As a long-time Bella slow cooker user, I’d like to think of myself as reasonably well-informed when it comes to Bella slow cookers in general.

This brand of slow cookers has been a mainstay in my kitchen for years, and there’s a lot to talk about. With so many brands of slow cookers flying around these days, it’s only normal to ask why you should use Bella slow cookers, what separates Bella slow cookers from other brands of slow cookers and what’s so special about this brand slow cooker.

So, let me be your guide as I lay everything bare in my four best Bella slow cooker review.

It is no news that slow cookers reduce the stress and difficulties that come with preparing meals significantly. Additionally, everyone knows how much more flavorful they have made our meals; just think of all of those juices and sauces imbuing your meat with a flavor explosion.

The benefits of slow cooking just keep ongoing. It’s an amazing way to serve dinner to a large number of people when you are on a very tight budget. Slow cooking makes gluten-free dishes as well as vegan options easier to prepare. If that weren’t enough, since the food is cooked at a low temperature for a long time, all ingredients retain more nutrients when compared to other ways of cooking.

Thinking of getting one yet?

There are many brands of slow cookers, one of which is Bella housewares manufacturers.  Bella is known for its kitchen appliances, especially its wide range of slow cookers.

Choosing the best Bella slow cooker from the top models

Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker

This model is for those who have high interest in having two crocks that can enable to attend to a variety of guests.

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Programmable Slow Cooker

If you are looking for the capacity to accommodate meals for five or six persons, this model is what you need.

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Diamonds Manual Slow Cooker

If you like having total control over preparing your food, this slow cooker would be a perfect choice.

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Triple Slow Cooker

If you are the type of person that likes cooking two or three dishes at once, this one is just what you need.

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It is quite difficult to pinpoint a particular Bella slow cooker as the best, as they offer a good number of slow cookers with their respective pros and cons. But from experience I have gathered over the years, the following slow cookers boast the best balance of quality, functionality and design. Read on to find out the best Bella slow cooker for you.

✔️ BELLA Connectable Entertaining Slow Cooker System, Stainless Steel

This Bella model of the slow cooker has a capacity of two-and-a-half quarts, and one thing to know about this slow cooker is its ability to link up to other units, giving you the ability operate up to six slow cookers using a single power source.

Awesome, right?

For those of you with an eye for design, this type also comes in different colors like red, blue and black.

The egg-shaped stoneware pot has a notch where you can easily and conveniently rest your serving spoon. It also has a metal lid rest that keeps the lid upright, which goes a long way in minimizing frustration.

This model has manual temperature control, while the tempered glass lid on the cooker is not only dishwasher safe but also relatively easy to clean.

This model of the slow cooker is not for those looking for one slow cooker; rather, this model of the slow cooker is for those that want to use two or more crocks for bigger parties.

They are shaped to be stacked when stored, further adding additional convenience. Get some of these and watch your home’s kitchen to become a restaurant kitchen!


  • They are easily linked and stacked together, making storage easy and convenient.
  • Has a groove in the lid handle that locks perfectly well in the holder.
  • Its removable parts are dishwasher friendly.


  • Control knobs feel a little cheap.
  • The temperature control mechanism could be more descriptive than low, medium and high.
  • The plastic attached to the lid holder is very thin and easily breakable.

✔️ BELLA 5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

This model of the Bella programmable slow cooker is one I really enjoyed using. One thing I really liked about it is the easy-to-read digital LED display featured on the programmable countdown timer. This cooker is made with eye-catching polished stainless steel, making it a joy to behold.

This five-quart capacity kitchen appliance can conveniently be set to run from 30 minutes to 20 hours without any form of interference and it also has an automated keep warm mode set to kick in for four or more hours — very useful! The cook timer gives you precise control over your cooking.

It offers a temperature control setting of low, warm and high modes. Its parts are dishwasher-friendly and have a hinged locking lid that properly seals food and prevents all forms of food spillage. If you’re looking for slow cookers that can accommodate meals for five or six, then this 5qt Bella slow cooker is basically what you are looking for.

It is the best way to slow cook meals with vegetables, meats and grains, and it has enough space to assemble ingredients for a few hours before you intend to eat them. It has an amazing operating system that allows you to cook ingredients for many hours. This slow cooker is eco-friendly, uses less energy and also comes in a range of colors including red and chrome.


  • Perfectly working timer
  • Fully customizable
  • Perfect for serving family meals


  • Exterior gets extremely hot to touch
  • Lid sometimes doesn’t properly fit in
  • Parts have been known to melt because of poor temperature control

✔️ Bella Diamonds Slow Cooker

This model is a little different from the previous model, as its mode of operation is manual while the others are programmable. It’s also much larger. When using manual slow cookers, you have to keep watch of the cooking time yourself.

Although some might see this as a major drawback, the truth of the matter is most people really do like having total control over preparing their food. This slow cooker, aside from its attractive design, is also heavy, solid and big enough to contain a good amount of food.

Just like other Bella slow cookers, the diamond slow cooker also comes with a temperature control setting that ranges from high, low and warm. It is a dishwasher-safe piece of stoneware, and it has a tempered glass lid; it’s also perfect for large servings. If you’ve got a family, you’re in luck, as this one is really good at family-size servings and it slow cooks meals at the ideal temperature.

The variety of physical styles that this cooker comes in also allows for more customization, on top of the fully manual functionality.


  • Beautiful exterior design
  • Easy to clean
  • Great size and quality


  • Doesn’t have a timer
  • It has doesn’t have an automatic adjustment
  • Very short cord

✔️ BELLA Triple Slow Cooker

This model of the Bella cooker is a triple slow cooker with a capacity of one-and-a-half quarts.

The best feature of the three oval-shaped stoneware pots is that each comes with its own individual lid, spoon rest and temperature control setting which ranges from low, warm and high. This is also a manual slow cooker, which is probably what you want if you’re getting three! It’s exterior is stainless steel and all its removable parts can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher, making this another dishwasher safe slow cooker.

If you are the type of person that likes to slow cook two to three smaller dishes at once, then this multi-pot slow cooking system is just what you need. Mind you, with this model, you don’t get any programmable or automated setting as it is completely and fully manual.

As for the quality of material used, these slow cookers will last you a good couple of years.


  • You can cook small portions of three different meals all at once
  • Its parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Uses less energy compared to stove top


  • Poor packaging for new products
  • Knobs are easily broken
  • It is a very heavy unit

Reasons why you should try out the Bella slow cooker

Bella housewares is a practical, convenient brand that offers kitchen appliances that are not only easy to use but also minimize the stress that comes with cooking. So, if the stress of preparing meals for your family or for a party is the only thing keeping you from doing so, worry no more: Bella slow cookers have got your back, all day, every day.

These slow cookers have a sort of peculiar quality to them compared to other brands of slow cookers. Namely, this brand manufactures several models without much apparent variety or difference, making it a little difficult to know which one to get.

But one thing I do like about the Bella brand of slow cookers is that it does have a range of options you can choose from in terms of color and appearance. It may also interest you to know that the Bella brand is a brand that always put the safety of the environment first; they coat most of their kitchen appliances with chemicals that are harmless to the environment.

Although some persons might say that its numerous ranges of colors do not in any way influence its performance, many of us are still design-oriented, and Bella is your savior when it comes to matching their appliances to your kitchen.

Let’s consider the kinds of things you can cook in a slow cooker: you’ve got a zesty fish stew. You can make a beef casserole in one go and have your entire week’s meals covered. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, make some rice pudding.

There really is so much you can do here. And the fact that you can just toss a bunch of things in and let it go makes it almost feel like you’re not even cooking. That, for me, is the most amazing part of a slow cooker.

Seriously, just think of all the amazing recipes you can cook with the Bella slow cooker: pulled pork sandwiches, mushroom and beef stroganoff, etc. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Final verdict

This has been the best Bella slow cooker review, and while this brand might not offer the biggest variety of slow cookers, it sure does have a number of high-quality, beautifully-designed products that improve convenience in the kitchen exponentially.

They also have an amazing collection of kitchen appliances in a wide range of sizes and functionalities, in addition to the variety of colors.

The Bella brand of slow cookers is a brand of slow cookers worth considering; if you looking for a multipurpose slow cooker, then one of the numerous Bella appliances might just be what you’re looking for. Find the one that perfectly fits into what you need and start trying out those slow cooker recipes!


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