I don’t know about you, but my Keurig coffee machine is the best darn thing that ever happened to me as far as kitchen appliances go.

I just love how convenient and easy it is—pop in one of those little K Cups and away I go, on the road to a nice hot cup of coffee. It is so satisfying to just sip on it and plan your day—no need to grind the beans up, or even waste any coffee.

You can just make whatever it is you want to drink and also regulate the quantity. And the stuff you can get for the machines are out of sight! I like that you can make hot chocolate, tea, and even cold drinks as long as you have ice cubes to cool it down. Yes, the possibilities are endless when you have a keurig coffee maker on your hands.

We have the best machines you could ever imagine here for review. Just don’t go out and buy all five of them…unless, of course, you have five kitchens in your home or just want one in every room for maximum coffee drinking!

The Amazing Types of Keurig Coffee Available

K-Classic Coffee Maker

I found this to be a great all-around little coffee maker for those of you looking to get started with the Keurig brand.

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K575 Coffee Maker

This machine is a godsend to big families or serious coffee lovers that require more than one cup to start a day off.

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K-Cafe Coffee Maker

If your family members are coffee fans, you can teach them the joy of making their own drinks at home with this appliance.

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K250 Coffee Maker

This one is a great starter pack for people who want to get into Keurig but maybe aren’t sure where to start.

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Vue V700 Coffee Maker

If it is efficiency and a no-frill approach to making a great cup of coffee that you seek, this is going to be the machine for you.

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I am sure you know about the Keurig coffee machine, but do you know about the amazing coffees that are available? Let’s talk about it here! I am really excited to talk about this today, because the possibilities are endless with what you can buy and drink.

If you love Starbucks, they’ve got it! Pike Place, Christmas Blend, even Sumatra—you can count on it being there for you. If you prefer the stylings of Dunkin’ Donuts, don’t sweat because that is easily found on every supermarket shelf.

You can find these things everywhere.

Heck, you can even get specialty coffees from office supply companies. When I was buying my car, the dealership offered me unlimited coffees out of their Keurig, from a company called Javarama. I had never heard of it, but man, did it taste good! It just goes to show how ubiquitous these cups really are.

Indeed, I think now is a good time to tell you about the lovely stuff you can make right in your own keurig single cup coffee maker. We will talk about the great ones and the not so great ones for your drinking pleasure. I had the pleasure (or displeasure) of trying many different coffees in making this list.

The Great

These coffees were my top choices when it came to drinking K Cup products. I would gladly opt for these any day, and you should consider them too when you buy your coffees.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Original

This one tasted pretty good and was bold in its delivery. I could taste the acid in there, however, so smooth is not the word I would use to describe this coffee. I normally prefer coffee to be black, but I felt the need to add milk or creamer here to provide some semblance of a smooth blend. Still tasted great, though.

  • Original 8 o’Clock Coffee

I remember the days I’d spend at my granny’s house growing up, and her only two coffee brands she would ever trust were Chock Full O’ Nuts or 8 O’Clock Coffee. I can see why. These coffee pods keep that great flavor I remember as a young’un. Drinking this one black is the only way to go if you ask me—I heartily enjoy the caramelly taste and boldness of this brew.

  • Folgers Black Silk

Wow! Here is one I really took a shine to. Felt like I was drinking in a world-class coffee shop, something they might serve to royalty! This chocolatey, nutty flavor was so pleasurable, and I even detected just a hint of sweetness too. The true flavor of COFFEE shines through here, and that’s what we all aim for. And as this one cools, the flavor doesn’t get any worse. That makes it even better!

The Good

Now I will show you some coffees that are good—they taste pretty nice, but not as great as the ones above. Just my opinion. You have to decide for yourself.

  • Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll

This is pretty nice if you love flavors in your coffee. I enjoyed it and thought it was smooth and not very acidic at all. It does do a pretty good job of blending the artificial flavor with the coffee beans to make a drink that isn’t too overpowering. However, I am not a huge fan of flavored coffees, but anybody who is will get a kick out of this.

  • Caribou Coffee Blend

When it comes to Caribou, I expect big things. I did not get a very big thing when I got this drink in my hand, however. Unlike the Caribou coffees I have bought at their shops, this seemed to be rather weak. Granted, I appreciated the smoothness and the flavor was still there. This one is a fine choice, but it may come off as rather weak if you know the taste of Caribou coffee from its source.

  • Original Donut Shop

This is one of Keurig’s house brands, and I have to say, they make a fine coffee. I enjoyed that chocolate flavor that came off of it, and the body was so smooth. Every ounce of water that blended with this grind was well used, and not a single sip left me wanting more. No creamers, sugars or other additives are needed—this is a classic and quality cup of coffee.

The Nopes

Now again, this is just my opinion. But these are the drinks I would stay far away from if I were you—then again, you might really enjoy it!

  • Folgers Classic Roast

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…Folgers? Really? Plenty of our moms and dads had Folgers on the kitchen countertops ready to go in the morning. I even think I may have gotten a bad batch, because we use Folgers in the old Mr. Coffee and it is just fine.

This tasted rather old. It reminded me of drinking coffee that had been sitting on the burner way too long. I was not impressed with it, which is disappointing for a brand like Folgers who is well-respected in the coffee world.

  • Diedrich French Roast Blend

I always try to find something nice to say, but here I just cannot. I felt like I was drinking glass cleaner when I sipped on this. I did not finish the cup. It was very pungent, and it also seemed rather thick. Combine Windex with coffee that has been sitting around for a day and this is what you get.

  • Krispy Kreme Smooth

Now when we think of Krispy Kreme, we get all excited because…donuts! Who doesn’t love a great donut and a hot cup of coffee? We love it here at my house, but when the coffee lacks any sort of flavor we are going to have a problem. This coffee lacked any kind of discernable flavor and was very light in its delivery. I just felt like I was drinking weak coffee-flavored water.

Now that you are in the know about some great coffees you can get, and the not so great ones, let’s get into the products. These five are nothing to sleep on. Get ready!

Products Review

* Keurig K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Here we go with the great classic that newbies may want to start with! I just love this Keurig, and it was this lovely machine that made me fall in love with the brand.

Sure, I had seen them at businesses and even my doctor’s office (the receptionist and her team relied on it for energy) but I never gave it much thought until my favorite aunt showed me this in her home.

It’s got all you need at a price that won’t drain your wallet. You get four K-Cup pods, a water filter handle, and 2 water filters that improve the taste of your drinks. Pulling it out of the box for testing was quite the experience. It looks so sleek and cool when you see it in person, like it belongs in a luxury home or something.

Aside from looking cool, this thing does a lot.

I liked that once I set it up I had the ability to brew three different K Cup pod sizes. If you like your coffee strong, go for 6 ounces! If not, go for the bigger size. I decided to go ahead and use my 8 O’Clock Original Coffee pods for testing, since I know just how that coffee should taste.

Filling up the reservoir was not hard at all. I simply took it off the base and filled it up with water using a gallon jug of purified water per Keurig’s directions. My aunt doesn’t like to buy bottled or jug water, and her coffee tastes okay, so I am sure you guys could do that and it won’t matter.

I went ahead and turned it on. It warmed up a bit, and then I lifted the handle and inserted the pod. I pushed down the lid and placed my favorite old college mug underneath and watched as it came out. It looked just as it should—a little dark but not enough to be a dark roast.

And the taste was just so nice, the caramel notes I enjoy so much really came through. It was robust and smooth. I just couldn’t get enough of this great coffee. I have had it hundreds of times, but it just tasted so wonderful. I think maybe it’s partially just excitement about a new product but oh well. It is a great one after all.

Another cool thing about this product is that it turns off automatically after two hours of idle time. So, if you are heading out for the day, don’t think twice about turning it off. It will do it for you.

One less thing for us adults to worry about in our daily lives that are already loaded with crazy stuff. I imagine this will be a huge selling point to those of you with young teens or tweens who enjoy making themselves cups of hot cocoa as it will keep everybody safe and also conserve energy at the same time.

The instruction booklet includes a section on descaling, which is super easy and makes sure that you can enjoy a tasty coffee experience every time. I will make sure that we cover descaling and cleaning a little later on—it’s not hard at all.

This will fit just about any kitchen counter.

I am lucky in that my apartment has a middle island. I just hooked it up there and it was fine. But given that it is under 18 inches when fully open, anybody can have this thing sitting on their counter and even underneath most cabinets. There is a descale setting as well as a blinker light that will remind you to add water.

All in all, I found this to be a great all-around little coffee maker for those of you looking to get started with the Keurig brand. It is pretty basic—no temp control, no strength control, and no specialty beverages—but this is a great first machine or even a great gift for a coffee lover.

This starter pack, if you will, is a nice way to get your feet wet with the superb quality the Keurig name can offer you and your family.


  • You can use pods that aren’t Keurig’s house brand (Folgers, 8 O’Clock Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.)
  • Great starter pack for newcomers, has all you need and comes in different colors!


  • You cannot use the K Cup Carafe pods with this model.
  • Handle is made of plastic which feels rather flimsy.
  • Not programmable to start coffee at specific times.
  • Some users report the inner pump failing and dispensing coffee with less than the correct amount.

* Keurig K575 Programmable Strength Control Coffee Maker

Whoa! Who’s ready to meet the beast of all coffee machines? Well step right up then, because I found it in this programmable Keurig.

Upon seeing it for the first time, my impressions were somewhere between “How can anybody afford this?” to “Wow, can it fly me to the moon too?” The lovely silver body of this machine is super. It looks so great sitting in my kitchen island corner with the little carousel of coffee pods nearby. But all jokes aside, you are in for a real treat, and believe me, it is VERY affordable and worth every penny.

The water reservoir is HUGE.

80 ounces to be exact. I nearly used the entire gallon of water from a fresh jug I cracked open. This means you get ten cups of great coffee with zero refills. I will probably bring this thing to our family’s next wedding or baby shower because it would be a cinch to serve friends and family coffee with their cake.

If you have a huge family you should consider this. Everybody will have access to coffee with no waiting. I live by myself, so this is a bit much for me.

Speaking of families, if you’ve got that one person who always goes to the kitchen late at night for a midnight snack or drink, you can change colors to make the nightlight shine and light up the kitchen. No tripping over a lazy cat or dog ever again, and easier access to the cupboards is always welcome.

And if you want to bring the carafe to the breakfast table, you can do that too. You can buy the K Carafe pods and fill up a nice big carafe to keep everybody sipping, drinking and talking. How convenient is that?

Operating and setting up the machine was easy too. I simply pulled it out and set it up like the others. It was not difficult at all—so fear not, my not so technology-inclined friends.

Once again, I tried out my 8 O’Clock Coffee.

I made one single cup and was not disappointed at all. It tasted just as it should, if not a little stronger and smoother, and of course with a little caramel note here and there.

I also made it a point to try out this carafe feature. My friend from work was coming over for dinner and a chat, so after the meal was done I brought a plate of cookies and my Aladdin carafe filled with Donut Shop coffee from one of Keurig’s carafe pods.

She politely dunked a few cookies here and there, and I asked her opinion. She said it tasted fine, just a good standard cup of coffee. I felt the same. So, the carafe feature is a go!

I liked also the huge touch screen on this particular machine. It is full-color, which is just cool looking and futuristic. There is also a digital clock on the display. I liked that the touch screen was very responsive, and I did not have to push my finger into it with force like you do on some touch screens.

You can program this brewer to go ahead and brew up your favorite type of coffee early in the morning or late at night, whenever it is you know you need that energy to keep going. The machine can be programmed to turn on or off automatically at any given time.

I programmed mine to auto shut off at 10 am, as my work has me reporting in at 9 AM on a normal day. It’s a nice way to feel safe and assured using your coffee machine.  You can also adjust the temperature on this machine, so you can make it really hot if you want to.

All in all, I was pleased with the performance of the coffee maker and feel that this machine is a godsend to big families or serious coffee lovers that require more than one or two cups to start their days and keep them in motion.


  • Flavor seemed to be a little stronger than I was used to.
  • Coffee was nice and HOT. I could keep it in my mug longer while reading or studying.
  • Water reservoir is a beast and will serve many coffee lovers at once.


  • I noticed it took about three minutes to heat up for the first cup.
  • A bit louder than the other model I tested previously, the K55.
  • No refillable carafe pod available to use your own grounds for carafe brews.

* Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

That title is a mouthful! But you needn’t worry, we have great news for those of you that love cappuccinos and lattes. This was another keurig digital coffee maker that was so easy to get excited about because of all the great things you can do with it.

You can take any—yes, I said ANY—K Cup pod and make coffee. Even lattes, or cappuccinos can be made in this coffee machine.

It has a SHOT button, so you can get a concentrated shot of your favorite brew and turn it into a hot latte or even an iced one. I decided I’d bite using my beloved 8 O’Clock coffee. After all it was only three simple steps, according to the directions!

I was glad I tried it out.

I simply put in my pod and brewed a shot. I added my almond milk to the frother and pressed the latte button, and before I knew it frothy milk came out.

I added it to the cup containing the coffee pod shot, put in a bit of sweetener and I had a heck of a treat on my hands. The foam was no joke—it was nice and thick, not just a little thin layer of bubbles some cheap company would pass off as foam or froth.

You coffee nuts out there shouldn’t get overly excited. I think this is a great machine and I am not knocking it, but this is NOT true espresso as you would find in a standard drink. These brews concentrated shots of coffee that are similar to espresso…but it’s not the same thing.

I do like that the brews can be made stronger, however. There are a few different cup sizes you can enjoy when it comes to this Keurig, specifically 6, 8 10 and 12 ounces.

Take note that it also works with soy and skim milk too. Not sure about coconut or cashew milk, however.

Plus it is worth noting that the frother is dishwasher safe, so you can simply put it in there without a second thought. I really was impressed with that.

And before I get too ahead of myself here, you should know that set up on this was a breeze. I pulled it out and put all the parts together. It was easy to follow the directions and get what I needed done in order to brew right away. I also liked that the cord was a full 30 inches long, which made for an easy reach to the nearest outlet on the kitchen island.

And everything is easily controlled too—you don’t have to be a professional barista to figure out how to make these great drinks. Just follow the instructions and use the buttons on the machine to select the drinks you want or need.  The reservoir here is a full 60 ounces, so this is another one that is ideal for big families in many ways.

If your family members are coffee shop fans, you can teach them the joy of making their own drinks at home, for example. It’s a great way to save money and simultaneously teach them a skill. Plus, there is no shortage of yummy coffee and latte syrups you can buy to make your drinks taste great. I prefer little to no additives, but I was made aware of a toasted marshmallow shot…and it sounds divine.

Lastly, everybody should know that this machine is pretty big, but not as big as you would think. Let me put it this way, you don’t need a large counter area to make this thing work. With dimensions of 12.5″H x 15.3″ W x 11.7″ D, you can rest assured this will fit easily on your kitchen countertop.

Heck, I have a smallish apartment and I didn’t have a problem getting this thing onto my kitchen island with enough room for my other stuff.


  • Features include temp control, energy saver, and strength control.
  • One user reported that even at high altitude the milk was very frothy.
  • Many users reported that the drinks made in their machine rivaled those of local coffee shops, saving them money.


  • This does not work with the K Carafe pods, or any other pods such as Vue or Rivo, for that matter.
  • Some milk may not work in the frother.
  • Some users reported getting a machine with a defect in which water spilled out once the machine was turned back on.

* Keurig K250 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

My first thought upon seeing this was “WOW! How cute!” It really is so darn cute when you look at it. I could see this in somebody’s dorm room, a small apartment, or even if you share a house with other students or roommates and just want your very own coffee machine nobody else can mess around with.

If you’re low on counter space, this single serve cup will be just great for you. It’s got a slim design, so it will fit just about anywhere. And it comes in many other colors, not just red.

This is a lot like one of those starter pack keurig drip coffee makers. You could get this for somebody as a gift and they would be all ready to get going on making amazing coffee. It comes with four Keurig Coffee pods, 2 water filters, and a water filter handle. You will also get a bottle of descaling solution to help you get the most out of your Keurig and keep it clean.

You can enjoy 40 ounces of water in the reservoir, and it is removable, so you can just fill it in the sink which is super easy. There is the ability to brew many sizes of coffee here, and even K Carafe sizes, too! You can choose from 4, 6, 8 or 10, and 22, 26, and 30 ounces for the K-Carafe pods. You can also choose the strength of your brew.

Just select the setting you want and off you go.

For testing, I of course brewed a regular cup of my 8 O’Clock coffee, and then made a bolder cup too. I enjoyed both. The regular cup was a good old-fashioned cup of coffee, and the bold one was, well, pretty bold and strong! The Carafe feature was nice too, I took a carafe pod from the time my friend was over for dinner and tried it. Turned out beautifully and tasted great.

The touch screen is easy to understand and read, and very responsive. It is only in black and white for this coffee maker, but you don’t need much more than that if you just want a great cup of coffee. I liked how easily this one fit on my kitchen island, too. I am not short on space but after testing the bigger machine this was really cute and small on my counter. The dimensions are 13.6” H x 8.9” W x 13.8” D.

It does a good job heating water up fast, too. I had my neighbor’s child over for a couple hours while she ran errands, and it did a good job of making the girl some hot cocoa she could sip while watching cartoons. The hot water feature on this is really nice value added for tea drinkers, cocoa lovers, or even instant oatmeal eaters.

Any and all K Cup pods will work in this machine.

Some consumers expressed concern that you could only use Keurig brand pods in this brewer, which is not the case. Every sort of pod will work in this machine, so go buy whichever ones you feel like buying and enjoy it.

I also liked how this machine was pretty quiet. Some of the other machines make a really loud sound when they are brewing, so hearing this one (or rather, not) was a pleasure.

All in all, this one is a great starter pack for people who want to get into Keurig but maybe aren’t sure where to start. You can take your pick of any of the great colors and just make it your own. One piece of advice I’d suggest if you’re giving this to somebody as a present is to explain to them that the handle and such is not made of metal, but of plastic.

I like this brand, but I can recall when I first tried out the machines I was a little miffed to find out that the handles were plastic and not metal. It did not affect the quality of the machine, but it was a little off-putting at first. It’s just something to keep in mind.


  • Comes in many great colors to match the decor in your kitchen or room.
  • Features a 40-ounce reservoir so you can make many cups.
  • Small design that still delivers the same great quality you expect from Keurig.


  • Some users reported having to heat water before putting it into the reservoir as the water did not get hot enough.
  • No temperature control features on this machine.
  • No auto shut off on this particular model, users have to remember to shut it off when they are done brewing with it.

* Keurig 2700 Keurig Vue V700 Single serve coffee system

This is another really cool looking, really futuristic keurig dual coffee maker. If it is efficiency and a no-frill approach to making a great cup of coffee that you seek, this is going to be the machine for you. It works great and gets the job done.

However, there are a few gripes I had with this wonderful coffee machine. We will start with the good stuff.

Everything brews in under one minute.

The dimensions are ideal for those of us with limited counter space, or for those of us that want to keep a coffee machine in our room.

Measuring 12.52″H x 10.07″W x 11.8″D, you could easily put this on a larger size desk and enjoy a nice cup while you study, read, do stocks, or whatever it is you are working on. Granted it is larger than the last one we reviewed, but the design is different and would fit anywhere, it seems.

Setup here was easy and fun, there was no need to look on YouTube for help or ideas about how to set it up. My coffee, which had to be a Green Mountain Breakfast Blend VUE pod, tasted fine after testing, and of course I used a jug of purified water per the suggestion of Keurig. It was a great cup and I was left wanting more.

It seems like a pretty rare machine, like it was one of Keurig’s designs that never really took off. Seems strange, however, since this machine did a great job when I had it for testing. The color screen is LCD, and you can choose the temperature and size of your beverage.

It really has the best of everything you could ever want without the need to buy a giant reservoir model of Keurig. It has plenty of favorable reviews on a popular online retail site, so there’s really no concerns about buying in my opinion. Then again, I may have found out why this one didn’t seem as popular as the others.

I went ahead and purchased a can of my coffee and also the Keurig filter which enables you to use your own coffee—known as a K Cup Insert. I followed the instructions to the tee but got many grounds in my coffee.

I figured I was doing something wrong, so I went on YouTube and decided to follow a tutorial there. I got less grounds but still got some nonetheless. I think I am doing something wrong, but it could also be a design flaw.

Just something to keep in mind.

Altogether, this is a fine little machine to own and enjoy, but it has far too many inconveniences for the average busy person. You have to keep in mind that you have to buy the VUE style of pods online, which are different than the regular pods.

You probably cannot walk into a grocery store and buy these particular ones, and with the coffee filter being as faulty as it was for me, I am not sure I’d make this one my first choice.


  • Great small design, will likely fit just about anywhere.
  • Cool rounded aesthetic that will look nice in any kitchen.
  • Coffee temp can be adjusted so you can make it HOT if needed.


  • Travel mugs are hard to fit underneath this particular Keurig, even if you remove the tray.
  • The Vue cups are hard to find and have to be bought online, according to my research.
  • You can buy a K Cup insert which I feel should be included—and it did not really work for me.

Caring For Your Machine

Your keurig coffee brewer is just like any other great little machine – it needs some care in order to thrive and bring you the great tasting coffee you have come to expect from such a big brand. Here we will go over some care tips to make sure everything remains just as the day you got it. And, not to scare you, but you do not want any harmful bacteria in your coffee.

One TV news station in Pittsburgh, PA-KDKA to be exact, did a test of 28 machines and found that over half of them contained yucky bacteria. Not exactly the additive I want in my morning brew! Rest assured that this process is relatively easy to do, and you can even use plain vinegar to do it. It does not have to be expensive or hard. You will enjoy great taste and renewed confidence in your Keurig.

Descaling Your Machine

First, we should note that this process is NOT for Mini, Mini Plus, orB/K130 models.

Every three to six months, you should descale your machine so that it is maintained in good condition. Doing this requires your full attention so that you do not hinder the brewer performance by leaving the scaling solution in the machine. Just follow the steps through till the end.

Make sure you have a large ceramic cup ready, some water, some Descaling Solution, and access to a sink before you get started.

  • Get the Brewer Ready

Start by emptying the water from the reservoir chamber. If your machine has a water filter, remove it and set it aside. Also, be sure that you disable “auto off” features, as per the Owner’s Manual. Then turn off the brewer as a whole.

  • Do the First Descaling Rinse

Get your bottle of Keurig Descaling Solution and put it into the water reservoir. Fill up the empty bottle with water and then pour it into the reservoir. Push the power button and turn it back on.

Then put your ceramic cup onto the drip tray and run some water through the machine by lifting the handle and then lowering it as if you were making coffee. Don’t put a pod in there, however. Dump out the stuff in the cup into the sink.

  • Second Rinse Steps

Repeat the same process you just did above until the display asks you for more water. “More Water Please” it will say, to be exact. Let the brewer stand for 30 minutes while it is still on. Set a timer on your phone or on the kitchen stove to be sure you don’t forget about it.

After the 30 minutes is up, you can get rid of any residual solutions and rinse out the water reservoir. Take care to be very thorough in your approach.

  • Freshwater Rinse

Fill up your water reservoir with fresh, clean water making sure you do not go beyond the max fill line.

Then place a large cup on the drip plate and run the water through using the largest brewing size available on your machine. Make sure you do not use a pod during this process. Just dump the contents into the sink as you go through this process.

Do this at least 12 times. You might have to refill the water reservoir chamber at least once during this whole process.

Vinegar to the Rescue

 You can also clean your machine using vinegar.

  1. Start by unplugging your machine. Then disassemble and wash all the parts that are removable, like the water reservoir, lid, drip tray, and the K Cup holder. Wash them in soapy water and dry them out.
  2. Then wipe down the machine, taking extra care to get the inside where the grounds collect sometimes. Put all the parts back together and plug in your machine again.
  3. Then get your white distilled vinegar. Fill the reservoir halfway with vinegar. This will descale your machine just like the descaling solution will.
  4. Then fill the reservoir the rest of the way with water.
  5. Now start the brew cycle without putting in a K Cup. Brew it and run the vinegar water solution through until the whole reservoir is empty and then dump the contents down the sink. This can and should be done every three to 6 months.
  6. Now fill the machine with water and repeat this process. Just run the water through until any vinegar taste is gone. After that, you can use your Keurig machine as you always do.

Indeed, cleaning this machine is not as difficult as I thought. I really like that I can do it using only some good old white vinegar that is found at every grocery store, everywhere.


No matter if you are looking for a keurig 12 cup coffee maker or a smaller size one that suits just yourself and maybe one other person, we have got you covered.

It’s not so hard to find the best Keurig Coffee Maker for yourself when each and every one of them has features that are guaranteed to make your life easier and your coffee more enjoyable with every sip. There is truly a coffee maker for every person on the planet in the Keurig family.

Want some tasty lattes and cappuccinos?

Then go for the model that features the ability to brew the nicest and foamiest lattes and cappuccinos you’ve ever enjoyed. After all, it works with different types of milk! If you know a place where you can get your hands on VUE pods, then go for the VUE V700. And if you love having friends over and sharing coffee with them, go for the K575 model.

But keep one thing in mind—proper care and cleaning of the machine is important so you enjoy great taste and sanitary brews all year round. Follow the care instructions and you will be able to enjoy your Keurig Coffee Maker for years to come. Enjoy drinking your coffee in style!


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