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Electric griddle has become a staple in kitchens of household whether big or small because of its versatility and so the quest for the best electric griddle began. The convenience in cooking different types of food using a single equipment brought about the demand for this item

Cooking for the family is only half the battle, cleaning afterwards and storing the items used is a different story.

Many of us would agree that amidst the emergence of diverse diet regimen, technological barriers and variation in taste, having a hearty meal with the family is still and will probably remain undeniably the much-awaited moment for most households because it is the moment when everybody is “present” literally and figuratively speaking.

Why not combine the beauty of a healthy meal and the joy of spending time with the family?

This device probably holds the answer.

Why should enjoying a sumptuous meal have to equate to gruelling hours of slaving over hot stove, when you can have a feast and maximize your sweet time bonding with the family instead of wasting too much of your time and energy cleaning up afterwards?

4 of The Best Table Top Electric Griddles

Presto Electric Griddle

This griddle will cover most of the requirements you are considering in selecting the ideal product for you and your family.

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BLACK+DECKER Electric Griddle

This large electric griddle is perfect for a healthy and quick food preparation for the whole family.

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Broil King Electric Griddle

The surface area of this griddle is really helpful if you cook a lot for a large number of people

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Zojirushi Gourmet Electric Griddle

If you're looking for something smaller and more affordable, this one is probably the best in quality to price ratio.

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Standby as we take a closer look at the best table top electric griddles for you and your family. I have identified 4 models of known brands who met the top qualifications that most homemakers consider important when selecting the griddle that will make their meal preparations a breeze.

Let’s find out more about the similarities and differences if there are any for what is commonly called as griddles. Cast iron electric griddles may sound old-fashioned but it’s a material also used to make high-quality commercial griddles normally found in restaurants. They may vary in size and can be electric or heated over a burner and is very efficient because it conducts heat evenly.

Griddles or any other cookware made of cast iron have health benefits since you will use less oil, compared to non-stick electric griddle or pan it is chemical-free and most importantly it fortifies your food with iron.

The ceramic electric griddle is considered the safest and eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain the chemicals used in Teflon cookware, but it has a shorter lifespan compared to its other counterparts.

I’ll help you explore the appliance universe checking out non-sticks, electric pancake griddle and even small electric griddle products that you might want to consider purchasing based on the factors that are most important to you plus the benefits of selecting a particular brand based on your personal preferences.

In my case, the surface area is of utmost concern.

I prefer a large electric griddle, so I can cook a variety of dishes like pancakes, bacon, eggs and French toast all at the same time-saving energy and giving me additional time in the morning to look after the kids and talk with my spouse before leaving for work.

It also makes Sunday Family meals much more fun especially when we set it up in the middle of the dining table along with different types of meat such as thinly sliced pork, beef, vegetables and side dishes and enjoy a Korean or Japanese style lunch.

Each household probably has varied reasons and cooking styles where they are in need of an electronic griddle, whatever the reason is we all want to make the most out of our purchase.

I want to help other users out there to find their perfect match in the kitchen and be able to experience bliss when cooking any meal, no matter what time of day.

That’s why, I will be sharing with you my findings based on my research, personal observation and experience, comments from friends, other family members including the most common remarks from various users.

I hope this article will enlighten you to have good judgment before you purchase and be able to decide immediately since time is of the essence when our family’s gastronomic pleasure is on the line.

* Presto Electric Griddle with Removable Handles

With all the brands and models available in the market, it may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack and that it will be complicated to be able to come up with the right decision at the right moment.  But I suggest that you take a moment to reflect about the benefits that having your very own electric griddle will benefit you.

Let me start with the brand whose performance echoes superiority not only based on my personal experience but from other users’ remarks as well. Taking in consideration both the good and not so good reviews about this product so I can gauge perfectly if this is the right electric griddle for me and my family.

My efforts didn’t go down the drain as I was able to narrow down my list and this product definitely proved that it may take some time before you can find the perfect product, but I assure you all that my effort paid off.

Ensuring that we would be able to maximize the functionalities of a product and make the most of our hard- earned money when we finally decide to buy the appliance is a must. For me this Presto Electric Griddle is one of the first items to land our “best list”.

If you type in “the best electric griddles in the world” on your search engine, this sleek 22-inch non-stick electric griddle tops the chart.

But apart from that, you will also find thousands of remarkable feedbacks from satisfied users with minimal negative comments. I have to try this and experience it myself before I believe all the buzz and so my journey aiming to explore this product begins. When the item was delivered, unboxing didn’t seem complicated at all.

But I did scan the instruction manual to familiarize myself with the parts and to ensure safety and avoid causing damage to the product. I then proceeded in removing all the packaging material setting aside the pair of handles, drip tray, heat control and griddle.

I decided to wash the griddle first carefully following the “Care and Cleaning” instructions, I used a sponge and washed the griddle with warm sudsy water and dried it using a clean cloth. The warning about placing the handles and ensuring that it is properly assembled first before using the appliance to reduce the risk of fire is of utmost importance.

I want to try how this griddle will work its magic in my kitchen, so I got ready to set it up.

After meticulously latching the handles on both sides I noticed how sturdy the legs are and the rubber feet did its job so well that you won’t have to worry about the appliance slipping or sliding while you are cooking.

I the slid the drip tray onto its tracks then installed the Control Master heat control probe into the griddle making sure that the two electrical pins are fully inserted into the heat control which fits snuggly.

Turning my Control Master heat control to 325º the right temperature setting according to the instructional manual then started filling the non-stick electric griddle with a pack of bacon strips and boy I was satisfied with the available space.

I was able to cook 20 slices of bacon which is approximately 1 pound which is the same with what I’ve read from some of the reviews. After 10 minutes, I am now looking at the appearance of the cooked bacon strips, I would say that the heat was evenly distributed and gave the bacon a perfectly crispy finish.

The griddle however is slanted very slightly towards the grease pan and considering the angle, it’s a bit difficult for the grease to flow to the catcher which left my bacon still a bit greasy that I had to use paper towels to remove the excess oil.

I also tried cooking pancakes, following the same cooking instruction and settings using only a bit of butter our pancakes came out pretty well and again with the extra-large cooking surface, cooking more pancakes in one go did cut my cooking time.

The premium non-stick surface gave my pancakes a fluffier texture.

Everything came out golden brown, except for some which ended up having darker patches compared to its other parts. I’ve seen customers who are not very satisfied with how their pancakes turned out because the griddle leaves the pancake with noticeable stripes.

As for the food that people find the most challenging to cook, Sunny side up eggs! Well, as the ultimate test this griddle passed with flying colors.

The eggs came out exactly the way we wanted it to be. The heat control automatically maintains its consistency depending on your desired cooking temperature, the eggs did not stick to the surface while cooking and not a single egg accidentally turned scrambled.

They are not overcooked, just firm egg whites and moist yolks while I left three eggs to cook a little bit longer just to get that browned crunch on the edges. It did perform as I expected, based on the reviews I’ve read and true to its promise.

But we’re not done yet.

While I did enjoy using this griddle for cooking, I had to find out if the time I saved will only be wasted on the clean-up.

I waited for the equipment to cool down before I removed the handles by opening the latch (no need for tools by the way), heat control and drip tray so I can wash it together with the griddle. This phase would probably seem to be the most daunting task when preparing meals for the family.

It’s the task that if only there’s a skip button I’d definitely hit it again and again whenever I reach this stage. After removing the heat control, the griddle can be immersed in water and cleaned the surface of the non-stick griddle with a soapy sponge.

The grease, grime and dirt came off without the need to apply too much pressure and scrubbing, I rinsed it then wiped it with a clean cloth and store it in a kitchen cabinet where it fits perfectly.

This product should be able to cover most of the requirements that you are considering in selecting the ideal product for you and your family. Whatever your decision may be, these products are meant to help us have a more meaningful and fruitful day, every day. Let’s allow such equipment to make cooking a wondrous activity rather than a daunting task.

Love should still be a main ingredient in cooking and we won’t be able to do it if we are always up and about, running frantically, planning breathlessly and rummaging or kitchen counters for the right cookware for the menu that took forever to complete.

Enjoying a sumptuous meal with the family should always be a bonding experience for all the members of the family, and when I say all it means the person who prepared the meal should be included in the joyous moment.

I would say that what I heard and read are definitely not rumors since I was able to witness them myself and the experience actually met my expectations for this product. Though I have yet to find out until when its performance will last, and if it will fail anytime within the year, I hope the One-year limited warranty would be able to cover for the damage.

But hopefully it would last longer because I’m already planning out the meals I will be putting together for my family, friends and relatives on various occasions.

Think about it, maximize your time spent with the family, cook delicious and healthy meals while ensuring that it’s still warm when served and talk to each other while munching on your family’s favorite dishes without thinking behind your back while everybody is talking on how you will clean the mess after eating.

What’s fun about having this product is that I can teach my kids to help me afterwards.


  • Large, premium non-stick and easy to clean surface
  • Cooks evenly
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Can get quite hot depending on the temperature setting
  • Easy to assemble and convenient storage
  • Comes with one-year warranty
  • Plug fits perfectly
  • Removable handles remain cool even while cooking


  • Uneven heating surface
  • Warping and discoloration may happen overtime
  • Smaller draining area compared to its counterparts
  • Very slight angle of the griddle going to the grease drain
  • The clips/ latch holding the handles seem fragile

* Family-Sized Electric Griddle with Warming Tray & Drip Tray

Next on this list is a popular brand for small kitchen and home appliances, they are also widely known for their line of power tools, Black + Decker’s Electric Griddle deserves a spot in this list as it boast of its functionalities and performance in the griddle world. I checked this item out when we were about to throw a Yakiniku style lunch reunion for my aunt and cousins.

It has been on the list of kitchen gadgets I would like to get a hold of since I’ve been seeing quite a number of good reviews, I decided that this will be the perfect time to get to try this Black + Decker Electric Griddle and find out for myself if the reviews and comments are true about this product.

Though the name already shouts great quality, I still want to ensure that this has been fully tried and tested as this insight will be beneficial to those who have not fully decided yet on which Electric Grill to choose.

The product should be able to bring about joy and fulfillment when you start using it. You should be able to feel some sort of pressure that’s been weighing you down slowly being lifted and replaced with light, serene and peaceful thoughts.

The product should be able to help you change the level of difficulty you are experiencing when food preparation comes up. You should no longer feel as if it’s a burden that you need to keep up and accomplish just because it’s your responsibility.

Instead, let this product help you look at cooking from a different angle, a much more vibrant thought that you cook for your family because you love them, because cooking is an activity you enjoy and because you know that every time you share a meal with your family you are opening doors and windows that are otherwise closed if you didn’t have the time to ask a certain question.

This non-stick electric griddle will help you become famous in your family as they hail you champion during mealtime because of the variety of dishes you can cook on this 10”x 20” griddle allows you to cook, mingle and entertain more without getting all tired and stressed out.

In fact, it gives so much pleasure just thinking about using it that you somehow come up with more reasons and even make up occasions to celebrate no matter how introvert you are.

You tend to look forward to the next get together no longer contemplating on how the clean-up will be afterwards. Here are the things I found out about this electric griddle and what I like most about this powerful appliance.

What I like about this griddle is the large surface which can still be considered as a large electric griddle ideal for a healthy and quick food preparation for the whole family. The non-stick cooking surface heats up evenly and allows you to cook more without having to add more oil, using less grease because your food won’t stick to the griddle.

I noticed though that you still need to put in a bit of grease before cooking to ensure that nothing sticks to the griddle that will make cleaning difficult later on.

You may also cook a variety of food simultaneously while keeping already cooked food inside the built-in warming tray perfect if you are anticipating additional guests or if you are just waiting for the others to arrive and continue preparing the rest on the griddle.

You need to pay close attention to the temperature control as this may come as a challenge while you are cooking because some users have experienced the temperature going down in the midst of preparing a scrumptious meal.

Set-up is effortless with only several parts for assembly including the thermostat power cord, drip tray and warming tray which means clean-up won’t be a problem. The removable drip tray did collect all the excess oil, I didn’t have any issues removing the grease from my griddle and disposal is effortless.

Look at spending time and sharing food as an opportunity to get to know your family more, to be able to deep dive in their innermost thoughts and uncover secrets and revelations that will not be shared on a different setting or occasion.

Compared to other electric griddles in the market, this is a little lighter at 4.96 pounds using hard plastic materials on some parts of the griddle. Even so, it still looks elegantly pretty at the center of your table because of its polished black exterior. But don’t just rely on the look and feel of an appliance, see to it that you also consider the benefits that you will be enjoying.

To sum up, there may be a lot of things you need to consider in your quest for the electric griddle that uniquely fits, the one that will not only allow you to cook the best meals for your family but will also improve the quality of your life by enhancing the way you prepare your meal during a normal day and even during special occasions.


  • Non-stick and spacious Cooking area
  • Removable drip tray
  • Warming tray for cooked food
  • Easy to heat-up and cool down
  • Size is just right for cooking large quantity of food
  • Cleaning is not a problem
  • Affordable price
  • Cool touch handles
  • With two-year limited warranty


  • Surface scratches easily due to thin coating
  • The cords are short, you may need an extension cord
  • Poor temperature distribution
  • Some parts are made with hard plastic

* Broil King Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

There are a lot of known benefits for the rising number of households who are investing on electric griddles over traditional cookware and appliances.

It helps you save money mainly because you will only be needing one equipment, even heat distribution means faster cooking time and preparation. It’s much safer to use because you won’t be needing any flammable chemicals in order to prepare food.

First of all, asses the lifestyle that you currently have.

Do you spend most of your time at home planning what meal to prepare on a weekly or daily basis or are you someone who is also on the go because you are managing the household on top of having a full-time job?

This information is important because you need to consider how you will manage your time from planning the perfect meal, to cooking, preparing, eating the meal with the family up to the time that you already need to clean up and store the kitchen equipment that you used.

This will help you decide if you need to buy an electric griddle for the family as purchasing means you also need to consider the family’s budget.

You also need to check out the most suitable brand for your home.

Some households prefer a certain brand not only because it is popular but because it has been tried and tested. Scout the market for the price ranges, you may also do this conveniently online. Consider the price range so you won’t go overboard, I am warning you there are a whole lot of choices and you may be overwhelmed if you forgo setting a price range.

Go beyond the looks, there are plenty of attractive looking appliances that may be lovely to look at but may not be appealing in terms of quality and durability. So, don’t be fooled. Be wise, look beyond the way it matches the rest of your kitchenware.

Ask yourself once again, do you really need it, or you only got curious because you saw one in an advertisement? Also, don’t forget to ask yourself how often you will be using it.

You wouldn’t want to spend your money on something that will be left in some part of your kitchen collecting dusts. Make sure that you will maximize the benefits of this product, you deserve to receive the service that you paid for.

Read, read and read.

Don’t fall short on relying on what the brand or product has promised. Read information from outside the website of that product. Instead search for honest to goodness product reviews raw comments and unbiased blogs/ vlogs.

Remember, your life should improve when you purchase this product. Therefore, if and when you decide to purchase the item after careful consideration and meticulous review it has to serve its purpose.

Your food preparation should be more pleasurable, you should have become more productive, more time to be spent enjoying the food you prepared rather than spending time in the kitchen because of clean-up.

And finally, it is more economical because cooking time is cut in half, so electricity consumption will also be lessened. In terms of versatility, you cannot deny the fact that electric griddles allow you to become more creative when cooking not to mention always having a pleasant experience before, during and even after cooking.

What I really like about this Broil King PCG Non-stick Griddle is the removable stainless- steel back splash because it helps prevent oil from splattering everywhere and since it is removable for a trouble-free clean-up.

Aside from the surface area of 21”x12” which is really helpful for people who cooks a lot or need to cook for a larger number of people, this is a competitive product that is also worth the amount paid for.

I’m a bit concerned about the heat distribution on this griddle though it’s made of heavy-duty cast aluminum. So, I really monitored this while cooking a batch of pancakes. The pancakes cooked up pretty well while some have darker brown lines compared to the others in the same batch.

The heat seems to have higher concentration on the right side compared to the left. It is noticeable but it’s not that much of a deal, I think I can deal with it and I can make the most if this if I choose to cook meat and vegetables at the same time.

Also, since the heat is adjustable up to 450ºF it’s advisable to cook a variety of meals.

The griddle has a non-stick coating that is PTOA and PTFE free, a chemical that can be harmful to the body. I liked the tilt drain angle because I no longer need to tilt the griddle manually because the surface can be tilted using its rear legs so when I’m draining out the excess oil from the non-stick surface.

The surface looked durable even after the clean-up, I do hope that it will take a long time before discoloration and flaking happens.

With its size and parts looking complicated and difficult to clean, I would say that it is manageable because removable parts and grease collection through the drip tray makes cleaning less complicated.

Storage is a different story though, because unlike its counterparts who were aiming for easy storage this griddle seemed to deviate from the norm but since it’s because of the bulkier parts such as the adjustable back legs and splatter guard.

For me it’s acceptable enough but you need to consider the existing space in your kitchen because you will probably need enough room on a countertop or a kitchen cabinet big enough to fit this equipment inside.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Commercial quality
  • Large cooking space
  • Heat is adjustable up to 450ºF


  • Other users find the splash guard flimsy
  • Adjustable feet may have the tendency to fall off
  • Finding the perfect storage is a challenge

* Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle

If you’re still hesitating about purchasing an electric griddle, I’ll give you more reasons why many people consider this as a magical kitchenware. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and other meals for various occasion in a single preparation is definitely possible if you have your very own electric griddle.

A large electric griddle whose flat surface can accommodate a variety of dishes in one go allows you to monitor all the dishes you decided to cook without thinking twice on whether or not you are going to cook for your family or just order Chinese food. You will always have a reason to cook healthy meals rather than feel too tired just thinking about it.

Well, if you ask me I already made a promise to myself and to my family that we will try to avoid eating out or ordering in from fast food chains. We would normally have sunny side-up eggs, pancakes, grilled veggies, fish, pork belly or lean beef depending on our family’s cravings.

If you’ve already made a decision of purchasing this particular griddle, you may want to consider the size of your family the type of meal you typically enjoy, how you plan to clean your griddle, available kitchen space among others. There are other factors you may want to consider when purchasing whether it is your very first griddle or a replacement for a worn out or broken one.

You might want to think about the size of the griddle, especially if it’s only you and your spouse an average sized one may be enough. Consider how often you will use the griddle, will you only be using this twice a month? Once a week?

It will also give you a better perspective if you think about the occurrence of your griddle match, if you think that it will only collect dust under your kitchen sink then I suggest you heck out other kitchen appliance that you would be using more frequently.

It’s also crucial to check out the surface coating as there are also a variety of available variants such as non-stick coating surface which is very common, the ceramic electric griddle which is economical as you would only need a drizzle of cooking oil and the cast iron griddle which is considered the most healthy since the pan fortifies the food you cook with the mineral iron.

The Zojirushi Electric Griddle is slightly smaller than the other griddles, but we cannot deny the fact that it is definitely worth a try. Boasting a durable and easy to clean ceramic cooking top with titanium enhanced non-stick coating, this griddle is a must try as well.

This particular griddle combines durability and elegance in this single equipment. This is the last one amongst our top choices.

What sets this equipment apart for me is the convenient lid for speedy cooking. It comes handy when cooking soufflé pancakes, meat and even veggies.

This large electric griddle is still spacious having 19”x 12-1/2” cooking surface ideal for big families and family gathering still. Feeding your family healthy and sumptuous meal every single time is more pleasurable and dignified if you have an equipment such as these. The convenience and freedom this gives makes family bonding moments memorable.

The adjustable heat setting is as fantastic as it looks too because it has a Keep Warm feature, which can maintain the heat of the food while waiting for everyone else to go to the dining area. Maximum heat is at 425ºF, ideal for cooking meat.

The materials used for this griddle is also remarkable with its ceramic and titanium enriched triple-layer nonstick coating, its body guard and cooking plate can be fully immersed in water for easy breezy clean-up.

Safety is of utmost priority for this product with its low-profile design with cooking plate, which sits in the body guard and it protects users from scalding or grease splatters.

This product also gives you value for your money, having all the inclusions and benefits purchasing this item would probably be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.


  • Large cooking surface
  • With keep warm heat setting
  • Cooking surface has titanium enhanced non-stick coating
  • Cooking plate and Body guard can be immersed in water
  • Comes with lid


  • Heat is not spread evenly
  • Durability may be an issue for some
  • Issues with temperature control
  • Grease do not drain


We are in the era when our choices are mostly influenced by external factors such as social media, comments from other product users and suggestions from those who are considered experts in their field. There was a time when decision making was much simpler and less complicated.

It would help if we acquire items based on our personal preferences not just because everyone else is using the item or a huge number of people like it. You may need to go back to basics and rely on our own assessment based on practical and realistic factors.

It would also help you tremendously if you change your mind set about your cooking experience. Bring back the time when you used to look forward to all the noise and commotion in the dining area, but the noise will no longer be about who’s turn it is to wash the dishes or who will be the next to set up the table, allow everything to flow naturally just by changing one area of your cooking style.

Brace yourself to the transformation that you and your family deserves. I hope that this review will enlighten you and bring you to the path in making the wisest purchase decision. At the end of the day, what we want is to be able to receive the items that is equivalent to our money’s worth. Here’s to wishing that you select the best electric griddle for you and your family.

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