Last Updated Jan 2024 – Having an electric griddle for pancakes means waking up to a stack of scrumptious pancakes every morning. And what is better than that? Nothing, in our humble opinion! On my quest for the best electric griddles for pancakes, I tried several leading devices and investigated their pros and cons in an effort to decide which one deserves a spot on the countertop.

Perks of Non-stick Electric Griddles

Not all electric griddles are created equal, and in this article, I will set out to find the best electric griddle for pancakes and every need. All of these products are non-stick, meaning pancakes won’t stick and cleanup should be a breeze.

And while these griddles are fantastic for pancakes, you are actually opening yourself up to a range of culinary delights, as these electric griddles can be used to grill juicy burgers, make toasty grilled cheeses, and cook fluffy omelet stuffed with meats, veggies and cheeses. Let’s learn more about these wonderfully versatile appliances…

Products Review

* Dash DMS001RD Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle

This little honey of a griddle quickly whips up pancakes in mere moments. It is sized to create individual pancakes however, so if you are feeding an entire crew of hungry folks, this may take a while! Like with many other countertop electric griddles, this one is highly versatile and can easily make single-portioned eggs, toasty sandwiches, cookies and more.

Its clamshell design means it acts as a grill and oven in one simple device. Traveling and don’t want to miss out on your favorite meals? Its size makes it the perfect portable electric griddle, so you can easily create pancakes, omelets, grilled cheeses and more, wherever you roam.

This Dash griddle includes a recipe book and is simple to clean, just use a wet cloth and gently wipe-down the non-electric components. It is also a wonderful gift for college students and anyone who resides in a small dorm or apartment.

* Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle 23”

On the other end of the spectrum is this large electric griddle that makes several servings of pancakes and more at once. This device’s cooktop surface measures in at 23”x17.25” and has a rectangular shape that makes removing cooked food easy. It boasts a premium nonstick surface and a slide-out drip tray that catches all the excess oils and fats released when making a meal.

It is perfect for pancakes, bacon, sausages, sandwiches and more and can easily make enough to feed a family or group in just minutes. This Tilt ‘n’ Drain also features a Control Master heat control that ensures food is evenly cooked on every part of the griddle.

It is a rather large countertop electric griddle, so it is probably only best for those who are making multiple servings of pancakes. Weighing a total of eight-lbs. means this isn’t the easiest griddle to handle and store, though it too is easy to clean, simply wipe down the griddle service after it has cooled and remove and wash the drip tray.

* Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray

Oster is a popular kitchen appliance brand and this ceramic electric griddle is one of the best out there, without having to bust the bank.

Its griddle pan is made with titanium-infused DuraCeramic nonstick coating that is promised to last 8x longer than other nonstick surfaces. This griddle is also free from common polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), unnatural chemicals found in most nonstick griddles.

Its cooktop surface measures in at 10”x18”, so you can make several pancakes at once as well as eggs, sausage, bacon, grilled cheese, hamburgers and more. What truly makes this model the cream of the crop is its fantastic warming tray. If you are cooking with this griddle but not yet ready to dive right in after the food is ready, you can store the food in the temperature-controlled warming tray.

No more cold or burnt pancakes for us!

It also features an adjustable temperature control dial that is removable and is as easy to clean as the other griddles.Its large enough to make several components of a meal without taking up too much space, so it is a great addition to any kitchen.

* Hamilton Beach 38518 Durathon Ceramic Griddle

Like Oster, Hamilton Beach is another popular brand that produces top-notch kitchen appliances that don’t cost a small fortune. This Durathon model is a ceramic electric griddle that is specially designed to resist cracks and peeling and is 4x more durable than traditional nonstick griddles.

In this sense it is similar to the Oster DuraCeramic Griddle, except it does not have a warming tray. The surface temperature is also adjustable, making it great for cooking a range of delectable foods.

The price range is comparable to the Oster device as well.

The Hamilton Beach Durathon is rectangular in shape, measures in at about 11”x20” and weighs about six pounds, making it less bulky than the Tilt ‘n’ Drain. It has a removable, dishwasher-safe grease tray and besides that component, the griddle surface itself must be hand washed.

Feature comparison between all 4 griddles

All four of these devices have their perks, most of which outweigh the negatives.

If you are looking to avoid having a big bulky device taking up your countertop, then the Tilt ‘n’ Drain is definitely not for you. The Dash is the most trim and compact and is great for making a number of grilled foods. Simply plug it in and its indicator light will illuminate to let you know it is hot enough to use.

It does not, however, have an adjustable temperature like the other three devices, so you must keep an eye on it to ensure your food does not burn. It may also take a lot longer to cook meat and eggs and only cooks individual portions.

If you are making something small for yourself, then time won’t be an issue for you with the Dash device, just mind the ultra-hot sides when removing food!

The Dash is not the easiest to deal with in that you must wrest your food from the device when it is done. Its griddle surface along the top and bottom of the device is a bit deep, making it similar to a cast iron pan. Anytime I’ve used a cast iron electric griddle to make pancakes, I have absolutely burnt myself on the super-hot edges and faced the same problem with this griddle.

Alternatively, the Tilt ‘n’ Drain, Hamilton Beach and Oster ceramic electric griddles are built with flat surfaces surrounded by plastic sides that stay cool throughout the cooking process. It is easier to remove foods from these devices and I was less likely to burn myself by only touching the durable and heat-resistant base and sides.

The Dash is not only the most compact, but it comes in a variety of colors to suit your style.

The Oster comes in either a red or black base with a cream-colored griddle or a black base with stainless steel accents. The Tilt ‘n’ Drain and Hamilton Beach devices both come as-is, with an elevated black base, sides and griddle top.

The Dash’s clamshell design means the griddle is always covered when closed and looks the most attractive on the countertop. The other three look best when stored. If storage space is an issue, the massive Tilt ‘n’ Drain may not be the choice for you.

Cooking with these griddles

All four electric griddles make delicious pancakes and so much more. All come with recipe books that offer step-by-step instructions on how to make meals on its griddle, ranging from the simple to the adventurous. I tried several of the recipes offered by each device on its griddle and all came out well.

It was easier to judge when food was done on the Hamilton Beach, Oster and Tilt ‘n’ Drain devices as the food cooks before your eyes. In order to evenly cook food in the Dash, the cover must be down, so I had to keep opening it and peeking whenever I cooked anything and even then, it wasn’t easy to tell when food was cooked.

For simple foods like pancakes and grilled sandwiches, the Dash worked great.

I’m less trusting of it when it comes to burgers and eggs, however, as any misstep in cooking, on either end of the temperature spectrum left food uncooked or completely burnt and flavorless.

The Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray is the winner when it comes to keeping food warm and toasty if a delay in serving is necessitated. It is the only model with an attached warming tray that keeps food consistently warmed.

If you live alone or don’t intend on cooking for a lot of people who may eat their meals at other times than yourself, then this feature may not be that appealing to begin with.

Both the Hamilton Beach Durathon and the Oster Titanium griddles have extra-durable ceramic cooktops that are designed to be stronger and longer-lasting than griddles like the Tilt ‘n’ Drain and the Dash.

If you plan on using your non-stick electric griddle on a daily basis to make components of different meals, as in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then these two have the ability to make many different types of delicious foods and likely last for years.

These are the types of griddles that are perfect for most people in most settings.

For those who are cooking only for themselves or for a large number of people, the Dash Individual Griddle and the Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle may be better contenders. These two griddles are specifically sized to meet the needs of specific users.

While the Dash is fantastic for those who live alone, have a small kitchen and/or only cook for themselves, the Tilt ‘n’ Drain is a powerhouse at crafting multiple grilled foods at one time. And while the Dash has no grease trap, the Tilt ‘n’ Drain’s most popular feature is in its name.

All four of these devices are capable of whipping up delicious grilled fare in just minutes.

From light and airy pancakes to dense and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, these griddles can pretty much handle it all. They are all competitively priced as well, with all four being gentle on most budgets.

Cleaning and maintenance – How easy is it to maintain any of these electric griddles?

None of these devices are particularly taxing when it comes to clean up. The Dash simply needs to be wiped down with a wet towel. The Hamilton Beach Durathon, Oster DuraCeramic, and Tilt ‘n’ Drain can be carefully cleansed in the sink with soap and water and air dried.

Recipe booklets are included with all four griddles.

This may not be a requirement for many users, although I for one was wondering about the Dash and its promise to make individually portioned dishes in moments. How does one make a single cookie?!

Well, its enclosed recipe book reveals such secrets. This is obviously great for those who live alone and want a particular food that is usually prepared in batches, in this case, a cookie, and prefer not to be stuck with a dozen of such decadent treats.

Even though these devices are non stick, it is best to grease the surface to protect the device and save yourself a cleaning headache. Butter, margarine, oil and cooking spray all work well to keep the surface greased and ensure that whatever you make is easy to remove from the griddle. This will also help keep the surface protected.

For those who are interested in keeping the fat and calorie content low in their griddled fare, choose the greaser of your choice and use either the Tilt ‘n’ Drain, which manually removes grease from your foods, the Oster DuraCeramic, which has a grease channel that guides excess oils and grease into an attached drip tray, or the Hamilton Beach Durathon, which has a removable and dishwasher-safe drip tray to trap grease created during the cooking process.

The Dash is the only device that must be cleaned with a wet rag, as none of its components are removable. The Oster, Hamilton Beach and Tilt ‘n’ Drain can be immersed once the heat control device is removed from the griddle.

These heat control devices also set the Oster, Hamilton Beach and Tilt ‘n’ Drain devices apart from the Dash. The Dash only reaches one temperature when utilized and though this is enough for most uses, the other three, with their spacious griddle tops, are definitely best for achieving high temperatures and even cooking.

Though it may take longer for these three to reach a high temperature, once they do, all seem to hold that temperature well and the entire cooking surface seems to evenly maintain the temperature.

Affordability – Value for Money?

When it comes to price, all four devices give you what you pay for and seem fair.

The Tilt ‘n’ Drain offers the largest cooking surface at almost 50% larger than other large griddles. As mentioned, the Oster and Hamilton Beach models are basically the same price and the Tilt ‘n’ Drain is not quite twice the price, which actually makes sense for its larger dimensions. The Dash is the most affordable but offers the least amount of control.

Final Arguments

These four countertop electric griddles are some of the best out there at a reasonable price. But there are several factors to consider when choosing the best one for you and your needs.

If price and space are issues for you, the Dash may be best. It is compact and affordable. Just don’t use it to cook anything too fancy! It is not temperature controlled, so I would resist making eggs or cooking raw meat unless you can eyeball it and ensure it is at a safe temperature for consuming.

If you plan on cooking multiple servings, the Oster and Hamilton Beach models are best and do not take up massive amounts of space, unlike the Tilt ‘n’ Drain. The Tilt ‘n’ Drain is also the most expensive, but still reasonable if you intend on using it often for multiple purchases.

Overall, both the Oster and the Hamilton Beach are great for size, portion and temperature control features. They both wick away excess grease, are pretty easy to clean and offer even-cooking for a variety of foods.

When it comes down to it, personally, I’ll prefer the Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray as the Best Electric Griddle for Pancakes. Its distinct warming tray is perfect for pancakes, though perhaps not for food like sausages and bacon. Its price range, efficiency, consistency, durability and features make it stand above and beyond the others.

In the end, it all boils down to choosing the one that best suits your needs.


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