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I have always had issues paying close attention to my cooking until I reviewed the Hamilton Beach slow cooker. This precious little device of mine helps me effectively manage my time while also ensuring I get my cooking right. There is nothing that gives me more joy than knowing I can accomplish 2 tasks at the same time.

As I walk you through the best Hamilton Beach slow cooker review, I must say that the Hamilton Beach slow cooker is one device endowed with a lot of modern features that generally carters for various human challenges. Well just like any other device, these devices are limited in use and purchase because of high cost of replacing broken or faulty parts.

Its overall design means it can easily be damaged when it falls and this is one risk a lot of persons are not ready to take. But with these devices, gone are the times when you have to stand beside your cooking or even burn lots of energy monitoring. This device gives options and provides that extra convenience you have been craving for.

I remember what prompted me to acquire one was when a colleague of mine told me he barely eats out and barely even eat stale food. This statement arouses my curiosity, as I was anxious to know how he gets his desired dish and even on time considering that we spend almost all day working.

At first, I thought he had an extra helping hand at home or he probably tells lies but one visit was enough to convince me that there are lots of portable gadgets out there that can provide that little help you so badly need and the Hamilton beach cooker is just one of those gadgets.

These devices come with loads of features with variations and added advantages. So why bother about time spent preparing your meal, when you can relax and let the slow cooker do the trick. There are lots of things these devices can handle but the difficulty of programming for a lot of person reduces it acceptance. Although with little help, this difficulty can be eliminated.

Life made easy, comfortable and convenient.

Welcome to happy ever after as I guide you through the amazing qualities of these devices and why you should have one.

Slow Cooker Crock with Touch Pad

Smart choice if you intend to go for this especially if you are not conversant with meal cooking temperature.

View on Amazon
Stay Or Go Slow Cooker

If appearance, quantity, portability, and ease of movement are what you are looking for, then this device should be your pick.

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Temp Tracker Slow Cooker

If you don't like large home gadgets and don't want your kitchen crowded with large cookware, this one is made for you.

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Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker

Great for people who don't have time for staying around the pot. Just set and forget with this slow cooker.

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What makes the Hamilton Beach programmable slow cookers desirable?

Unlike other slow cookers around, the Hamilton Beach slow cookers come with varieties of exceptional features. For example, the Hamilton Beach 6 quart slow cooker is embedded with three convenient modes to suit individual dish choices and desires. So, no matter the time available for cooking, the optimum need of the individual is always met.

These devices are specifically designed to cater to cooking temperature, cooking time as well as dish variation. Each Hamilton beach programmable slow cooker is designed to meet modern convenience based on general human needs which include, Easy cooking, Uninterrupted cooking, Temperature and time control.

For many years, the inability of man to control cooking variations such as cooking temperature and cooking time has led to the excess waste of cooking materials (due to food burn). This waste is usually as a result of lack of proper food monitoring and heat control. Over recent times, various gadgets have been developed to cover the issue of heat control and the production of slow cookers has since covered a wide range of difficulties.

With the invention of programmable slow cookers such as the Hamilton beach 7 quarts slower cookers, time control was placed under man’s total control while ensuring a wider cooking area. Aside from the timing of dishes being a major break for man, this slow cooker provides awareness of the overall cooking process. Let’s have a look at some of its interesting features.

Amazing features of Hamilton beach cookers

Some of the features of the Hamilton Beach slow cookers include;

  1. Cooking choices
  2. Clip-tight gasket lid
  3. Crock pots
  4. Power interrupt protection e.t.c
  • Cooking choices

This is not a common feature regularly seen in many slow cookers. This amazing feature can be seen in some slow cookers. While a lot of persons do not know this, it will interest you to know that most Hamilton beach slow cookers come with three advanced and convenient modes.

The cooking modes include;

  • Probe mode
  • Program mode
  • Manual mode

The probe mode can be used to adjust cooking to the desired temperature. This can be achieved by setting the temperature of the probe to desire depending on the dish to be prepared. This probe option automatically adjusts the device to warm temperature when the desired cooking temperature is reached.

It is most convenient when cooking meat.

There shouldn’t be a need for you to be on stand by your cooking point. Just set the heating of your meat to the cooking temperature and the cooker processes based on your chosen program.

The program mode can be used to adjust cooking to the desired time. This unique option helps provide an edge in terms of effective time management. So whatever the dish is, and however you want to prepare it, you can get it at your exact time of choosing.

While the manual option is used when there is enough time for food monitoring and the cook is readily available to prepare the dish. This option comes with the choice of the dish preparation temperature. The manual option gives the user the ability to manually control how the dish is prepared and exactly when it is prepared.

  • Clip-tight gasket lid

Most slow cookers are blessed with a tight gasket lid that helps prevent meal dropping from splashing during preparation. The lid also comes with a side clip which is an exceptionally unique addition to prevent the lid from falling off during cooking.

  • Crock pots

Crock pots are also readily found in most slow cookers. This removable container consisting of ceramic coating provides the convenience of cleaning as it is safe to clean in a dishwasher.

  • Power interruption protection

Long gone are the times when we should be worried about power outage when using our slow cookers. Since I came across this device, I knew my time spent in the kitchen and all my late worries just came to an end. These devices can carter for failure in power supply as a result of a power outage to continue the preparation process. When there is a power outage, it still keeps running, keeping your food warm till the power comes back on and the cooking process is continued.

This easy to use gadget is not something that should be missing from your kitchen especially if you’re always working late like I am. Most of these features can be found in the Hamilton beach stay or go. You might be wondering what stay or go really is so let find out.

A review of the best Hamilton beach slow cookers

There are varieties of Hamilton beach slow cookers but one that catches my attention the most is the Hamilton Beach slow cooker with a probe (a set and forget programmable slow cooker). This unique addition (the probe) provides users with the ability to have first-hand information of the temperature within the cooker. It’s just like getting to know absolutely everything about the temperature of your cooking.

I call it the perfect way to avoid food burning.

This lovely addition helps to provide the automatic regulation of your cooking. All you need to do is set the temperature of the dish to be prepared, and insert the probe into the cooker and just leave. This helps the cooker to readjust to a warm temperature and remain so to keep the food warm rather than to cause food burn.

The Hamilton beach set and forget programmable slow cooker comes in different designs. Hamilton beach programmable slow cooker comes with specially designed and installed features to self various needs. The purchase of each slow cooker depends on the need to be served.

So, whether you want the slow cooker just for keeps or you intend to actually self your dying need. I advise you to make a like on what kitchen or cooking issue you intend to tackle and have an overall view of the exactly slow cooker that meets this need affordably and effectively. Here are a few tips on how to adapt your recipe to your slow cooker.

  • Tender foods such as pasta and snow peas should be added at the last hours of cooking.
  • Ground beef should be browned and drained before slow cooking to remove grease.
  • When cooking rice, beans, and pasta, reduce the quantity of water added because liquids do not evaporate in the slow cooker.

The ease of cleaning the slow cooker especially being a dishwasher safe slow cooker is also a part of the reason I got one. Plus, no added device needed for proper functioning.

I’ve had the opportunity to take a close look at a lot of Hamilton Beach slow cookers and believe me when I say each slow cooker is gifted with distinct features that would get you attracted right away. I am very particular about the gadgets I purchased not mainly because of cost but because I always intend to serve a need.

Aside from the distinct features these slow cookers possess, durability, efficiency and attractive appearance making it a cool gadget. One look and review was all it took for me to place my order. They are various Hamilton slow cookers you can acquire too. Just have a good look at them.

✔️ Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Crock with Touch Pad

The 7 quarts size of this slow cooker equips it with the ability to contain a prepared dish of up to 10 servings. It is gifted with a crock pot which houses the dish being prepared and other amazing features such as a flexible programming option that gives room for the varying cooking time between 30minutes – 18hours.

It provides heating that requires no stirring.

Its classic mixture of cooking time and required temperature makes it a very smart gadget. Smart choice if you intend to go for this especially if you are not conversant with meal cooking temperature. Just allow the smart gadget to set the cooking temperature.


  • Countdown timer to cooking time left.
  • Matches temperature with choice of cooking time.
  • Removable and Dishwasher safe lid and crocks


  • Breakable lids.
  • No proper temperature setting.
  • Very hot lid.

✔️ Hamilton Beach Stay Or Go

Whether you intend to stand by your cooking or run another errand, it’s all up to you as the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go has got you covered. The stay or go name it carries implies that whether or not you are present, the cooker still does its magic. This 7 quart slow cooker gives room for a large number of dishes to be prepared.

The size makes it suitable for preparing even an entire 4-pound chicken piece if need be. It is gifted with a crock pot which houses the dish being prepared and other amazing features such as flexible programming option that gives room for a varying cooking time between 3 – 9 hours.

Its clip-locked lid makes it a movable device and spill resistant too. It also contains a programmable setting to set heat to low, high or warm. With this device, there is no need for any food monitoring because it provides heating that doesn’t require stirring and automatically switches to warm when cooking time is reached.

Its design is simply eye-catching so if appearance, quantity, portability, and ease of movement are what you are looking for, then this device should be your pick.


  • It contains clip-tight, a sealed lid for spill resistance even during travel.
  • Programmable settings to high, low and warm
  • Folding handles snap up for carrying and fold down for storage
  • Dishwasher safe lid and crocks


  • Fragile lids that break it crash against a hard surface.
  • The lid becomes very hot during cooking, and most times prepares dishes way too fast.

✔️ Hamilton Beach Temp Tracker Slow Cooker

A little less in size when compared with other counterparts, this slow cooking device possesses all the essential benefits of a slow cooker. Its built-in temperature probe gifts it with the ability to regulate the temperature of cooking and maintain the temperature of cooking for up to 24 hours.

The transparent lid gives you the opportunity to see the preparedness of your meal while getting a good view of the overall process on the digital display. Other benefits include helping with food safety when preparing dishes such as pork, minimizing overcooking, tracking food temperature.

It also comprises of a crock which is detachable and safe to clean in a dishwasher. Its portability makes it easy to move from one place to another with easy to hold handles on easy sides. If you are not the type that likes large home gadgets or you don’t like your kitchen crowded with large


  • Portability
  • Detachable crock and glass lid are safe in cleaning in a dishwasher.
  • High, low and warm setting
  • Minimizes overcooking
  • Clip-tight sealed travel lids preventing splashes.
  • The transparent lid makes it easy to see the entire cooking process.


  • Very fragile device
  • No color choice

✔️ Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker

This Hamilton Beach slow cooker can be set to any desired time of cooking. It basically adjusts its cooking based on the program given. It comprises of a built-in cooking choice with three amazing cooking modes such as the probe mode, program mode, and the manual mode.

The probe feature helps to set to the desired cooking temperature, while the program and manual mode helps to adjust the cooking by setting the cooking time or manual cooking with high, low or warm heat setting. Another added advantage of this device is the protection against power interruption; this makes it a stand out device that still keeps your food warm and on standby mode awaiting power restoration.

I always recommend what best and believe me when I say I recommend this lovely gadget which I also use to not only prepare my main course but dessert sometimes.


  • Three unique choices for automatic cooking, Probe mode, program mode, and manual mode.
  • A Thermometer probe that read the actual temperature of cooking.
  • A travel-friendly design with a sealed lid.
  • Power interruption protection to keep slow cooking in progress during a brief power outage.


  • It comprises of a Very fragile lid and expensive to replace if broken.
  • It is slightly difficult to operate.

Basic Tip: to be on a very safe end, I recommend you clean the crock and lid manual to avoid damaging the ceramic coating of the crock.


You can worry less about choosing within two different tasks needed to be accomplished at the same time by simply acquiring a Hamilton Beach slow cooker. This portable and easy to use kitchen gadget allows you to get your cooking ready at your preferred time of choosing. So why worry, when you can relax and let with the slow cooker do the trick. Just get the ingredients in, seal and let it slowly cook while you get the other tasks done.

Hamilton Beach slow cookers are portable, easy to use and affordable gadgets. The best Hamilton Beach slow cooker review gives special information on the portability of these gadgets and the extra hand they give terms of kitchen chores. The use of this device eliminates the need for excessive food monitoring by incorporation of programmable features.

This device possesses the essential qualities needed to serve various cooking needs. Its transparent lid gives you the opportunity to have a firsthand sight of exactly how your cooking process is going and the availability of a clip-tight lid makes it convenient for movement also. With this unique device, you rest assured that food spill, food burn and cooking time consumption is completely eradicated.

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