The EdgeStar IB120SS is an ice maker, just an ice maker. There is no refrigerator compartment included. However, it has a freezer section that will keep your drinks thoroughly cold. If you want to pop an ice-cold beer, the EdgeStar IB120SS will give you one.

Compact and quite portable, this unit can be placed stand-alone or built-in. It can make and store very respectable quantities of ice daily. If you want ice fast and hassle-free, this ice maker fits the bill. Let’s learn more about this product through our Edgestar Ib120ss Review.

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Features of the EdgeStar IB120SS

It is not an all-purpose cooling machine. It will not chill your drinks to a set temperature or crisp your vegetables and fruit. Designed purely to make ice, it has a set of features to match.

  • The unit is ADA height compliant and should fit in a standard-size cabinet or under a counter.
  • It is designed with front ventilation for built-in scenarios. It can be free-standing, too.
  • It comes with a 25-foot long quarter-inch water line connection.
  • The door is set on reversible hinges and can open either left or right.
  • The unit comes with a simple on/off switch. It will auto shut down when the ice bin fills up.
  • It will make about 12 pounds of ice per 24 hours. It can store six.
  • This ice maker also operates as a freezer. Your ice will stay frozen.
  • It doesn’t require a drain line.
  • Ice making is fully automatic. It replenishes itself when some ice is removed.
  • The unit is compact and measures in at 25¼” H x 15” W x 18 ½” D.

Are There Any Drawbacks to this Ice Maker?

If you need more than just an ice maker, then try something else. For an ice maker, the EdgeStar B120SS is quite good, but there have been a few user complaints.

  • Folks have complained about the noise factor. The compressor on the EdgeStar IB120SS is loud, and it rattles. If the unit is somewhere you don’t use much, like a utility room, that’s not a problem. If you need it in an activity hub, it may not work as well. The noise will be a constant annoyance.
  • People have also had some problems with the unit freezing over. It then has to be switched off and thawed out for a while.
  • It’s obvious, but if you don’t have a plumbing connection, the unit is not recommended.

What Makes It Worth Considering?

Sure, it has a couple of faults, but what doesn’t? Overall, this is a good, reliable unit. There are many more positive reviews for it than negative ones. It has several things to recommend itself, too.

  • For anyone who uses lots of ice frequently, this is a good choice. It is relatively fast at making the ice, giving up to 12 pounds per day. It also stores a good six pounds, which adds to the convenience.
  • The ice-making is fully automated. You don’t have to lift a finger. Just plug the unit in and turn it on. It will do the rest.
  • It is quite compact and will fit into many tight spaces. The reversible door is a gem and lets you utilize that hard-to-access corner.
  • The unit can also be set up free-standing. It will still work even if you don’t have a dedicated cabinet or counter for it.
  • For the quality it offers, this unit is quite affordable.

What is the EdgeStar IB120SS Designed For?

It is an ice maker, pure and simple. If you want a combination of an ice maker with a refrigerator, you need a different product. Check out our review for a list of good bar refrigerators. You’ll find some fridge-and-freezer combos in the review as well.

The EdgeStar IB120SS is designed to work both free-standing and built-in. You can set it up anywhere you have access to a plumbing line. It is a compact unit and is reasonably portable. The makers created it with entertainment in mind, be it your boat, man-cave, or home bar. The unit is dedicated to one purpose only and will provide a steady supply of fresh ice.

Will it Work in My Home Bar?

There are no answers written in stone here. It depends on what you want for your set-up. The EdgeStar IB120SS is compact and works both free-standing and built in. This and the reversible door make it relatively easy to house.

If you entertain frequently and want a professional solution for making ice at home, this will do nicely. It delivers respectable amounts of ice, and it does so quite quickly. It is also automated and requires no extra input other than being turned on.

All this is assuming you already have a cooler. If you don’t, and what you really need is a combination fridge-and-freezer, go for something else. The EdgeStar IB120SS also won’t work for you if you don’t have a plumbing line available.

The Bottom Line

It is an excellent unit to own for anyone serious about their home bar. It will deliver good quantities of ice consistently with no extra effort on your part. As soon as you remove some, it starts making more.

The freezer keeps your ice from melting, and can also keep a few drinks nicely cold. The EdgeStar IB120SS is compact and will often fit into an otherwise unused nook or cranny.

?Check Out Current Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon?

You may need to reconsider if you need something more multi-purpose. Being an ice maker only, this unit will not offer anything else.

If you want precise temperature control and multiple compartments, you need something different. I hope our extensive Edgestar Ib120ss Review will help you with your purchase.


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