Last Updated Feb 2024 – If you’re looking for the best blender for bulletproof coffee, you’ve come to the right place. You are among friends here; we are coffee aficionados like yourself. We know that a cup of joe isn’t just some blasé morning ritual. It’s an experience to be savored.

This is especially true when we talk about bulletproof coffee. Sure, successful people might say that their drive, ambition, and resilience got them where they are… but really, it’s probably the bulletproof coffee that did it. It’s popular with dieters and people that follow a ketogenic lifestyle, too, as it helps keep your hunger at bay and prevents sugar crashes. This stuff is potent. That’s why you need to find the best blender for bulletproof coffee.

And so that’s where I come into play. I’m going to show you the best portable blender for bulletproof coffee. This way you can enjoy, from the comfort of your kitchen, the delightful flavor and energy this special brew brings. Buckle up!

What’s So Special About a Bulletproof Blender?

Perhaps we should fill you in on what Bulletproof coffee is before we start talking about the best blenders for bulletproof coffee. This will bring you up to speed in case you’ve never tried this amazing concoction.

You begin by brewing 8-12 ounces of coffee using filtered water and 2.5 heaping tablespoons of Bulletproof Coffee Beans. You might even use a French press to preserve coffee oils and ease of use. After that, add 1 teaspoon-2 tablespoons of Brain Octane Oil. Aside from the coffee, this is the stuff that really keeps you going. It is made up of the most nutritious part of coconut oil, giving your body and brain a substantial boost to start the day with.

Next comes the tasty part: add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter, or even 1-2 teaspoons of ghee if you cannot take dairy products. Mix it in the blender for 20-30 seconds and enjoy.

This is where it is super handy to have the best blender for bulletproof coffee!

Some would have you believe that you need to buy a fancy electric blender to get that nice, smooth texture and froth we love so much in our bulletproof coffee. Not true! You can get the same effect using a great quality frother. Your coffee will taste phenomenal and give you the same full feeling that bulletproof coffee brings to so many of its drinkers.

The ones we will discuss today are all wonderful products with favorable customer ratings, and they are all available on popular shopping sites. The weather is getting chilly and the holidays are coming soon. Now may be good time to invest in a bulletproof coffee blender for yourself or someone you know!

Why Should I Bother with a Bulletproof Blender?

Nestpark Portable Drink Mixer

If you are mixing up protein shakes or other drinks like lemonade or Kool-Aid, this one will serve you well.

View on Amazon
Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother

If you'd like a quieter mixer in order to not wake up your family or neighbours, this one will fit your needs.

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Elementi Milk Frother With Stand

This easy to use frother is great for those who are inexperienced with frothing the milk in their drinks.

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Frothy Hand Mixer / Milk Frother

This little tool is a good choice for home cooks and people who love to experiment in the kitchen.

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We’re not here to influence you or talk you into buying something. That’s a decision you have to make for yourself. This post is meant to be informative and help you make your own judgments about the right blender for hot coffee.

That being said, you should definitely look into one to begin reaping the benefits of Bulletproof coffee! It is a mixed coffee drink, made fresh at home, optimized to give you the best possible breakfast to keep you going all day long.

Instead of drinking the Bulletproof coffee, what can you do? Reach for sugary cereal bars or coffees from chains and watch all your money disappear? Forget that. Reward yourself with the tools and ingredients necessary to make this incredible all-in-one breakfast every morning.

You do not have to wash and reassemble an entire blender, which is a real value-add for us busy people. If this drink is something you are thinking of making every morning, washing a big blender every day is going to drive you crazy!

Using a frother is a great way to simplify the process. This article seeks to show you some great options that are out there so you can make your own decision. Plus, you might be surprised at how easy it is to make these drinks at home!

* Nestpark Portable Drink Mixer

This is a professional, personal drink mixer. It is high-quality, fast, durable and easy to hold. It helps you enjoy your favorite beverages time and time again. It’s the real deal when it comes to high-performance immersion blender bulletproof coffee.

This one is the only one with a lifetime warranty.

Powerful and easy to use, this blender features a high amount of torque with a motor that reaching 13,000 RPM. (For those of you that may not know why this is a big deal, the amount of torque is how much “turning power” you have. The higher the torque, the faster you turn.) This means that you can fix any drink you want in 10-15 seconds.

There will be no lumps left over in the mix when you are done with it, either. If you are the sort of guy or girl that mixes up protein shakes or other mixed drinks like lemonade or Kool-Aid, this will also serve you well. If you’re a gym rat who loves the pre-workout phase, you can count on this mixer to whip up a smooth drink so you can sip and enjoy with no clumps whatsoever.

It is super easy to clean, too;  just rinse the mixer under some warm water at your kitchen sink and then spin it rapidly or hang it up to dry. You never want to immerse your mixer into a body of water, however. It is constructed of top-quality stainless steel for durability and staying power. It’s tough, but lightweight and slick-looking. This is no clunky kitchen gadget made only to take up counter or drawer space.

This gadget comes with some pretty nice bonuses, too. You get a wall mount, that nice lifetime warranty we mentioned earlier and even a travel pouch for those of you who want to take this on the road.

This model does require the use of AAA batteries, which are not included. Make sure you grab some. The maker of this product, Nestspark, stands behind their product so proudly that they offer a “smoothest drink” guarantee. If your drink isn’t the smoothest you’ve ever had, they will give you your money back! They even describe it as a “vortex tornado” hand mixer. That’s serious power — truly a fine choice for a portable blender for bulletproof coffee!


  • Great user reviews.
  • Lightweight and easy to hold.
  • Easy to clean and made of durable materials.


  • Some customers report it turned on when traveling, so remove batteries before traveling.
  • Its power makes liquid go over the edge of the cup if you fill it too full and then try to froth.
  • If you run it through the dishwasher by accident, it will destroy your product.

* Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother

The people over at Bean Envy take serious pride in bringing you the best-quality coffee products, meant to whisk you away in an instant to your favorite cafe… all with the use of this great blender for hot coffee.

The best part of it all? You are in your own home! No need to put shoes on or even a coat… or part with your hard-earned money.

Bean Envy was founded in the Pacific Northwest, a coffee lovers’ paradise. Their milk frother takes your drinks to the next level, making an ordinary cup of coffee into something you treasure. Each and every time you use their great frother, you’re sure get the richest, most luxurious foam.

The frother itself was actually designed by a barista, and so no expense was spared in the creation of this machine and its motor. The power shows itself when you make a drink with the blender.

This motor turns with the power of 19,000 RPM, making sure you get the best froth ever, and all your ingredients are properly mixed.

This handheld blender is a pleasure to hold with its ergonomic design and handle made of silicone rubber. The components will not rust, as they are made of quality stainless steel. You will need 2 AA batteries to operate it, not included. It is also very quiet in its operation, so you won’t wake any household members or be met with an unpleasant sound early in the morning.

It even comes with a nice stand that you can place the mixer in when done using. It will look sleek and organized sitting on your counter, never getting in the way. Lastly, the company stands behind its product as long as you own it, so you can always contact them with any concerns.


  • Great motor speed at 19000 RPM.
  • Highly rated; users say very positive things about this blender.
  • You press and hold the button as long as you need to froth your drink (no on or off switch).


  • Requires batteries to operate. If they die, you may not get your coffee!
  • Users report that batteries are hard to replace.
  • Some users report their frother breaking after only a few uses. Bean Envy did make it right with the customers, however.

* Elementi Milk Frother With Stand

Here is a neat little frother that looks like a champagne glass. Super classy! This is a great way to treat yourself at home to a nice latte or reward yourself for hard work at the office with a foamy and delicious cappuccino. You can create smooth, rich foam for lattes, macchiatos, and coffees that rival the quality of your local cafe. You will no doubt enjoy the great taste, and the money that you save by making your own drinks yourself, too.

This particular immersion blender for hot coffee even mentions that it’s ideal to use when making bulletproof coffee, with instructions included. Add the butter and whisk for 30 seconds for a smooth and tasty blend. The whisk itself is also stainless steel, so there is no worry of rust with this handy little machine.

This frother is also great for those who are inexperienced with frothing the milk in their drinks. Plenty of teenagers like coffee drinks and would enjoy making their own at home, for example. To froth milk, you just need to fill your cup with milk a third of the way. Then, submerge the frother, press the power button, and raise and lower it to get the desired level of foam in your drink.

This is a simple-to-operate machine that makes excellent whipped hot chocolate, perfect for the younger members of your family!

The product description indicates that the torque is high for this immersion blender for bulletproof coffee. However, there is no specific measurement listed. The customer reviews really speak for themselves, though, as people are generally happy with their purchase, and the customer photos show many great and delicious beverages that customers have created in the comfort of their own kitchens.


  • Great little stand that comes with it for easy storage and organized look.
  • Works well for daily use, as it can stand up to the challenges of avid coffee drinkers with ease.
  • Constructed of quality stainless steel for strength and durability.


  • No warranty listed on the product description.
  • No torque measurement listed, making it hard to compare it to other frothers.
  • Some customers report it breaking after only a few uses.

* Handheld Milk Frother and Drink Mixer

Manufactured by Cafe Casa, this handy little frother will allow you to enjoy the best-tasting, cafe-grade drinks and other whipped toppings from your very own home. This little tool is a great choice for home cooks and people who love to experiment and try new things in the kitchen. It froths more than your bulletproof coffee or your lattes.

This wand can easily stir up drinks like protein shakes and chocolate milk with ease, making it a great choice for all family members. Heck, even baby formula can be mixed up with it, so your infant will love it, too! If you love matcha teas, this will blend up the powder with no sweat. And if you enjoy eggs, this makes the fluffiest ones you ever tasted.

It even does well with heavy cream for desserts!

Don’t waste any more of your money on coffee drinks from a nearby cafe when you seek that foamy deliciousness we all love. Just step into your kitchen, brew your coffee, and don’t worry about spending any more dollars on those coffee-shop creations when you can make even better ones at home. Just wait until you hear the rave reviews from your friends and family about the good stuff you’re whipping up.

This Cafe Casa blender is made of durable stainless steel, so it can certainly take the harshness of daily tasks with ease. It looks sleek and cool no matter where you store it, whether at home, the office, or even in your hotel room or vacation home.

It is portable after all!

The handle is comfortable and a pleasure to hold onto. It is contoured and makes for an easy grip while you use it. The switch has dual speeds, so you can go fast or slow, creating the froth you want in your coffee.

It is just under 11 inches tall, so not very big at all, and not too small to hold. You can take it in a gym bag to whip up your after-work out shakes, or even some hot cocoa while you’re camping with the family. It’s all powered by two AA batteries, so there is no need to take along tangled cords or any of that nonsense. It’s one of the all-around best blenders for bulletproof coffee lovers and anybody who loves drinking frothed beverages.


  • A “happiness guarantee” lets you contact the company for help if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.
  • Works in multiple beverages to create the foam you want, allowing you to make whipped hot chocolate, lattes, bulletproof coffee or cappuccinos.
  • Favorable customer ratings at 4.6 out of 5.
  • Video reviews available for your perusal.


  • Some customers complain that the battery compartment is hard to take off.
  • Wand is not removable for those who want to remove it for cleaning.
  • Does not include a case for travel. You will need to purchase one for your travel needs.


You have several great options when it comes to finding the best blender for bulletproof coffee. These blenders are all advantageous in their own ways and allow you the greatest tasting coffee, right in your own home! Take your time. When the time comes to make your own cup of cafe-style coffee, don’t forget the butter. I know I won’t.


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