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My desire to purchase an acai bowl blender came after eating one of these lovely meals. Ah, where should I start with telling you about my first acai bowl? I was at an outdoor music festival of all places and they had meals that catered to all dietary needs, even vegan. I began to feel hungry, and so I wandered over to the food stand.

An acai bowl cost $11 (blame the festival markup) but it tasted so good in that heat. It was so cold and refreshing, and it was a nice alternative to the typical food you get at a concert like nachos. I felt satisfied and not too full. I could make these for much cheaper at home, so after we got back I began to do my research. I thus came up with three fabulous choices that I consider to be the best of the best blender for acai bowl.

Now we can’t get enough of these things, and we really enjoy whipping them up in the comfort of the kitchen. You certainly will, too. Come along and let me show you your ticket to a healthy, refreshing meal to enjoy again and again.

NutriBullet RX N17

Offers the highest nutrient extraction ratio giving you the highest level of vitamins from healthy foods.

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NutriNinja Nutri Bowl DUO

You can use it to make cauliflower rice, which is great for those who follow a no carb diet.

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Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series

This powerful machine handles everything. Frozen fruits, ice cubes, you name it. Perfect for professional chefs!

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Why Should I Care About the Best Blender for Acai?

Having the right blender for the job means you are more likely to keep using it. By having the right tool to do the job, you will have an easier time constructing your acai bowl instead of taking the easy way out and opting for a microwaved meal or sugary bowl of cereal. If anything, you should care about having the right blender, so you keep your health in check.

Secondly, you must understand the benefits of what goes into a traditional acai bowl. The berries contained within are known as a super fruit. They are a staple food in the Amazonian region of the world.

Lately, however, the benefits of these berries have gained popularity around the world and are praised for being ultra-beneficial to one’s health and wellness. The fruit is dark purple in color and packs a powerful one-two nutritional punch!

It may also have some amazing health benefits too, say some experts.

The fruits themselves are about an inch in diameter and they grow on trees (acai palm trees to be exact) in the lush rainforests of South and Central America. Their flesh is yellow, and skin is dark purple, and a large seed is contained within the fruit. The berries often accompany meals in the Amazon rainforest.

The berries cannot be eaten off the tree; rather they must be soaked first and then mashed into a paste the color of deep purple. The taste is unique and reminiscent of unsweetened baking chocolate and blackberries. They cannot be exported without freezing them due to their short shelf life, so it is often sold as a pressed juice, frozen puree or dried powder.

It is not only the freshness and taste of these berries that should make you jump at the chance to eat them. The berries are packed with amazing antioxidant properties that you need in your life to make sure free radical damage is neutralized when it comes to your body. Not doing so may lead to cell damage and a number of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. These little guys pack in more antioxidants than blueberries and cranberries!

What’s more, eating an acai bowl before you go to work or school might help you out in the brain department. Sure, your belly will be full, and it will be easier for you to concentrate on your tasks and lessons. But the plant compounds in these super berries might just protect your brain from damage as you grow older.

The antioxidants inside acai counteract the damaging effects of inflammation that happens within the brain’s cells. This has an effect upon your memory and ability to learn, so you need to do all you can to keep it healthy!

The Blenders – What Makes Them Special?

Here are the best three options for an acai bowl blender – have a look for yourself.

* Magic Bullet Blender-NutriBullet RX N17

Magic Bullet is a world leader when it comes to making a top-flight blender. This uses a whopping 1700 watts of smart technology to take ordinary food and make it into something EXTRAORDINARY! You can make your acai bowls, sure, but you can also make sauces, soups, and classic smoothies too.

It is super easy with the NutriBullet.

One thing you should know about the NutriBullet is that it is the original superfood extractor. This great product offers the highest nutrient extraction ratio, so you can be sure that you’re getting the highest level of vitamins and minerals from your healthy foods as possible.

Anything you put into this blender is going to come out silky and smooth, making it a pleasure to consume. It becomes very easy for you to make balanced meals like acai bowls with this incredible tool. The cups are top rack dishwasher safe, and the blades can be safely washed with hot water and soap.

Going back to the nutrient end of things, this appliance has the ability to extract each and every nutrient from your foods by breaking down the cell walls of the fruits and veggies you put inside. Stalks are cracked in half and broken down, seeds are ground up, pulp is pulverized, and fruit and vegetable skins are ripped apart like paper in a shredder. This blender has the ability to give you 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just one smoothie!

The 1700-watt motor is powered by SMART technology and runs at the perfect speed for the correct amount of time needed to break down even the most tough foods. You can even use the heating cycle on your blender as a way to heat up the pureed fruits and veggies so that you can have an instant warm cup of soup or serving of sauce.

When you order this blender, you will a number of helpful pieces in your set. It comes with a 2.3 horsepower power base. That amount of torque (or turning power) will get your foods to a smooth and creamy texture. Just press the G button on the front of the acai bowl machine, and the high torque base does the rest for you.

Other parts included in this set include the extractor blade, which turns fruits and veggies into liquid, a SouperBlast pitcher and 2 Piece Lid, which allows heat and pressure to release during the soup making process. This handy device also makes it easy to pour and serve. Aside from this helpful pitcher and base. There are a number of helpful extra serving cups and a fun recipe booklet as well to help you get on your way.

All in all, this blender does not mess around. You can put in all of your acai bowl ingredients with no worry and end up with a fabulous and smooth bowl!


  • Comes with a ton of helpful accessories including a recipe book that will give you plenty of ideas.
  • You can process hard foods like nuts in here to make nut butters, which is tasty and a great way to get your healthy fats.
  • Crushes ice cubes like a dream! Your drinks will be super icy and cold.


  • Rubber part on power base comes loose after removing blade housing, which is annoying sometime.
  • It is rather loud. One reported, while using it the user had to hang up the phone as the user could not hear the other party!
  • Some users indicate that they have to hold the cup while it blends to hold it in place.

* NutriNinja Nutri Bowl Duo by Nutribullet

Here we have another heavy hitter in the blender world! This machine packs a big punch. It breaks down while foods and gets you each and every nutrient you deserve. No ice, seeds, or fruit stands a chance!

The tech in this blender is pretty amazing too. Known as Auto IQ, the programs have unique pausing and pulsing patterns so that smoothies, sweets and juices are delivered as they should be with the simple touch of one button.

We just put in the strawberries, bananas, ice and yoghurt and hit the smoothie button. We got a smoothie we couldn’t resist! Our acai bowl was blended to the perfect consistency.

The frozen banana we used blended oh so easily.

Another great thing about this blender is that it can fuse together diverse ingredients to make a well-blended meal. So, if you wish to make a salsa, throw in your veggies, tomatoes, corn and black beans along with any desired spices and blend away. With this ability and the effectiveness of its nutrient extraction capability, you will be eating as well as you can!

The NutriNinja comes with one base and two interchangeable blender jars. It has the power of 1700 watts inside and can switch from a nutrient and vitamin drink maker to a Nutrient Fusion machine-that is a machine that makes a fusion of food with nutrients from sources like fruits and vegetables. The super sharp blades are also a nice way to make your favorite purees and juices and either eat them or turn them into your favorite pops or shots!

Perhaps one of the best features of this blender is the bowl attachment. There is a bowl attachment on the blender! In this way, you enjoy the benefits of a food processor. It is a nice way to get food prepped for meals as well as whip up the acai bowls you treasure.

Earlier we talked about the Auto iQ Technology that this blender contained, and it certainly made us a kick-butt smoothie. But I would like to tell you a little more about it, especially when it comes to making acai bowls by nutribullet.

You basically need zero guesswork to make the bowl, as is the case with other goodies like snacks, desserts and meals. It basically does all the thinking for you and combines the right amount of pulsing, blending and pausing to bring you what you want to eat in the form you expect. You can follow along with the countdown timer to see how much longer you have which I totally do on my hungry days!


  • You can buy accessory cups to go with your NutriNinja, and thus make smoothies and such to take on the road.
  • You can use it to make cauliflower rice, which is great for those who follow a no carb diet.
  • Cups are BPA free for a healthy experience the entire family can appreciate.


  • It is very loud when using. Be wary of others in your home when using it.
  • It is 16 inches tall. This may not be great for small kitchens or apartment dwellers.
  • One user reported the processor bowl was rather small.

* Vitamix Blender A3500

Whoa! Are you ready for the Rolls Royce of blenders?
This might just be the thing!

First, let’s talk about the amazing tech this product has inside. The program settings are for smoothies, dips, hot soups, desserts and of course self-cleaning!

We loved how they automatically adjusted to the container size we selected for the blender. It just processed our test recipes (strawberry banana smoothie and tomato salsa) with ease. It stopped the blender when completed, so that was a nice touch. It is also easy to clean on the outside as the front is wiped down with a cloth.

There’s even a handy app you can download for this blender that has 500 plus recipes and 17 blending programs. It is truly the future of blending.

This acai blender handles everything. Frozen fruits, ice cubes, you name it. You won’t think twice about putting your acai bowl supplies inside. You can even grind up nuts and coffee to make your favorite butter or preferred joe blend.

With this acai bowl by Vitamix, you will get quality that is not commonly found elsewhere. This blender is made to last for a long time. Bear in mind that this blender is a bit of an investment, but when you see what it can do, you will understand why.

Aside from being super tough, this blender is easy to clean. All you need to to is add dish soap and hot water, hit the highest speed and watch the blender clean in less than a minute. No need to take it all apart for cleaning. It is made and manufactured right in Cleveland, Ohio for a good strong product born in the USA.

Yes, this blender made us a fine smoothie and salsa, but the acai bowl we made was also stellar. We just threw in the ingredients plus the ice cubes we desired for extra chill, and it blended well on the smoothie setting. It was a real winner!


  • Ten-year warranty from Vitamix on your blender. That means, this will last you very long amount of time.
  • 64-ounce container so you can feed the whole family!
  • Vitamix is what professional chefs use and trust.


  • There was no indication this could handle whole foods.
  • This blender is an investment which may be hard to handle for some hopeful buyers.
  • App for phones can be unresponsive at times.


Getting refreshed and loaded up with vitamins and minerals shouldn’t be so hard. It doesn’t have to be when you have a nutritious meal courtesy of your own best blender for acai bowl. The benefits of this amazing superfood are numerous. Between the antioxidant properties as well as the bran health benefits, everybody needs this delicious and natural berry in order to live a great life.

With the best blender for acai bowl, you will be able to create your own smoothies, soups and sauces that fit your own dietary needs. The sky’s the limit once you get hold of a blender like one of these. They are all easy to clean, fun to own and will serve you and your family for years to come. Enjoy and get makin’!

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