Who doesn’t love a good homemade waffle for breakfast in the morning? It is one of those foods that make any morning a tasty one. You can make just about any type of waffle you can dream up!

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You can make yourself different waffles each morning, or if you have picky eaters, you can make one to their liking! The possibilities of waffles are endless with this wonderful machine. Let’s dive into this Hamilton Beach Flip Waffle Maker Review to learn more.

Features of Hamilton Beach Flip Waffle Maker

For starters, the biggest benefit is being able to have fluffy, restaurant-style waffles in your own home! I mean, who doesn’t like those types of waffles? In addition, you also get to control how light or dark your waffles get.

If you don’t want them too crispy, simply adjust the browning controls to get the desired color and texture of your waffles. Your waffles will be done in about five to eight minutes, depending on what type of ingredients you are using.

Below are more great benefits and features of this product:

  • Handle makes flipping easy. (Be sure to use an oven mitt when flipping as it may be hot!)
  • The handle may fold to free up some space.
  • Its height is 9.25”, length 16”, and width 10.5”.
  • It comes with non-stick removable plates that can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
  • You can make about 12 different types of waffles.
  • Stainless Steel look goes well with most appliances.
  • Drip tray included to catch excess batter, keeping your counters batter free.

Are There Any Cons to This Waffle Maker?

Whenever shopping online, you will find a negative review or two of almost anything, which can discourage anyone from wanting to try out the product. Luckily, when we looked up this product, there were only a few we saw.

Let’s take a look at those now:

  • The first person who caught my attention was one commenter who fell in love with this product at first, but after a few years, the paint started to wear away on the plates. That can sometimes happen over time.
  • Some other comments were about how the waffle maker would overrun with batter. There is a point where there is too much batter.
  • Lastly, some people have stated that the power cord is a little short. That is understandable because sometimes outlets can be out of reach.

What Kinds of Waffles Can You Make with This?

Earlier, we mentioned you can make at least 12 different types of waffles with the Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker.

Here is a list of few ideas we found that you can try to change up your waffle making ways!

  • Chocolate
  • Fruits
  • Cinnamon and marshmallow (For this, use the tiny marshmallows.)
  • Pecans and walnuts (Make sure they are crushed up first!)
  • If you are up for an adventure, try making pizza waffles.
  • And of course, vanilla and maple syrup.

However, with all those ideas, you can also try creating or finding great recipes that you can make with the Hamilton Beach Waffle maker! Get creative and try something new!

Why Choose This Waffle Maker Over Others?

While we did go over the benefits and the great things it can do, we are now going to go over why all those things work so great for this waffle maker and why it is an excellent choice over others.

  • Its handle makes it easy to flip your waffles.
    Making waffles is a lot easier because the handle is easy to move, helping your waffles become fluffier!
  • A simple way to make your breakfast. You don’t need to spend a lot of time making it.
    One reviewer commented that she doesn’t have a lot of time in the mornings, but making waffles with this was simple for them, and her kids enjoyed it more than frozen waffles. She said it took about four minutes for hers to turn out fluffy.
  • Another customer mentioned that it was quick to heat up, and they enjoyed the fact that they didn’t have to wait for it to heat up again as it stayed hot when they made another one.
  • One customer has even made several other dishes with this product, such as cinnamon rolls and hash browns. They also said that it is very easy to clean once they were done using it.
  • It comes with browning control where it keeps your waffle crispy on the outside and super fluffy and warm on the inside.

Who Could Use the Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker?

The Hamilton Beach Waffle maker is for anyone who enjoys fluffy, delicious, Belgian Waffles. If you are single, have a family, or just got married, anyone can make use of this machine.

Anyone can make any type of waffle they desire, even if they aren’t into the original waffle flavor. Whatever type of waffle you are craving, this maker can help you reach your waffle making dreams!


When researching the product, you can see that there are more pros than cons for this product. From what I saw, there are only 5% of cons compared to the positive reviews we have found!

?Check Out Current Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon?

So many people seem to enjoy how easy it is to clean this machine and how creative you can get with making waffles. From the removable plates to the quick cooking times, the Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker is an incredible product to look into owning. I hope you enjoyed our Hamilton Beach Flip Waffle Maker Review.

If you need more information or still aren’t sure, check out “Best liege waffles iron: How to Choose and What to Look For“. It is a great read and worth checking out! We hope you enjoy your future waffle making that is to come!


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