The Danby Silhouette Select is a built-in “party center”. It is a refrigerator only and has no freezer compartment. It does, however, come with a built-in ice maker. Made to be compact, it holds 4.2 cubic feet inside its horizontal double doors.

Designed for home entertainment, this unit will easily hold your beverage selection. You can pack it with a fair amount of liquor in various shapes and sizes.

In this Danby Dpc6012bls review, we will show you how this ice maker adds to the convenience, making it easy to mix your drinks.

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A Look at Its Features

Designed with home entertainment in mind, the Danby Silhouette Select is all about keeping your drinks the way you want them.

  • It has double doors that open horizontally, each one to its own separate compartment.
  • The individual compartments each have a precise digital thermostat. Temperature can be set separately for either side.
  • The unit has bright LED lighting on the interior.
  • It is frost-free and has fan-forced cooling to enhance performance.
  • It comes with a built-in automatic ice maker and can make up to 4.4 lbs of ice per 24 hours.
  • This unit has removable interior shelves in both compartments.
  • Designed to be built-in, it requires plumbing.
  • The height of the unit is just under 34.5 inches. It will fit under most counters.
  • It’s built to house up to 60 cans of beer and 12 wine bottles.

Does it Have Any Drawbacks?

This compact chiller and ice maker is generally well-made. However, there are some things which could have been done better.

  • The Danby DPC6012BLS is loud, no matter how you look at it. If it’s in some out-of-the-way space, the noise will not bug you much. If it’s closer to where people are gathering continuously, it can be a nuisance.
  • The price is on the higher side. If you are working on a budget, this is definitely not the cheapest alternative. If you don’t use your bar that much, it’s hardly necessary to go this fancy.
  • The unit is designed to be built-in. It requires a plumbing connection, so its placement is pretty much permanent. If your space is cramped and you don’t have a suitable under-the-counter spot, the Danby DPC6012BLS is useless.

What Makes This a Good Buy?

If budget is not your problem, this unit has some good features to recommend it.

  • An outstanding feature is the built-in automatic ice maker. The whole point of having drinks handy is that you have ice to mix them with. This unit will give you up to 4.4 lbs of it per day.
  • The funky interior lighting is very useful in dark spaces such as man-caves.
  • The shelves are removable, so it’s easy to fit your liquor collection, regardless of shape and size.

What is the Danby DPC6012BLS Designed For?

As we said, this is a refrigerator-only unit with a built-in ice maker. It is not a free-standing fridge, but rather “built-in.” It is meant to be placed under your counter with access to water lines. Standing it in the middle of your room will not work.

Made compact, it was designed with the home bar in mind. Despite being small, it packs a good amount of usable space to keep your drinks chilled. The automatic ice maker provides what you need to mix your drinks easily.

Will This Work in My Home Bar?

If you’re a frequent entertainer and love to mix drinks, this is a good option. As long as you have available under-the-counter space and plumbing, it will work. If you’re running on a budget or don’t do those drinks that often, there are cheaper alternatives.


You already know through this Danby Dpc6012bls review that the Danby DPC6012BLS is a good, compact solution for a busy home bar. It does, however, require a plumbing connection, and becomes a permanent fixture.

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