of sushi (or is interested in becoming one) can make with minimal room for failure. Especially since you are following a guide on the internet, right? With that said, why don’t we move onto the next section of the article, shall we?

Sure, But Why This Dish Out of Any Other?

Well, because, why not? Yes, there are an ungodly amount of sushi recipes we can (and probably will) eventually write about, but for this particular article on this particular day, we decided to focus on this particular dish, especially since not that many people have written articles about the white dragon sushi roll. That is why we have decided to focus a short article on it.

Let’s Have a Look at Some White Dragon Roll Recipes

When it comes to making a white dragon sushi roll, the ingredients a person needs to make such a recipe are, well, actually not that much. To make the dish, you will need some of the following:

  • Two to three cups of rice (chefs choice on what kind)
  • Two or three sheets of nori. You might want to have an extra sheet or two set aside just in case you cut one improperly, because you never know what might happen.
  • You will also want something like shrimp or salmon, preferably the kind meant for sushi.
  • One to two cups of Tempura.
  • Fifty to sixty grams of Tobiko
  • Lastly, fifty to sixty grams of Barbeque eel


  1. You will want to start by making sure to prepare your shrimp, salmon and/or eel (whatever you prefer). Slice and cut them up until they are perfect for you. Then, get some water and mix your shrimp for a few seconds. After doing all that, deep-fry or bake the shrimp or salmon from thirty to sixty seconds until it gets a beautiful golden crust.
  2. Set that aside and prepare the nori and rice. Pack the rice onto the nori and spread it out.
  3. Then flip it over and using either a rolling sushi mat or some clear Saran wrap, gently, but tightly, pack the nori and rice together.
  4. You will want to do this process again after laying out the toppings like the eel and salmon which you should have already cut up and sliced by this point. So, lay out your toppings to your liking and then use your mat or Saran wrap to pack them together tightly into a single roll.
  5. You may also choose to use a sliced up cucumber to help line up your shrimp, salmon or eel if you prefer.
  6. Once all of that is done, gently use the sushi mat to roll and tighten the dish. You can then remove whatever instrument you used to roll up the roll and spread the Tobiko all over the meal.
  7. The last thing to do is to cut some slices, arrange them into a dragon, and grab a plate.

So, that is all there is to it!

As I mentioned above, this particular dish is one I would recommend to both newcomers and veterans alike. It is a simple meal that I believe anyone with even a slight interest in sushi can enjoy.

Final Thoughts And Opinions

The white dragon roll, like most other sushi recipes of its ilk, is the kind of dish that is best eaten with family and loved ones. Sushi has a way of bringing people together. It is not only a safe, healthy meal to give to your children, but it will also make them smile and light up with each bite.


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