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The best Oster blenders I remember were the cute yellow ones my granny had in her kitchen on the counter. Situated next to a radio, she joyously made shakes and slushies for us that were better than any restaurant drink. Her strawberry shakes made all our mouths water. She had got them as presents and used them since. It was the best Oster blender! The good news is that Oster blender models still offer great quality and value for your money.

Oster is a brand we know and trust when it comes to blenders, so if you need one, now is the time to get it! They can do so much for you and your family. You will want to take a look at all the options we have for you here so that you can make the best choice for you and your family. You will never know how you lived without it.

Consider this: If you have a family member who needs their food pureed, there is an Oster blender with food processor features. If you are a health nut, a blender is going to help you make those precious protein shakes and keep you energized and full of nutrients.

How We Compare Oster Blenders

In our review here, we looked at the features and abilities of each and every blender. We examined what they could do. Many home cooks like you and me need stuff that’s going to work and get the job done, not require tons of extra pushing and poking to complete the needed tasks.  They come in a variety of sizes, too-so no matter how many people you are making smoothies or shakes for, you can get a machine that will serve everybody.

We looked at the quality and ratings of each blender. We considered blenders that offered power for busy families like yours. We examined the speeds and motor power of the blenders, as well as user reviews and ratings from folks like yourself. We looked for blenders that offered durability for constant use.

The best part is that no matter which of these blenders you choose, you will get a product of upstanding quality and craftsmanship.

Our goal is not to sell you anything, but to make you an informed and aware consumer.

Be sure to think about what you personally need in a blender-if you have a baby at home and wish to make baby food, for example, or if you just want to be healthier and make smoothies from fresh or frozen ingredients, etc. as you shop.

So, check out our picks!

* Oster Pro 1200 Blender

This Oster glass blender is tops! You get so much with this great blender. First and foremost, I love that it is glass, which is just like my granny’s old blender. That is a really great feature for sure! Some people do not believe in using plastic for eating, so this is very suitable for those who desire the no-plastic experience.

This Oster Pro 1200 blender also features a food processor, great for those of you who have special dietary needs for family members. Or perhaps you just like to whip up food for your baby or process ingredients for recipes. The powerful motor will crush ice consistently, turn greens into pulp, and make frozen berries and fruits into a smooth sorbet.

There are seven speeds here, and 3 Smart Settings. This gets rid of any guesswork and brings you one touch controls for shakes and smoothies. You can even make some kick-butt salsas with this feature too! How does it do it, you ask? The dual-direction blade. It maximizes blending power and speed.

The size of this thing is pretty darn epic, too.

There is a 5-cup capacity for the food processor bowl, and the blending jar is 6 cups. That will surely make enough smoothies for the family! The processor can slice, shred and chop for simple and fast food prep.

The blade on this blender has a nice ability to push the ingredients down for smooth and fast results. And the pulse feature gives you more control and precision in your prep.

Everybody’s all about smart stuff nowadays, and this blender is no exception. Smart Settings technology is included. That means pre-programmed settings for all the stuff you wish to make! It becomes a no-brainer to make the best smoothies and shakes in town. And this machine will not look out of place or weird in your kitchen. It has a lovely stainless-steel finish that looks tough but elegant!

If that wasn’t enough to entice you into having a look at this great machine, consider the amazing recipes you can try with this blender. My favorite to try is called “pico de gallo” which we all know and love as a great topping for chips and tacos. The second is “harvest salsa” which contains such ingredients like apple pie spice, pumpkin, tomatillos and more. Come on! You can’t argue with these amazing flavors. Imagine your family’s reaction when you serve them tasty foods like this out of the blender.


  • Very versatile.
  • Blender’s blades surge to get all ingredients mixed evenly and easily.
  • Food processor feature is favored and helpful by many consumers who reviewed the product.


  • This blender is very noisy.
  • Plastic seam gets food caught in it and is EXTREMELY hard to clean.
  • Chrome plastic base may be off-putting to some buyers who want a metal base for their kitchen.

* Oster Reverse Crush Blender

This is probably my greatest choice when it comes to the best Oster blenders for smoothies.

You get 7 speeds of pure power, and of course the Oster promise of durability, performance and versatility. It is made in North America and is all metal instead of plastic like some machines. The connecting pieces are made of metal too. This means it lasts longer and works stronger. Its durability means you will be blending time and time again with no worry.

Some of the great features offered by this blender include a ten-year limited warranty, a 3-year satisfaction guarantee, Smart Settings features, and a six-cup glass jar. You also get the dual direction blades for the best in consistency, and a 1000-watt motor that has 7 speeds. This blender is pure power.

And the recipes you can make here…whoa!

Drinks with names like raspberry banana smoothie, carrot green juice and frothy chai latte get us all feeling hungry. This one is for all you smoothie lovers out there!


  • Does exceptionally well with smoothies, and also works well with dips, salsas and mixes.
  • Glass blending jar goes right in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
  • Only 13.8 inches tall so it will fit under most kitchen cupboards.


  • Does not come with a to-go cup like most great smoothie blenders.
  • No cord storage. Some blenders will roll their cord up in the base.
  • It is very loud. You may wake up other family members if making smoothies in the morning.

* Oster 16 Speed Core Blender

Wow! Here we have a great value for the money, and it will do all you need it to do! This is the greatest among the oster 16 speed blenders, and for good reason, too!

This blender is powerful and very versatile in how easy it is to make the best meals with flavor and texture. The 700-watt motor gives you a boost of power and moves ingredients down into the blade, so everything is evenly chopped and blended. The multiple speeds mean you can make it as fine or rough as you desire. The food chopper is also good for home cooks of all skill levels in making the finest desserts and meals.

This food chopper will give you the ability to make great salsas, pesto, and sauces with ease. High settings make it so that your ice and food is crushed, grated, liquefied, mashed or ground. Low settings make it a breeze to chop, whip, mix, puree, and stir. And blending is always a cinch.

You can make all kinds of great recipes in this blender. Everything you want from savory apps to sweet desserts can be made inside this blender. For example, you can make great little mini quiches, cheesecake cookies, and chop up veggies for all kinds of dishes.

Just put all the ingredients in and blend away!

One super cool thing I found while reading about this blender was a customer who really enjoyed making Indian foods. This customer wrote that it was the most used appliance in their home and helped them cook up many dishes. The customer reported being able to grind up batter without any trouble. They were pleased with how it made great chutneys and pastes so that their meals tasted nothing less than fantastic.

Best of all, this wonderful blender will look great on your kitchen counter. The base is made of plastic, but the jar itself is made of glass for a durable and classy look. The blender is made with Duralast All Metal Drive, so you will get great performance and quality guaranteed. These blenders have been tested and confirmed to blend up to 10,000 smoothies. We hope you are thirsty! And once you exceed the 10,000 smoothies or what have you, the blades are replaceable-so you can make thousands more.


  •  It is very easy to take apart and clean, and easy to put back together.
  • 16-speeds ensures that your ice and fruits can be fine for slushies and drinks, and food can be chopped to any consistency you need.
  • 6-cup capacity so the whole gang can have a drink!


  •  Users reported having to push down ingredients when making smoothies, which could be annoying for some.
  • This blender is loud while using it.
  • Some users did not appreciate the plastic base and how it looked on their counters.

* Oster 12 Speed Blender-Black

A great Oster 12 speed blender is coming your way! This one does rank a bit lower on our speed scale, but it is a strong choice nonetheless. The motor comes in at 700 power watts, and 450 blending watts. Do not worry about that, just remember that no matter what Oster product you end up with- whether it is an Oster stainless steel blender or some other product- you always get what you need to “make it fresh”. That’s the Oster philosophy, and this blender still packs a punch.

This blender is good for smoothies and other prep work. It even has a food processor attachment for added value. You can and will make tasty and flavor filled meals with this machine. The motor kicks on with an extra boost of power and works to push ingredients down into the blade. This way everything gets blended to a good consistency. Multiple speeds mean you can make it the texture you desire.

Much like our previous blender, the Oster 12 Speed can crush ice, dice, shred, grind, blend, liquefy and even make tasty frappe, saving you tons on visits to the coffee shop. Picture making healthier and cheaper fraps…perfect for a special treat or everyday indulgence.

You also get those great low settings from the previous blender- the capabilities to stir, puree, chop, mix and whip. There is also a pulse feature and an easy clean setting so when it’s time to clean up, it will be a breeze.

As far as blades go, you get the great Crush Pro 4 blade. This blade is super durable, crushing ice into snow with ease. Other ingredients don’t stand a chance, either! The multiple speeds range from pulse to puree for precise and easy control with just one touch of a button. One really great thing is that these blades are rather sharp in nature. Your food will have no problem getting chopped up. However, do be careful when you clean it, advises one satisfied customer.

You can rest easy with this blender, because you get the great Duralast 10 Year All Metal Drive. As with our last blender you get quality, performance, and the knowledge that this will outlast all the other competitors’ plastic drives. The people at Oster stand behind their blenders so much that they test them to blend 10,000 smoothies and back them with a 10-year warranty.

This one also has the ability to make epic desserts and amazing appetizers and meals. Chop veggies and blend up ingredients in a hurry with this machine. Imagine making your family a nice hot chicken pot pie on a cold evening. You can shred the chicken for the pie and blend the filling in the glass jar. One bite of your finished pot pie, and you will simply fall head over heels with it. And the price is not too bad, either!


  • Fits Mason jars for all you lovers of smoothies in the iconic and useful jars!
  • High ratings from consumers for Easy to clean (4.8), Durability (4.6) and Versatility (4.6).
  • One user wrote that an older version of this product was performing well after years of use. This newer version will work well for you!


  • One customer reported that it required a lot of pulsing and stirring to get products down to a good consistency, even with the power boost.
  • The blender is very noisy with a high pitched, struggling sound.
  • Housing on blender felt “cheap” according to some users.


Making fun foods in your blender is a cinch when you have the best oster blender. No matter what you choose to make, you know it is going to be tasty, well blended, and of a consistency that will be smooth and great going down. Any of our wonderful blender choices will make a wonderful addition to your home. You will be able to make everybody in your family happy.

Homemade healthy baby foods for your little one, pureed foods for a family member with special needs, or a protein shake for the gym rat in your life can all be yours when you choose any of these wonderful blenders. They will all look stellar on your kitchen counter, and you can have them right at your fingertips when it is time for a healthy snack.

Who knows- your blender might even be the ticket to a new and healthy lifestyle when you swap sugary breakfast cereals for delicious veggie and fruit blends made right on your countertop. Get out there and find the best oster blender that suits you and your crew and get going. Follow some good old classic recipes or even create your own. Experiment with your favorite ingredients and invent something new. Your family will thank you for it. Happy blending and good luck!

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