Best Bar Refrigerators With Ice Makers – Convenient Storage For Beverages And More

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Whether you’ve got a full-sized home bar or you just have a setup in your kitchen that doubles as a bar, you might have noticed that things aren’t quite the same as they are in a professional bar. For starters, you’ve (probably) got a more limited supply of alcohol. You also don’t have beer on tap, you have to wash the dishes yourself, and you might not have timed pour nozzles on every single bottle of booze in your arsenal.

Best Microwave Drawers: Reviews For 2019

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Last Updated Mar 2019- Not everyone has space over their range for a microwave. For some people, this is because of a small, cramped kitchen. For others, however, it’s not so much an issue of total kitchen area as much as it is an issue of what goes where. If you use your range a lot, you might find yourself putting a standalone range hood where the microwave usually goes.