Best Grinders for Venison – Process Your Own Deer Meat At Home

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Last Updated Apr 2019- I don’t hunt myself, but I’ve used more than my fair share of grinders over the years. When my friends and family members bag a deer, I’m always the first one to try to mooch a few pounds of venison to make delicious sausages and burgers. It takes a bit of effort to grind the meat and stuff the sausages, but the final product is more than worth it.

While it’s certainly an option to use a butcher each time, it’s also nice to have your own meat grinder for a variety of reasons. Not only can you grind your own venison, but you can also grind more conventional store-bought meats.

I tend to do this for burgers and sausage primarily, but you can also grind taco meat, meat for chili, or meat for a variety of other dishes. Some meat grinders also work wonderfully for juicing tomatoes and a few other types of fruit.

If you’re not quite sure how to get started, here are four of the finest meat grinders on the market. We’ll cover both mixer attachments and standalone electric grinders. You can easily throw any of these machines into your kitchen (or garage) and start grinding your own meat in no time at all.

The Best Grinders For Venison Meat

Weston Pro Series Grinder

Whether you’re a big hunter or you want to grind pet food, this one offers commercial performance at a pretty low price.

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Smokehouse Chef Grinder Attachment

If you already have a stand mixer, this tool is the best way to put a professional quality meat grinder in your kitchen.

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STX International Magnum Grinder

If you’re looking for a more affordable stainless steel meat grinder for your venison, this is a great choice.

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STX International Turboforce II Grinder

If you want a convenient grinder that’s more than powerful enough for home use, this is an excellent choice.

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Weston (08-1201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat Grinder

Our other picks below are modest grinders for the regular household. This Westonis a monster that’s perfectly suited for professional use. It’s capable of grinding 700 lbs of meat in an hour. In other words, if you ran this for three hours, you could grind a literal ton of meat. Robust, durable, and fairly easy to clean, it’s the absolute best pick for serious meat enthusiasts.

Now, if you’re an occasional hunter, you might be wondering why you’d need a grinder this powerful. There are a couple of reasons.

First, it’s INCREDIBLY fully featured.

This behemoth comes with two plates for both coarse and fine grinds, a sausage stuffing kit with four different sized funnels, and little rubber feet to keep it from slipping around while it’s in use.

Disassembly is a breeze, which means that cleanup is as easy as taking a few parts over to the sink and rinsing them in soapy water. There’s even a small handle to help you move it around the kitchen or garage.

Not only is this unit powerful, it’s also durable. There’s a 2-year warranty offered by Weston, but you’re unlikely to need it. The steel gears and pre-lubricated motor can work for decades with no problems at all. Best of all, since this machine is so powerful, it’ll simply grind up bits of bone and gristle that other grinders might balk at.

Whether you’re a big hunter, you want to grind your own pet food, or you just want the best possible machine in your home, this Weston offers commercial performance at a surprisingly low price. It’s very much worth considering if you think you’ll use your grinder on a regular basis.

Smokehouse Chef Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Attachment

While it doesn’t have a standalone motor, this stainless steel kit enables you to use your stand mixer as a meat grinder. This is a pretty nifty concept since your stand mixer already has a reliable, powerful motor. This means that you’ll often wind up with a better grinder than if you had purchased a standalone grinder in the same price range. For reference, stand mixers often have motors that deliver almost twice the horsepower of the grinder above.

The attachment disassembles for incredibly easy cleaning, as you’d expect. It comes with three grinder plates and a sausage stuffing tube, enabling you to customize your grinding job to your liking.

Not only is this attachment completely made from stainless steel, it’s also covered by a lifetime warranty against rust. Smokehouse Chef is more than happy to replace any parts that happen to develop rust spots, even if you put them in the dishwasher regularly. If you’re worried about the life of your grinder, this attachment is a great option.

While it might be tempting to use the Kitchenaid branded attachment instead, there’s a pretty big difference in quality. This metal attachment is made with care to be able to withstand the rigors of hefty grinding jobs. If you plan on actually using the attachment regularly, it’ll hold up much better than an actual Kitchenaid attachment.

If you already have a stand mixer, this Smokehouse Chef kit is the best way to put a professional quality meat grinder in your kitchen. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and pairs with your stand mixer to make a fantastically powerful machine.

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-1800-MG Electric Meat Grinder

If you don’t have a stand mixer and the Weston at the top of the page is a bit too much for you, this standalone electric grinder still offers a reasonable amount of power. It’s got a big #12 grinding head, 3 styles of stainless grinding plates, and stuffing tubes in three diameters. As if that wasn’t enough 3’s, it also comes with a 3-year warranty covering parts and labor.

One small detail that this STX offers over the competition is a tomato juicing system. While you can certainly juice tomatoes in the other grinders, you’d have to strain out all of the pulp and mashed up skin bits yourself. This grinder has a system to help you do that automatically, making juicing tomatoes and other fruits incredibly easy.

When it comes to grinding, this machine is no slouch. It’s capable of processing hundreds of pounds of meat in a single session, meaning that you can easily deal with all of your venison in one sitting. It can handle bird bones and tough meats with ease, should you ever feel the need to grind whole chickens.

It’s also uniquely designed to stay cool in order to prevent disastrous engine overheats. This lets you run your grinder harder for longer without having to use STX’s generous warranty.

If you’re looking for a more affordable stainless steel meat grinder for your venison, this STX international is a great choice. The large head, sturdy parts, excellent cooling and long warranty combine to make it a top contender for the title of “best home meat grinder.”


STX also offers a more powerful grinder with a plethora of convenience features to make your grinding job even easier. It’s comparable to the Weston above (600 watts to the Weston’s 550) in terms of power, although it’s still marketed more towards home use rather than industrial. Overall, it’s an excellent pick that’s incredibly inexpensive for its convenience and power.

One of the neatest features of this STX is the inclusion of a foot pedal to control the grinding process. This enables you to use both hands to maneuver meat and direct sausage while still being in full control of your grinder. With three speeds (high, low, and reverse), you’ll have plenty of options to use as you mechanically mince your venison.

Speaking of options, this machine comes with a whopping 5 grinding plates, giving you more choices than any of my other recommendations. While you might not use the extra coarse plate, you’ll get plenty of use out of the other four inclusions. A beaner plate rounds things out and makes stuffing sausage incredibly fast.

STX maintains that their unique cooling system is perfect for maintaining the electric motor in this unit. They claim that it doubles the lifespan of the motor. This means you can look forward to using this grinder for a long time.

Unfortunately, it has three small downsides. First, the grinding plates are prone to rusting if they’re not cleaned or maintained properly. Second, it’s incredibly noisy for the first several hours of use. Most users report that it quiets down considerably after about 10 hours of grinding, but that’s a couple of pretty long sessions.

Finally, it’s not quite as powerful as you might expect given the wattage of the motor. If you’re interested in grinding lots of meat quickly (especially with little prep or bones), you’re probably better off with the Weston.

If you want a convenient grinder that’s more than powerful enough for home use, this STX is an excellent choice. It’s got lots of options for you to use in order to grind your deer just the way you like it.

What is the Best Grinder for your house

Your unique situation will determine which of these grinders is best for you. If you’ve got a stand mixer already, the Smokehouse Chef attachment is an affordable option that delivers impressive power and throughput on a budget.

If you don’t have a mixer but want to grind a lot of meat (for pets, or if you’re grinding for your whole hunting group), the Weston offers industrial performance for your kitchen (or garage).

Finally, the two STX units are excellent consumer-grade standalone grinders that can get the job done. The Turboforce II delivers a reasonably high amount of power with lots of convenience features, while the 1800-MG is a small machine with a big mouth to make occasional grinding a breeze.

By analyzing all of the options based on your budget and intended use patterns, you’ll be able to select the very best meat grinder to process your venison.

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