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Best Microwave Drawers: Reviews For 2021

best microwave drawers, microwave drawers reviews, oven drawers
Last Updated Feb 2021 – Not everyone has space over their range for a microwave. For some people, this is because of a small, cramped kitchen. For others, however, it’s not so much an issue of the total kitchen area as much as it is an issue of what goes where. If you use your area a lot, you might find yourself putting a standalone position hood where the microwave usually goes. And years ago, it would’ve been even tougher than today to buy a microwave drawer.

SPT Countertop Dishwasher | A Detailed Review

spt countertop dishwasher, spt countertop dishwasher review, kitchen dishwasher

Review 2021 – A power packed dishwasher for small kitchens

Quite often, people who have small kitchens are unable to find dishwashers that can fit in below the cabinets without requiring structural changes. Even though there are several small size dishwashers available on the market, if you are looking for a dishwasher even more compact than the regular 18 inch ones, then you might face difficulty.

Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews: Worth It To Upgrade?

bosch induction cooktop reviews, best bosch induction cooktop, best induction stove
Last Updated Feb 2021 – Induction cooktops are slowly but surely overtaking the market. There’s no question about it: induction cooking is here to stay. Induction heating elements have many advantages over their gas and electric coil counterparts, including energy savings, better control, and faster, more efficient heat transfer.

Best Bar Refrigerators With Ice Makers – Convenient Storage For Beverages And More

best bar refrigerators, refrigerators with ice makers, storage for drinks

Last Updated Apr 2021 – Whether you’ve got a full-sized home bar or you just have a setup in your kitchen that doubles as a bar, you might have noticed that things aren’t quite the same as they are in a professional bar. For starters, you’ve (probably) got a more limited supply of alcohol. You also don’t have beer on tap, you have to wash the dishes yourself, and you might not have timed pour nozzles on every single bottle of booze in your arsenal.

Magic Chef Ice Maker – Do You Need One?

magic chef ice maker, magic chef ice maker reviews, best ice maker

Still struggling with those age old ice trays to make ice in your refrigerator?  We can understand how cumbersome it is to first fill those ice trays, wait for ages till it freezes, and then struggle to get the ice cubes to pop out.

Imagine coming back home on a scorching day just to realize that there is no ice, and then having to wait for a couple of hours to enjoy your favorite drink. Worse still, you are hosting a party, and you run out of ice – there is nothing worse than running out of ice at a party – ice makes the drink!

Panasonic NN CD989s Microwave – Review 2021/21

panasonic microwave, panasonic microwave review, countertop oven review

Perfect family size microwave for a modern kitchen

If we are to name one piece of equipment in the kitchen apart from a food processor that can make your life real simple, it has to be a microwave oven. Some people give microwaves a bad wrap but seriously they are one of the most overlooked tools of any kitchen.