It was always my belief that gas stoves were the pinnacle of a stylish and efficient kitchen– that was until I learned about the efficiency of induction stovetops and an induction coverter disk.

I first learned how to cook with open flame gas stoves. To me, that was the most efficient way of cooking. For years, I managed to overlook the odd gaseous smell, the potential dangers of improperly turning the gas stove on, or just the fact that they take quite a bit of effort to clean. I had to because I definitely did not prefer electric stove tops, but more than that, I simply had no idea that there were other options.

Induction stovetops are a more efficient alternative to traditional stovetops, and with the right equipment, your time in the kitchen can be shorter and far more enjoyable than sweating it out over open fire hobs. Our Best Induction Disk Review narrows down our recommendations to the essential induction converter disks to best ease you into this new way of cooking.

Using the Best Induction Interface Disk

Artestia Induction Heat Diffuser Disk

This plate is more suitable for people who need a fairly large surface area for bigger pots and pans.

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Rainbean Induction Hob Plate

This particular induction cooker is a great heat diffuser that helps you cook heat-sensitive foods.

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Gourmia Induction Diffuser Plate

Choose this plate if you want save money on your gas and electric bills because of its energy saving qualities.

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VonShef Heat Diffuser Plate

This induction plate is ideal for gas stovetops where maintaining lower temperatures is difficult.

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Induction cooking is a modern and safer alternative to traditional flame or electric stovetop cooking. Unlike traditional cooking methods, induction cooktops do not become hot to the touch.

Also, not only does induction cooking get rid of the hazards of an open fire in the kitchen, it also improves cooking results with precise temperature control and maximum portability.

Rather than electricity or open fire as a heat source, induction cooking utilizes an electromagnetic field to heat cookware. The electromagnetic field essentially transfers energy currents directly into magnetic cookware. In this way, induction cooking ensures that the entire bottom of a pot or pan heats up evenly.

Additionally, induction cooking is a more energy efficient method. When it comes to looking at how much heat is received by food, gas and electric only transfer a little more than half of their generated heat. Induction cooking, on the other hand, transfers up to 90% of their generated heat to food.

However, as great as it sounds, incorporating induction cooktops into our kitchen can require a bit of extra (but worthwhile) effort. Induction cooking can only be used with a specific kind of cookware. Induction cooktops work best with pots and pans with ferrous iron content, cookware which contains iron in some way.

This makes stainless steel and cast-iron ideal kitchenware for induction cooktops. Cookware made out of aluminum, glass, or ceramic will not work with an induction stovetop. If you’re not sure if your cookware is compatible, just see if a magnet will stick to your pot or pan.

If it does, then it is compatible.

If you find that your everyday cookware is incompatible with an induction stovetop and you do not want to spend money on new specialized cookware, an induction interface disk is the solution.

An induction interface disk, also known as an induction heat diffuser, is essentially one of the essential induction cooker accessories. It is designed to turn any of your cookware into induction-ready cookware.

This means that if you have a favorite pot or pan that you cannot bear to part with, an induction interface disk allows you to keep it around. Additionally, with induction cooking discs, you are not exposing your cookware to any direct heat source.

As such, you really are reducing the likelihood that your pans or pots get damaged from overexposure to open flames. The induction cooktop converter extends the lifetime of your cookware and saves you from having to constantly replace it.

There are a few drawbacks to induction cooking, even with the induction interface disk. Induction interface disks evenly distribute heat, but they can prolong cooking time as you have to wait for the plate or disk to heat up before finally heating up your cooking vessel.

Additionally, discoloration and marking up of the interface disk can happen. Regardless, induction cooking can be an overall safer option, one which is less costly than other cooking methods but which can still deliver even, well-cooked, delicious food.

Our Top Picks of the Best Induction Disk

Below, we have examined four different induction plates or heat diffusion plates that can be useful additions to your kitchen.

* Artestia Induction Heat Diffuser Disk

The first induction heat diffuser plate we will look at is this Artestia aluminum and stainless-steel induction disk .

Available in two sizes, 7-¼ inches and 9-¼ inches, the Artestia induction plate is an induction cooktop converter. This induction adapter adapts your regular, non-induction cookware to induction cooking surfaces without any extra costs for any other cookware.

Even & Uniform Cooking

This induction cooktop plate features an aluminum and stainless-steel disk or plate. Aluminum and steel are some of the best distributors of heat and, as such, they ensure that no matter what you are cooking, it is evenly heated all the way through.

Also, the high quality of its aluminum and stainless-steel layering make this induction stove plate very durable. It also comes with a heat-proof handle that makes transferring the plate easy and safe.

Prevents Overheating

The Artestia induction heat diffuser plate is specially designed with three feet on the bottom on the plate. As we mentioned above, induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic waves to generate heat. As such, the plate does not actually have to touch the cooktop to get hot.

However, there is a chance that the cooktop can overheat if it comes in contact with the induction plate for too long. These three lumps give the induction plate a lift from the actual surface of the induction cooktop and prevent it from overcooking.

Additionally, this heat diffuser plate also retains heat very well. So, if you take a dish off the heat and set it on the table, the plate can keep it warm for some time.


  1. This induction plate is heavy duty with a fairly large surface area.
  2. Due to its aluminum and stainless-steel layering, it heats evenly and efficiently.
  3. It allows you to use your everyday, non-induction cookware without any extra effort.
  4. It can double as a warmer because it retains heat after you take it off the stovetop.
  5. The heat diffusion plate is high-quality with an elegant design.


  1. The Artestia induction plate does make noise and smoke while it is heating up.
  2. The three metal lumps or feet can scratch and mark up your stovetop.
  3. It does discolor and warp after a few uses.

* Rainbean Induction Hob Plate

Our next induction plate is the Rainbean stainless steel induction disk. This 9-inch heat aluminum and stainless-steel diffusion plate adapts your regular cooking vessels to your induction stovetop. It saves you time and extra costs from having to throw out your entire kitchenware collection and having to hunt down new pans.

Even & Uniform Cooking

This induction stove plate improves the taste and quality of your food due to its ability to evenly heat whatever you are cooking.

The Rainbean induction cooktop plate is a quarter inch thick and constructed out of three layers. The plate has an upper and lower layer of stainless steel which encases a layer of aluminum.

This layering of strong heat conducting materials ensures that the heat transfer is maximized. With this, you avoid any uneven hot or cold spots around your pan that might cause food to stick and burn.

This particular induction cooker is a great heat diffuser that helps you cook heat-sensitive foods, such as caramel, rice, oats, and sauces, as it is able to keep temperatures consistently low. As such, if you are cooking rice or oats, the plate ensures that none of it will end up burned or stuck to the bottom of your pan.

The temperature consistency of this induction plate makes it a great tool to help keep coffee warm and to toast things like flatbreads.

Multifunctional & Easy to Use

The Rainbean induction cooktop converter can also double as a trivet stabilizer. A trivet is an object that is placed between a hot serving dish or between a cooking dish and a heat source to protect against any direct heat damage to surfaces. It also has a handle that makes it easy to maneuver the hot plate around.

So, you can take your hot plate and pan directly to the dinner table without having to pull out any more kitchen tools and accessories. Lastly, it is also easy to store. It is designed to be hung right next to your stove or oven for easy access.


  1. It has a triple-layering of aluminum and stainless steel that helps the induction plate heat evenly and quickly.
  2. It is ideal for maintaining even cooking temperatures.
  3. This heat diffusion plate allows you to adapt all your old and current cookware to an induction cooktop.
  4. With about a quarter-inch of thickness, it is very sturdy.


  1. Some users shared that while it heats evenly, it does not heat quickly or very high.
  2. The plate does tend to discolor and develop some marks after initial use.

Gourmia Induction Cooker Diffuser Plate

The third induction disk we will look at is the light-weight Gourmia induction heat diffuser plate. With this more energy-efficient heat diffusion plate, you extend the life of your everyday cookware. Any pan in your kitchen becomes ready for an induction stovetop with this baby.

Even Heat Distribution

This induction cooktop plate features a stainless steel and aluminum construction. As such, the cooking plate actively controls the spread of heat throughout your cooking pan. You will no longer need to deal with uneven hot and cold spots that risk over or undercooking your food. This induction disk ensures that your food comes out uniformly cooked.

Environmently-Friendly & Energy Efficient

There is no need to sweat over your gas or electrical bill. This stainless-steel induction disk not only saves you money on extra cookware, it also saves you money on your energy bills. It uses less energy in combination with its stainless steel and aluminum construction to uniformly spread heat throughout your pan and more efficiently cook your food.

This induction coverter disk is also free of any additional coatings or artificial chemicals. So, when you use the induction plate, there should be no odd smells or dangerous airborne chemicals seeping into your home as you cook.


  1. Like the last two induction plates, the Gourmia induction plate cooks your food more evenly.
  2. It extends the lifetime and versatility of your induction cooktop.
  3. You save money by not having to buy more induction-safe cookware.
  4. You also save money on your gas and electric bills because of its energy saving qualities.
  5. It is easy to clean.
  6. It retains heat well after initial use.


  1. Discoloration and stains happen with use.
  2. It heats evenly, but slowly. However, this might be due to the fact that induction plates do slow down the overall cooking process.
  3. Some users claimed that it seemed to dissipate heat rather than spread it out evenly.

* VonShef Heat Diffuser Plate

Our last selection is this VonShef heat diffuser plate. What makes this particular induction heat diffuser plate unique is that it adapts to either your gas stove or your induction stovetop.

In particular, this induction plate is ideal for gas stovetops where maintaining lower temperatures is difficult while also ensuring that you always achieve a uniform taste and texture to your food.

Evenly Distributes Heat

The VonShef induction cooktop plate features three heat-diffusing layers made of stainless steel and aluminum. This guarantees that any and all of your dishes are no longer negatively impacted by uneven hot spots, making it easier for you to achieve a uniform taste and texture to your food.

Additionally, it also has a heat-resistant handle that stays cool even when the plate is hot, making it super easy to move the plate around.

Similar to the Rainbean induction cooktop plate, this induction stove plate is ideal for cooking heat-sensitive items, like rice, oats, caramel, and simmering sauces, as it is capable of maintaining low temperatures throughout the cooking process.

Keep Your Everyday Cookware

Due to its qualities as an induction heat diffusion plate, your normal, everyday pans become much more versatile between your traditional gas stove and your induction stove. It eliminates the need to spend money on expensive, specialized induction cookware, but also allows you to preserve the longevity of your cookware.


  1. It protects your food from overheating and burning because it buffers between the heat source and the actual pan on both gas stoves and induction stoves.
  2. With about a quarter-inch in thickness, it is a sturdy induction disk.
  3. It evenly and quickly heats up your food, maintaining its texture and taste.
  4. You save money by not having to replace your cookware with induction-safe cookware.
  5. It does not leave behind heat marks on your stovetop.


  1. This particular heat diffuser is not recommended for high heats.
  2. The heating process can be slow, but again, this can be due to the fact you have to first heat up the induction plate and then heat up the actual pan.
  3. It discolors with use.
  4. Some users have found that the plate splits open. This might be due to the plate being used on high heat.
  5. Some users have also found that it is better used for smaller pots and pans with less area to heat up rather than bigger pots and pans.


Induction cooking or induction kitchenware is a seemingly complicated new technology that has yet to be as widespread and well-known as electric and gas cooking. However, as our technology continues to evolve, kitchen and cookware culture is also likely to evolve. Induction cooking may inevitably be a part of that.

Induction cooking has the potential to revolutionize cooking. Its electromagnetic technology utilizes magnetic currents to directly and safely heat your pots and pans rather than heating your cooktop first followed by your pots or pans.

With its quicker and more even heat distribution, precise temperature control, and easy clean up, induction cookware streamlines your cooking experience.

Moreover, with the use of induction interface disks, you can ease your way into using induction cooktops. Although induction stove tops do require specific cookware, you need not completely toss out all the cookware you have become familiar with over the years.

In fact, an induction disk bridges the way between traditional cooking and the more modern methods of induction cooking.

Whether you want to make the transition into using induction cooktops or you have somehow ended up with an induction cooktop without the proper tools, we hope you consider our best induction disc review to find the best induction heat diffusion plate for you.


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