If you want to slice, chop, grate, or shred food components into pea-sized perfection for your recipe, you will need the help of a food processor like the Cuisinart 8 cup food processor .

Whether you are planning to chop vegetables for several weeknight dinners or make a batch of stir-fry and coleslaw for a crowd, a food processor will save you a bunch of time.

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Even the most experienced home cooks, who prefer to slice and chop by hand, find a lot of different uses for a food processor. This Cuisinart 8 cup food processor review will help you learn more about the Cuisinart Elemental processor.

You will see a lot of different food processors that range in capacity, size and price range. The rapid growth of the food processor industry has, unfortunately, seen the entry of a lot of pretender brands as well. Hence, pointing out the best in the already overcrowded market can prove to be quite a challenging task.

One household name in the industry is the company called Cuisinart which has been manufacturing some of the top-most kitchen appliances and products that a modern kitchen should have.

One such product is the Cuisinart Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor, which is designed to handle both big and small jobs. If you are wondering about this processor, here are some insights that can help you make the right decision.

Product Review

* Cuisinart Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor

Not everyone needs a huge (and bulky) food processor. In fact, most people need a medium-sized one at best. If you do not plan on using the food processor on a regular basis or simply do not cook food daily, then the Cuisinart Elemental 8 cup food processor is for you.

While a 14-cup variant might sound amazing, it is also a lot of machinery. Most people would use something of that size about three times in a year. Something smaller, like this particular 8 cup food processor, with the right amount of options and controls as well as a good motor is something that might fit your needs better.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Cuisinart Elemental does exactly what it is supposed to do. The food processor has the right-sized bowl for the amount of food needed for an average family on a daily basis. It is also packed with the right amount of power and processing speed. You can chop almost anything without hassle. It is the original Cuisinart food processor.

What is Included in the Packaging?

Once you open the package, you will see the Elemental food processor with the dimensions of 7.6-inches x 9.6-inches x 15.2 inches. The weight will be approximately six pounds. The 8 cup food processor also has a work bowl, with measurements inscribed on its sides.

This work bowl is made from acrylic. You will see an opening in the cylinder which connects with the feed tube in the clean Cuisinart food processor lid of this work bowl.

You will also be given a tube pusher, which has teeth-like projections at the bottom so that vegetables and fruits are pushed down the feed tube more efficiently.

The feed tube also has a small hole at its center so that you can add any liquid like oil or water while food processing is going on. The lid locks perfectly with the bowl and can be replaced and removed easily.

The Cuisinart Elemental food processor is packed with a 250-Watt motor. You will also see four touchpad buttons on top of the processor’s front base.

You will see two different discs that are made of stainless steel. These discs can be reversed for different types of slicing or shredding jobs. There is also an S-shaped blade made of stainless steel. This blade can be used for kneading, pureeing, mixing, and chopping.

What Are Some Main Features of the Cuisinart Food Processor?

Some main features of the Cuisinart 8 cup food processor are:

Looks and Control

One amazing aspect of this processor is the touch pad controls, which are all rubberized for ease of use. The buttons give access to functions like off, pulse, high and low settings. This makes it easier for customers of all levels to make use of this food processor.

When it comes to looks, a very few food processors can beat this Cuisinast food processor. It has a brushed chrome exterior that makes it look very attractive and pleasing to the eye. It can be a great addition to your kitchen or, in fact, anywhere you want to place it.

Shredding blades and discs

The shredding and reversible slicing discs are some of the standout features of this food processor. The discs are made of stainless steel and designed in such a way that you can adjust the shred variation for fine to medium thickness at almost any volume.

The contemporary food processor also comes with slicing, dough and chopping blades. The inclusion of these blades increases the versatility of this processor and makes it more suitable for multi-functional food processing. So whether you are making spreads, grinding nuts, or pureeing soups and sauces, you will definitely love the performance of this processor.

Work bowl

The processor is packed with its own work bowl. It is a BPA-free bowl that has a capacity of 8 cups. It also has conspicuous measurement marks on the sides for easy measuring. For making party-sized chicken salad or salsa for an entire family, this bowl is quite satisfactory. There is enough space to easily process your food without overloading the processor.

The processor also comes with a handy integrated feed tube from where you can insert the ingredients without any problems.


The performance of this processor is all thanks to the motor being used. This Cuisinart food processor makes use of a 350-Watts motor that ensures lots of power reaches the appliance for the best food preparation and performance.

While the motor might not be as powerful as many other food processors, it is one of the most reliable when it comes to performing daily tasks like slicing, cutting and chopping without any hint of failure.

What is some Cuisinart food processor recipe?

You will find a booklet in the packaging that includes all the recipes that you can make with the help of this food processor. This booklet contains a lot of different recipes like Black Bean Soup, Chicken Parmesan, Rustic Zucchini Tart, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Olive and Tomato Pizza, Burgers with Pickled Slaw, etc.

How Does the Processor Work?

The Cuisinart 8 cup food processor is very simple to understand and use. But before you use it for the first time, you need to assemble it. You can either do it by yourself or call in a technician for the job. Make sure to wash the work bowl, the discs, the blades, and the work bowl cover before the first use. Place the processor on a level and dry surface with the controls facing towards you.

Doughing/mixing/chopping blade

Once the processor is ready to work, lock the work bowl onto the housing base. Then lift the blades carefully over the work bowl accessory adapter and fit it snugly at the bottom of the work bowl. Then plug in the housing base.

Once done, plug in the housing base and add your ingredients into the work bowl and then lock it. You are now ready to operate the appliance.

Shredding/reversible slicing discs

This is just the opposite of the method given above. All you need to do here is place the required discs over the accessory adapter, but instead facing upwards instead of downwards. The rest of the procedure remains fairly the same.

Machine Controls

High and low control buttons

As the name suggests, the high and low control buttons determine the speed at which the blades will operate. The Off button will, of course, switch off the appliance. High means the blades will operate at top speed and the Low setting means the blade will operate at a slower pace.

Pulse button

The Pulse button allows the machine to operate only while it is being pressed. This functionality allows you to have a more accurate control of the frequency and the duration of the processing period. One pulse lasts for over a second.

How Should I Maintain the Cuisinart Food Processor?

The Cuisinart Elemental food processor is very easy to clean and maintain. Most of the parts are removable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. To make sure that the processor lasts for a long time to come, you need to take care of it. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • You should keep your Cuisinart unplugged when you are not using it and make sure that the discs and blades are kept out of the reach of children
  • You might ask is the Cuisinart food processor dishwasher safe, and it is except the housing base; it is recommended that you wash these parts on the top-rack of the dishwasher only
  • Make sure you are careful when washing the discs and the blades by hand and make use of the plastic hubs; use of a spray attachment is recommended while washing the sharp objects
  • Since the work bowl is made of SAN plastic, it should not be placed in a microwave or an oven
  • You can wipe clean the housing base with a non-abrasive soap; be sure to wipe it dry later
  • What are some safety precautions that should observed while using the Cuisinart processor? Just like any other electric appliance, a food processor should be handled with care. You can follow the guidelines below to make sure you protect yourself and your family members from potential injury:
  • You need to store and handle the discs and blades very carefully as their cutting edges are very sharp
  • Make sure that you do not place the discs of the blades onto the motor shaft until the work bowl is locked securely in its place
  • Make sure the discs or the blades are placed tightly in their places
  • While shredding or slicing food, make sure that you use the pusher; do not put a spatula or your fingers into the feed tube
  • Always wait for the disc or blade to stop spinning completely before you remove the cover of the work bowl
  • Before taking off or putting on parts, cleaning or removing food, always unplug the processor

Technical maintenance

The motor of the appliance operates with standard line operating current. You can see the appropriate frequency and voltage noted on the bottom of the processor base. You need to make sure that the processor does not run for an overly long time.

If overworked when kneading, mixing, or chopping a heavy or thick mixture in successive batches, the motor will begin to overheat and stop functioning. When this happens, make sure to switch off the appliance and wait for it to cool down. It might take anywhere between ten minutes to an hour for the appliance to cool down.

Pros and Cons of the Cuisinart Food Processor


  • The food processor is compactly designed to allow for easy storage
  • The powerful motor in the Elemental processor makes it a heavy-duty food processor
  • The feed pusher, lid, blades and work bowl can all be cleaned and washed easily in a dishwasher
  • The Cuisinart Elemental food processor comes with a limited two-year warranty on the entire machine


  • The center post cannot is difficult to wash because removing it is not easy
  • Since the lid does not fit tightly, there are some chances of flour or liquid spilling

Do You Need a Food Processor In Your Kitchen?

A food processor is not an appliance that is used as a luxury or to show off. In today’s time, it has become more of a necessity. It can be referred to as a kitchen appliance that simplifies your work a thousandfold when used on a regular basis.

Food processors have a lot of functions, which depend on the placement and the type of blade that is being used. Some applications of a food processor are:

  • Making purees and soups from other ingredients
  • Helps professional chefs cook from scratch by decreasing the overall prep time
  • Can make a large variety of grain or gluten-free dishes
  • You also have the option of making ice cream, if you wish to
  • Making pastes from different ingredients becomes easier
  • You can grind and blend a lot of different kinds of herbs
  • Slicing or grinding tough pieces of meat becomes very easy
  • You have the luxury of making your own homemade nut butters like peanut butter

What Should You Remember?

A decent food processor is worth your money if it matches the following criteria:

  • Capacity: A food processor should have a decent capacity. It should be capable of holding at least 8-10 cups with ease.
  • Built: A good food processor should have a robust built. It should also have a strong motor to handle the bulky weight of the ingredients being put inside.
  • Easy to clean: While food processors have the reputation of doing prep work pretty fast, a good food processor should be easy to clean.
  • Reputation of the company: The name and fame of the company is one major factor that is a game-changer. Processors that come from respected brands tend to have more customers than their counterparts.

About Cuisinart Company

Cuisinart is an American home appliance company that started in 1971. The company slowly rose to become one of the most reputable names in the field of homemade and kitchen appliances. It is one of the oldest brands on the market but is still bringing new technology to their products.

Cuisinart designs and produces a whole lot of kitchen gadgets like smart sticks, food processors, knives, etc. But the company is really famous for its line of food processors.

Cuisinart has a big variety of food processors, but the best one is the Cuisinart 8 cup food processor. We will discuss it further below.

Should you Choose the Cuisinart Elemental 8 cup Food Processor?

If you are a cook that loves getting creative, then the Cuisinart Elemental is exactly what you are looking for. It will be your perfect kitchen partner. With its silver color, it will readily compliment your kitchen décor and will definitely look stunning on a countertop.

Overall, the processor is made of high-quality materials that are very robust and durable. It is also priced very reasonably.

Also, the fact that you are purchasing a product that is made by a company with almost two decades’ worth of experience in the field of home and kitchen appliances should give you enough reasons to purchase this processor. The ability of the Cuisinart Elemental food processor to handle tons of jobs in a single go is just icing on the cake.

This Cuisinart food processor is exactly what you need in your kitchen due to its functionality and versatility. Choosing the Elemental as your food processor is a smart decision.

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It will effectively cut down on cooking time and allow you to spend more time with your family and friends. We hope the above Cuisinart 8 cup food processor review will help you in your considerations.


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