Picking the best Kitchenaid toaster oven might not be the easiest thing to do, but making that pick could be one of the best things you do for yourself and your kitchen. To help you make that pick today we’ll be looking at the very best kinds of toaster ovens out there.

I would say a toaster oven is a must have for every kitchen. It comes in very handy for a whole lot of things since there’s just so much you can do with it such as toasting bread, reheating leftovers, cooking, baking and a lot more.

We all love to eat and to cook so what could be better than doing it yourself? You know that toasting that beautiful looking and delicious bread, or roasting that meat, making those lovely snacks, maybe fries, and preparing those yummy cookies and muffins are so much better when you are in control. And there’s just so much this appliance can do for you help you achieve that.

Not having a toaster oven in your home is something I cannot fathom because this is possibly the most efficient kitchen appliance you could ever hope to own. It is very versatile and gives you just what you need without stress.

So have you always wanted a toaster oven but didn’t know which one to go for? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with a choice right after we are done seeing the specs of some of the best toaster ovens.

Kitchenaid Countertop Ovens

KCO223CU Convection Oven

If you are looking for a spacious and durable toaster oven, then this is the one for you.

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KCO273SS Convection Digital Oven

This is for you if you are looking for an exceptional countertop oven that gives you value for your cash.

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KCO234CCU 12" Convection Oven

Do you love to grill? You sure will with this countertop oven.

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KCO275SS Convection 1800-watt Oven

With this convection oven you are really not missing out on anything if you don’t have a full size oven.

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The kitchenaid countertop ovens are one of the most convenient additions you can make to your kitchen. They come in really handy to create perfection out of any recipe, from bread to cookies to pizza.

The range of possibility the kitchenaid countertops afford you is just great. It allows you do almost anything, and I mean anything, at all. The convection countertop oven comes with a gourmet full sized oven performance.

The kitchenaid mini oven (you can call it that too) uses a convection cooking functionality that produces circulating heat for outstanding outcomes. Kitchenaid toaster ovens allow you cook, broil, bake and roast with little effort and so much comfort. They deliver a powerful performance that allows you make the best of just about any dish.

Nothing is as satisfying as trying your hand at something new and it coming out more heavenly than you ever imagined. That’s the kind of feeling the kitchenaid countertops can give you.

The kitchenaid toaster ovens are designed to circulate warm air for even heating and in turn proper cooking of your food. A great thing about this brand is that even though you can do so much with their products, they understand that you need room in your kitchen so their products don’t take up too much space.

Kitchenaid toasters offer different slice toasters for your kitchen. So which one is it going to be? Well, let’s go ahead and find out.

✔️ Kitchenaid Convection Bake Countertop Oven

The kitchenaid KCO223CU is one of the best kitchenaid convection toaster ovens. This oven is built with quality materials and is more spacious than countertop ovens with dimensions of about 51.1 x 41.1 x 28.7 cm. So, if you are looking for something spacious and durable with the ability to do anything you’d want from a toast oven then this is the one for you.

This KCO223CU convection oven has a 12” capacity that allows you toast about 6 slices at a time or fit a 12” pizza in it as well. Just like many other toast ovens, it also allows you broil, bake toast, reheat and cook.

It uses 1440 watts power and a 60 minutes auto time shutter which reminds you that your dish is set. This offers you enough time to prepare most recipes.  You don’t have to worry about running out of time or even having to check your food because the reminder does all that for you. It has an internal volume of 0.7 cu ft and an exterior temperature of 86.0 °F.

Just like a full sized oven, it has temperatures up to 450 degrees which allow you bake superfast due to convection bake technology.

It comes with 2 Stainless Steel racks, a broil pan and a grill that is perfect for baking as well as broiling.

This oven also features non-stick coating that allows for easy cleaning. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • It is spacious and can hold up-to 12 inch pizza
  • It has convection cooking and baking abilities
  • It has 2 stainless steel racks which means you can make two things at the same time
  • It has a 60 minutes auto time shutter that helps regulate the time
  • It is easy to clean because of its non-stick coating
  • It has great heat containment
  • It has good control knobs


  •  The side exhaust fan is noisy

✔️ KitchenAid Convection Bake Digital Countertop Oven

The KitchenAid KCO273SS is an amazing high performance Kitchenaid digital toaster oven. This is for you if you are looking for an exceptional countertop oven that gives you value for your cash.

This is a spaciously designed oven with so much to offer. This design uses a more advanced technology that saves more energy and performs just as well as a full sized oven with professional performance.

The KCO273SS is a 12 inch sized digital countertop oven that has 9 pre-made programmed functions which are bake, pizza, asado roast, toast, broil, cookie, bagel, keep warm and reheat that all give outstanding performances. The Asado Roast feature regulates temperature for a great roasting outcome.

It has a dimension of 18 x 15 x 13.9 inches and weighs about 19.7 pounds. It also comes with a convection button that can be used with the bake setting to ensure that the food you are cooking comes out perfect as well as with reduced cooking time.

It uses a standard dial control and has a timer that can be set for up-to 120 minutes, which is enough to fix about just any recipe.

Its accessories include a 12 inch non-stick multipurpose pan, cooling rack, non-stick dip tray and a 12 inch broiling rack. The oven compartment is made of a non-stick coating which makes cleaning very easy.

The stainless steel finishing gives this toast oven a very nice shiny look. So this is a blend of valuable and beautiful if you ask me.


  • It is easy and cooks really fast
  • It has 9 programmed functions
  • It uses convection cooking functionality
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s durable
  • It makes great toast


  • It doesn’t have an interior light

✔️ KitchenAid 12″ Convection Countertop Oven

Baking, broiling, roasting, toasting and even grilling just got easier with the KitchenAid KCO234CCU. Your bread, brownies and chicken also got a lot tastier with this beautiful model of the kitchenaid toaster oven.

This 15.3 x 20 x 11.3 inches dimension toaster oven comes with 2 reversible nonstick racks that offer the flexibility of 6 rack options and allow anything from pastries to meat to bacon when using both racks. The model comes in two stunning colors, black matte and contour silver, both classic and elegant colors.

In contrast to the full sized oven, this toaster oven is a lot smaller and occupies very little space in your kitchen. It is a 12” toaster oven, weighing about 20lbs, and can be travelled with comfortably. With this, you can bake up to to 12” pizza with no trouble at all. It has a convection bake setting, consumes only 1440 watts of power and preheats a lot faster than a full sized oven.

The doors are made of glass and allow you to monitor your food as you go. The body is constructed with a quality stainless steel material which gives an attractive finished look and makes it easy for you to clean as well.

It has a 4 hour stay on mode, a 60 minute timer that reminds you when your dish has finished cooking. It is comprised of a removable metal drip, a broil pan with grill rack and a crumb tray for easy cleaning. You will be in heaven with the removable broil pan with grilling rack.

Do you love to grill? You sure will with this countertop oven.

This sleek and beautifully designed toaster gives you endless possibilities in your cooking. Guess what? That means it can be the perfect gift for that friend that loves to cook as well. So aside from getting this for yourself, you can choose to surprise your friend with one too! You have no idea what good you’ll be doing that special one in your life…but I’m sure he or she will tell you after!

There’s just so much to get from this, and if the features suit your kitchen desires then this is the time to make that purchase, and dream, a reality.


  • It is flexible which allows you to make the most of it
  • It is easy to use
  • It is portable and doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • It is easy to clean


  •  It is not cheap
  • It doesn’t toast bread consistently

✔️ KitchenAid Convection 1800-watt Digital Countertop Oven

The KCO275SS Convection toaster oven is another of the high quality countertop ovens by kitchenaid. This is a Kitchenaid 12 inch countertop toaster oven, 1800 watt power convection digital toaster oven with 9 pre-programmed functions that allow you to have exceptional cooking moments and bring out every bit of deliciousness from your dish.

This model uses the Asado roast that regulates temperature for pizza and high roasting performance which delivers a super crispy crust.  This toaster gives you gourmet full-size oven performance so you are really not missing out on anything if you don’t have a full size oven.

Its 9 pre programmed functions are bake, broil, cook, Asado roast, toast, bagel, pizza keep warm and reheat. The 12” capacity also gives you enough room to make between a 2 to 12” pizza with ease.

The Interior CeramaShield Coating, only available for this model, is non-stick, scratch resistant and PTFE/PFOA free. One nice thing I noticed about this toast oven is that it is available in more colors than the other models.

The available colors for this model include cobalt blue, majestic yellow, onyx black, stainless steel, white, cinnamon, and aqua skye. That’s a whole lot of color to choose from if you ask me.

I’m certain you’ll find a color you love.

It has a 60 minutes timer that reminds you when the dish is ready. It also comes with 2 stainless steel rack, one 12” non-stick multipurpose pan, an easy to clean broil pan, a cooling rack, a stainless steel crumb tray and a non-stick dip tray.

Coupled with all these amazing features, KitchenAid KCO275SS Convection comes with a 1 year hassle-free replacement warranty.

Isn’t this just perfect? What more can you demand of your countertop toaster oven? I’ll leave you to answer that but I do not think this is one you should look past. I’m so excited about this model because I love to cook and I see myself doing wonders with this toaster oven. You too can create magical dishes with this appliance. You’ll be blown away if you invest in this, trust me.

Is owning a toaster oven important?

You might be wondering if it’s even really important to own a toaster oven, right? Or maybe what importance is it to your kitchen, exactly? I understand why you might want to ask these questions. Nobody wants to spend money buying something that is not going to be useful. We all want to be sure of what an appliance can do for us before spending our cash on it. I totally understand.

The toaster ovens discussed here are just like a large regular oven but in a smaller version. And the beautiful thing about them is that they give nearly the same result while using less energy and cooking even faster.

If you are a toast lover like me you’ll agree that breakfast is not complete without toast. It’s would almost be like there wasn’t even breakfast in the first place. A toaster oven allows you to make that toast just the way you love it. And guess what? It does a whole lot more than just toasting bread even though because of the name you might think that’s all can get from it.

They are versatile, like I mentioned earlier.

Who wouldn’t want to own something this small that allows you to toast, cook, and bake those foods you love chowing down on while also doing your body a whole lot of good?

Getting yourself a toaster oven is one of the best decisions you could make, and kitchenaid toasters come in various specs and designs. They can satisfy various needs since we all have different preferences and budgets. This affords you the opportunity of choosing that one that’s just perfect for you depending on what you want need out of it.


Have I succeeded in making you crave some delicious and freshly made brownies, pizza or toast? If making any of these from your own kitchen is a dream of yours then this is the time to make up your mind and pick a perfect toast oven.

Remember, no matter what it is you want to get from your toast ovens, you can rest assured with any of the toast ovens we have mentioned. These products come with different striking features so you’d want to carefully study each model and make your decision.

We have carefully stated the pros and cons of each toaster oven to help you understand each individual toaster and determine if it is something you willing to consider. So, take your time and weigh the benefits and the drawbacks.

You should consider the size, since you want to get just the right size for your kitchen. The power is another thing to look out for because it’s important to have your machine running without a hitche. Oh, and color! This might not seem very important but it is actually crucial to go for a color you like and one that suits your kitchen’s color scheme as well.

How often do you cook and how frequently do you need to use your toaster? This is very important question to ask yourself before making a purchase. If it’s something you need to use everyday, then compare the products and pick one that would serve you the best.

Having said all this, I believe you have all you need to get out there, make a perfect choice and enjoy the glorious delicacies any of these toasters will give you. The choice of the kitchenaid toaster oven is completely yours, so all the best!


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