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The  Blendtec tb 631 20 is an all-purpose, high performing blender. After checking a whole lot of Blendtec blender reviews online we are pretty much convinced that this Blendtec blender is indeed a heavy-duty beast of a machine. Let’s have a look at this chunky kitchen superstar in more detail.

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An overview

stainless steel kitchen mixer, fruit blending machineThe Blendtec tb 631 20 is a versatile and powerful home / cafe blender that can take care of all your prep needs. It be used to can make whole juices, soup, smoothies, salsa, batter and even ice-cream.!

The Blendtec home blender comes with a precision-tuned, 4-inch blade housed inside a large 3-quart, BPA free jar. The 1560 watt, 3HP motor can undertake even the toughest of blending tasks with ease.

The powerful motor, large blade and the ergonomically designed 4-sided jar will help you create a variety of gastronomic delights in no time.

Features and benefits

Versatile: Whether you want to grate cheese (yes cheese), blend frozen drinks, puree soups, or crush ice, this versatile blender will perform all tasks efficiently and quickly.

Pre programmed settings: The Blendtec home blender comes with pre-programmed blending cycles, which make things more simple. When you press a cycle button on the digital touch pad, the blender automatically adjusts speed, and shuts off automatically when the cycle is complete.

Ergonomic jar: The four sided jar is a pretty cool piece of engineering that is designed in a way that pushes food towards the vortex. It can be easily emptied thanks to the 3 different spouts. It is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a breeze. The lid has vents, which allows steam to escape when you are blending hot foods or beverages. The insert on the lid allows easy pouring. The measuring marks eliminate all the guesswork.

Powerful: You can safely call the Blendtec TB 631 20 a professional-grade blender. The 3HP motor is powerful enough to undertake the toughest of tasks including the blending of very thick and hard materials such as solid fruits and grains. It works as a great ice blender too.
Best-in-class blade: The patented vertical wingtips and precision angles offer ultimate efficiency. The single, non-removable blade is designed in a way that allows food to fall in front of the blades.

Ease of use: Smooth controls and easy to read markings make this blender extremely easy to use. There is a built-in timer, and the jar is very easy to pour.


Who it’s good for

home mixer, bpa free mixerThis Blendtec home blender is ideal for anyone who is looking for an all-purpose blender that can take care of all their mixing and blending needs.

If you find the wide array of kitchen appliances quite confusing and feel that they cluttering your counter then this Blendtec blender might just be the solution to your problems. It is a great product for smaller kitchens, where counter space might be limited.

It is a perfect kitchen appliance for all those enthusiastic cooks who love to try out new recipes, and need a powerful and versatile blender that can undertake tough blending tasks and large recipes with ease. The pre-programmed settings, auto-shutoff feature, and speed of this blender make it all too easy.

This Blendtec smoothie blender is great for people who like to whip up great thick shakes and smoothies.


Some users complain that the Blendtec heavy-duty blender makes too much noise. The touchpad can be a little confusing because there is no shut off button, and you need to press one of the program buttons to stop it. Another small problem with this blender is that it has no cord storage.


If you are looking for a heavy-duty, all-purpose blender, then the Blendtec TB 631 20 makes a good choice. We say this on the basis of the super-impressive features it possesses, and the hundreds of positive reviews it has earned.

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