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Best Chest Freezer For Garage – Our expert reviews

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Last Updated Jan 2020 – Plan to locate your freezer in the garage, outbuilding or utility room? If yes, then you need to keep in mind that not all freezers are designed to be kept in the garage, outbuilding, utility room or anywhere where the temperatures may drop too low.

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Freezers and fridges come with an optimum temperature range within which they work best. This temperature range is sometimes referred to as climate class rating and it essentially stipulates the maximum and minimum temperature the freezer is designed to work within.

Any ambient temperature below this range could lead to reduced efficiency and an increased risk of damage to the freezer components. So, if you plan to buy and keep your freezer in the garage, then you must choose a model that is designed to work optimally even in locations where the temperature may drop below freezing.

Why Buy One Specifically Designed For Garage Use

Freezers for garage use tend to be extremely well built, sturdy, and able to withstand the conditions found in a typical garage. They also often incorporate special features and technologies that enable the appliance to operate in very cold temperatures without malfunctioning. These freezers can be placed and remain in the garage for years without experiencing problems.

Here’s our pick for the top three chest freezers for garage use. Whether you have limited space in your kitchen or need a large capacity freezer that can only fit in the garage, try one of these three options.

Top rated Upright Freezer for garage use

Midea WHS-258C1 Chest Freezer

If need a reasonably priced freezer to keep supplemental food supplies for convenience, this is a good option.

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Sunpentown UF-150W Freezer

If you’re searching for a small, compact freezer to keep in your garage, then look no further.

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Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW Freezer

Its 21.5 cubic feet of space makes it ideal for storing frozen foods for a large family.

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1. Midea WHS-258C1 Single Door Chest Freezer

Modern freezers typically don’t work well in the garage settings, but this unit is an exception. This freezer will still keep your food items safe even when kept in the colder temperatures of an unheated, insulated space, like a garage. What’s more, it packs lots of features while providing an ample 7.0 Cu FT of storage for food packages.

midea whs-258c1, midea whs-258c1 review

Its range of features include: mechanical temperature control and an adjustable thermostat (so you can set the temperature to best accommodate your food items), manual defrost, easy-to-clean interior, removable storage basket and a recessed handle.

Its streamlined, compact design will complement any garage space and you can even use it as a table; while its 245 frozen-food storage capacity will hold a surprising amount of food items to cater for the needs of any family.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced chest freezer that you can keep your garage or RV and keep supplemental food supplies for convenience, the Midea WHS-258C1 is a good option.

2. Sunpentown UF-150W

sunpentown uf-150w, sunpentown uf-150w reviews

If you’re searching for a small, compact freezer to keep in your garage or utility room, then look no further than the Sunpentown U-150W 1.1-Cu FT chest freeze. This unit boasts true 0-degree Fahrenheit capability, which means it’ll still continue functioning properly even when temperatures in your garage fall below the freezing point.

It features a mechanical, adjustable thermostat, manual defrost, recessed handle, a removable wire shelf and a reversible door. All these features make it a perfect option for small, compact spaces in your garage, conservatory or outbuilding.

It’s well built and all of its components are made with quality, durable materials to ensure it can withstand tough conditions. And though it’s small and compact, its flush-back design offers plenty of storage and you’ll be surprised by how much it can hold.

3. Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW

frigidaire fffc22m6qw, frigidaire fffc22m6qw reviews

This is a large chest freezer that works great for garage areas. Its 21.5 cubic feet of space makes it ideal for storing frozen foods for a large family. And because its cooling system is extremely durable, the temperature can be set to as low as -25 degreeFahrenheit.

It features heavy-duty adjustable compartment dividers as well as sliding baskets with color-coordinated snap-on clips, which help with organization.

With these dividers and baskets, you can easily organize your food packages by categories or even by purchase date. It comes with specially built ArticLock Thicker Walls that can keep your food frozen for more than 2 days when the power goes out!

This chest freezer for garage also has bright LED lighting and this makes it easy to see what’s inside. Its Power-on indicator light allows you to know at a glance whether your freezer is working. Speaking of power, the Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW is Energy Star compliant, so it’s guaranteed to be energy efficient – helping you save money on your bills.

There you have it – our picks for the top three chest freezers for garage available today.

But, it’s worth noting that regardless of the chest freezer you choose from our lineup, you’ll still need to take good care of the appliance if you want to get the most out of it. Just because your chest freezer is designed for garage use doesn’t mean it doesn’t need looking after.

You must keep your freezer well maintained in order to realize optimal operational efficiency and a longer lifespan for your appliance. Be sure to reference your freezer manual for information about taking proper care of your appliance.

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