Nuwave Pic Titanium – The Must-Have Induction Cooktop

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The Nuwave titanium induction cooktop is the answer to a small kitchen owner’s prayer; also, the answered prayer of someone who lives in a dorm room and wants to cook his own meals.

If you’re also a home-owner who often wished to have an extra burner lying around the house when you’re cooking a meal for Thanksgiving, the Nuwave Pic Titanium is exactly the cooktop that you need. It’s also the fitting cooktop for people who travel a lot, loves camping or is desperate to have a way to cook a delicious meal in the office.

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So, if you’re looking to get yourself one, then here’s the Nuwave titanium product for you!

Product Review

The NuWave Pic Titanium 2016

There are a lot of NuWave induction cooktop out in the market so you may be wondering why am I telling that this is this Nuwave induction burner that I feel is the right fit for you? Well, let’s see, aside from the fact that 1800 watts is the highest temperature level that it can heat up to, there are a lot of things that this product offers.

Let’s compare it with the original PIC first.

The 5° temperature increments offer you precise temperature control considering that the original PIC could only adjust to 10° increments. The surface of the Titanium is 9 and a half inch while the original is 9 inches which means that the Titanium can accommodate larger pans and pots.

The Titanium also has a new delayed shutoff feature which means that if you remove a cookware from the cooktop and replace it on the cooktop within 10 seconds and you can continue cooking without the need of restarting the burner. It also allows you to cook at your own convenience.

This Nuwave 1800-watt induction cooktop doesn’t only ensure that the customer is given a state-of-the-art burner, but also ensures that it’s worth the amount of money that you pay for. It’s not too pricey but has so much to offer.

Manufacturers considered the rising of food staples, so Titanium was built to maximize the grocery budget. With the precise temperature control the Titanium features, the oil used to cook certain food could be continuously recycled.

This doesn’t only mean that you’re going to have to spend less amount on buying cooking oil, but it also means that the trips to the grocery store would be lesser now that you wouldn’t have to consider getting oil every now and then.

This has been tested by the manufacturers by frying 100 pieces of chicken and was cooked and prepared by using the same oil and Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop. At the end of this little experiment done by the manufacturers, the oil has remained clear and could still be used to cook additional pieces of chicken.

Like most induction cookers, a safety feature has also been included in this product which would give you the peace of mind because it is built on redundant engineering to promote safety. It also includes an automatic shutoff feature which makes this model even more desirable to have because that’s one less thing that you have to worry about.

Pic titanium is also built to last long. It’s been engineered to have a lifespan of around 13-15 years which makes this an even sweeter deal than it already is.


  • Delay feature
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Average life span of 13-15 years
  • 1800 watts
  • Timer function
  • 6 pre-programmed temperature settings


  • Control panel failure

Why Choose a Nuwave Induction Cooker?

Because of the precise induction technology that it uses, you can simmer, boil, steam grill, sauté, sear and even deep-fry wherever you want. That sounds like heaven for a camper, right? You can also use it as an extra burner if you’re looking for one or if you have a small living space, the compact size of this induction burner makes it the perfect candidate.

If you’ve been looking for an extra burner to use, Nuwave Pic Titanium offers you what you’re looking for because this single burner induction cooker embraces the advantage of what technology can offer nowadays.

Built with an average life span of thirteen to fifteen years, the Titanium offers to be the extra burner you need when you’re preparing for a large party during Thanksgiving or your living space only allows you a small burner to cook your meal.

PIC stands for Precision Induction Cooktop and it uses induction technology which has the as internal copper coil that has a magnetic field within your steel and iron-based pots and pans.

Induction based technology also means that you won’t be working with open flames brought to you by gas stovetops and you’ll enjoy less residual heat that comes from open flame and hot coils.

The Nuwave Induction Cooker can help you cook faster, safer and more economically than any other stove stops or cooktops could.

There’s an induction coil inside that will react with the cookware and heat it directly but the best thing about it is that the rest of the cooktop will be left cool to the touch so you wouldn’t have to worry about any hot surface which deems it totally safe for everyone in the house. With that said, I think it’s far superior to the gas stovetop and electric cooker.

The advance cooking technology lets the PIC heat faster than the traditional methods and uses 70% less energy which saves you more time and money. There’s a lot of other feature that the Nuwave Induction Cooker offers, all of which is truly beneficial to users and makes cooking less of a hassle and makes the entire process quicker than normal.

The Pic Titanium is a wise choice if you’re looking for a new kind of cooker to use in your kitchen or if you’re looking for an extra burner to help you out. The features that it includes are great and the fact that it’s time and energy saving make it even better.

The fact that it also has an overheat protection sensor and adjustable temperature, it’s easy to see why so many home-owners have opted to use this burner.

It’s also easy to clean up so that’s always a good feature to consider. You can bring the Nuwave induction cooktop wherever you’re going- be it camping in the mountains or a lunch out by the beach-, it cooks food fast enough but still gives you quality food.

There may be some disadvantage that you would find from it but it has way too many positive points to ignore and they’re more likely to outweigh the cons. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate on getting myself a portable Nuwave induction cooktop because it’s too good to pass up.

Induction Cooking

Technology has come a long way since gas stovetops and since then, a number of new stovetops- electric wise- have come to the market. Another new development has added to the list and the induction cooktop has taken the world by storm since home-owners have opted for this cooktop because it’s far safer than the counterpart.

The advancement made it achievable to get work done faster and in lesser time which affects our day to day activities because it means that you’ll have less time to spend in the kitchen cooking. Induction cooking relieves you of time and energy and even enhances your ability in the kitchen. It also has safety features that reduce fire hazard and other injuries that can happen.

Induction cooking has taken Asia by storm and this technology is based on unbeatable precision, power and safety. The induction zone is powerful enough to deliver the maximum heat quickly and efficiently so if you’re hurrying to fry your meal but still want to make sure that you have the precise temperature control, then induction cooking is the method for you.

How Induction Cooking Works?

This method gives you quicker and better results since they release the heat immediately to your cookware rather than to a burner, so it immediately and directly warms your pot or your pan, depending on what cookware you’re using.

Magnet acts as the heating ingredient and burner so when a cookware- which acts as the magnetic auriferous- is placed on top, the electric current would result in heat and the heat would immediately go to the cookware rather than to an electric coil.

Pros & Cons of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking offers a lot of advantages, technological wise. But the largest benefit that it offers is how fast it warms your food and water in the cookware you use. The market offers you so much gas stovetops and electric cooktops that heat up the cookware as fast as it could but there’s an advantage in induction cookers that make it the better option than the other counterparts.

Although electric cooktops offer a quick warm up because of the electric coil used to convey the heat to the cooking utensil, the induction cooktop is still better because you won’t need to warm up any whorl, so the heat directly transferred to the utensil kept on top.

Also, induction cooktops allow you to modify the temperature at the desired level without even having to wait for the coil to be warmed up.

Temperature control is always such a great advantage for any cooktop to have.

Nuwave induction cooktops has done a great job with the temperature control because you can choose from 100-575 degrees F, and you can move it up in 10 degree increments which means you have 52 settings to choose from and Nuwave also allows you to pre-program six different settings so you can cook your favorite meals easily.

Still, things aren’t perfect because there’s one major disadvantage to this advanced stove technology. It’s the not the worse disadvantage because what’s a noisy hum to be something to majorly worry about? Due to the magnetic currents produced, it creates a noisy hum compared to the electric and gas stoves.

If you’re using a Nuwave induction cooktop, there’s one advantage that can also become a disadvantage to seasoned cooks or chefs. Nuwave has a feature where it automatically shuts off when you remove the cookware you’ve place on it.

So, if you’re someone who likes to flip the pan to flip the pancake you’re frying, then you’re going to have to manually turn the cooktop back on every time you do it which would become hassle for you.

But what’s those few disadvantages compared to the number of advantages that the induction cooker has? The fact that it heats directly and faster than its predecessors is already good enough for any home-cook owners when efficiency is the main issue to worry about.

Benefits of Using Nuwave PIC cooker

The Nuwave PIC cooker has so much to offer because it has a lot of features that will surely satisfy you and will make the purchase worth it. But then, if you’re like me and you wonder what kind of benefits does it have to offer me? Why should I be thoroughly convinced that I should get this product other than the features that it offers?

This burner saves you a lot of time cooking because as mentioned throughout the article, heat is directly released to the utensil kept on top. You won’t have to wait around for the water to boil or stand there and wonder when the oil will be hot enough to use to fry your chicken.

Nuwave takes 90 seconds to boil water. 90 seconds which means that you won’t have to wait around too long for it to heat up until you can use it. It saves you a lot of time so you can still get to do other things because you now have enough time to do so.

It’s energy-saving.

Although we have to admit that electric cooktops are also a lifesaver to most of us, the electricity bill at the end of the month isn’t something that we look forward to when we’re using one.

Nuwave is energy saving and consumes up to 70% less energy compared to traditional gas or electric stove and the product mentioned on the first part of this article, it featured an automatic shutoff system so if that doesn’t say energy-saving, I don’t know what does.

Another added benefit of the Nuwave PIC Titanium is that it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

So if you want to have a simple meal at your backyard or you want to cook at your patio, you can bring this burner out and prepare the food in a few minutes and you can have that fun outdoor party that you want or even if you’re simply opting for a nice dinner with your family outside.

In addition, there are a number of temperature choices that will help your cooking. You can choose the desired temperature level you want to suit your cooking needs, and this can be done without having to use an open flame.

Using and Maintenance Tips

The first thing that you have to take note when you’re using an induction cooktop is that you need to use cookware that’s induction compatible. It already comes as a warning from the producer of the product that pure aluminum and pure stainless-steel pans won’t work on this type of burner.

If you’re shopping for a brand-new cookware to add to your already growing collection of pans and pots, use a magnet. If the cookware is magnetic, then they’re suitable to be used on an induction cooker.

But you have to be more careful because sometimes, relying on the fact that it’s magnetic isn’t going to be enough. You have to check if it’s labelled ‘induction suitable’ or you can ask the seller if you’re unsure.

You also have to make sure that the cooktop is cleaned after using. Remaining heat can help you out in cleaning stains from food being spilled. If there’s anything that happens to your induction cooker that makes you worry and feel unsafe, you can contact the seller or manufacturer immediately to ask for help, explanations and instructions.


If you really want to get your hands on that extra burner or you want to own a portable burner to carry around with you when you for road trips and camping purposes, Nuwave titanium induction cooktop should be what you’re getting your hands on.

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Not only is it portable and compact, but it also has so many features that will surely satisfy a cook’s heart because in the end, the results of what you’re cooking is what’s most important.

Hopefully I’ve helped you out with this little problem of yours. Nuwave Pic Titanium offers so many things, so it would be the perfect choice for you!

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