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Straight from the house of an Australian home appliance goliath, Brevillecomes a comprehensive food processing machine-the Breville Sous Chef BFP 800xl with easy-to-use functionalities and gamut of features to make your life a whole lot simpler.

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Let’s take a look at the Breville Sous Chef BFP 800xl -its advantages, functionalities, and disadvantages.

food mixer, breville mixerOverview

With a unique design and inimitable performance, the Breville bfp800xl Food Processors a quintessential product for every household and for small to medium size commercial kitchens.

From functionalities like cutting and slicing veggies/fruit in optimum sizes at rapid pace to incorporating a body that is made to last; this food processor is technological brilliance at its finest.

This particular breed of processor offers a wide feed chute making it convenient for users to put in fruit and vegetables without dicing them before hand. Moreover, with its razor-sharp 8 blades and discs attachments it means less of prep time and more time to do other things.

Among the detachable discs,one is adjustable disc and can be set to 24 different slicing options for making slices of varied thickness (from 0.3mm- to 0.8mm-at the thickest). The other discs,which come with the set, are a julienne disc, a changeable shredding disc and a whisking disc.

blender blade, kitchen mixer blenderApart from discs, the Breville Food Processor Sous Chef comes with blades which can flawlessly perform functions like kneading and mixing both dry and wet ingredients. It also has a general “S blade”which is micro-serrated and one mini-blade,which is commonly fitted in a mini-jar of this food processor.

Two other important attachments are the 16 cup large jar and 2.5 cup mini jar. The large jardelivers perfect processing for hearty bowls of soups and other ingredients while the smaller one is ideal for grinding and chopping small servings like nuts and sauces.

With an exceptional combination of cutting, slicing and mixing facilities plus a wonderfully wide feeding chute, it barely comes as a surprise that it bagged the top food processor award adjudicated by a leading American products reviewer!

Who the Breville food processor is for?

kitchen appliance brands, kitchen appliance combo

A perfect fit for people devoid of time! Thanks to its speedy and sturdy motor, multiple blades, and ease of storing – courtesy of jars that come with the set, this product is quite handy as you can instantly knead the dough, mix ingredients and even whip cream for sinful desserts!

The long and short of it- If you see yourself as anuber cool party host with a huge spread on the table or maybe you are honing your skills to be a better chef, the Breville Food Processor Sous chef should be in your kitchen, period.

Key Features and benefits

  • blender jar, blender glass jarThe base of the body of this processor is made with sturdy die-cast metal which increases the longevity of product.
  • The Drive motor is highly effective with a security braking system.
  • Rubber feet are non-skid in nature.
  • BPA free accessories and parts.
  • Count-down and count-up timer with LCD display allows you to set the required time for food processing.
  • 2 different sized processing bowls (16 cup and 2.5 cup).
  • Large feed chute allows you to feed fruit and veggies of all sizes and shapes.
  • Safety system for feed chute doesn’t allow the motor to start unless the processing bowl, cover and the large pusher are locked correctly in the position.
  • Small food pusher aids processing of small ingredients and also serves as a measuring cup.
  • Large food pusher helps in feeding the ingredients into the wide chute.
  • Silicon seal ensures that any kind of leakage is kept at bay while large volumes of fluids are being processed.

Are there any disadvantages associated?

After going the full hog and in considering every aspect, in spite of its wonderful features and unparalleled operation, this food processor is not an ideal choice if you are looking to befit for a fully-fledged commercial kitchen.

It is not suitable for a commercial kitchen because kneading large quantities of dough or performing large amounts of cutting and slicing seems tedious and time guzzling.

Other Factors to Consider:


As far as food processors go, I consider this model to be designed to be a sleek while and somewhat stylish as far as small appliances go. It has a stainless-steel finish with a clear container for processing the food and will go with your kitchen décor. It is quite simple with the settings design layout as well. They are a flat surface which is great for cleaning. It is a rather large food processor in comparison when it comes to the capacity it can process. The Breville is also compact enough to fit under your cabinet. The blades are made from stainless steel as well, so they will last a long time even with a lot of use.


Get ready to be amazed. This food processor has 24 settings. I was surprisingly pleased. You can literally cut something as thin as 0.3 mm and as thick as 8.0mm. That alone blew my old food processor right out of the water. You have a mini disc to fit with the mini bowl and you can have a 16-cup capacity to make enough for your family to eat French fries that you prepared fresh in your own kitchen. That is quite the variety of food prep options that most food processors have not been equipped with in the past. You have the ability to adjust how you want food to cut easily as well.


I found that this food processor has the ability to prepare a small enough amount for just one person, but also has the ability to hold up to sixteen cups to accommodate many people. I like that this machine offers a large food pusher to accommodate larger items, but also comes with a smaller food pusher that will give your smaller items a more precise cut as well.


As with anything for the kitchen that has sharp blades, safety is always a concern. Breville covered us all with this machine. The feed chute has a safety system built into it that keeps the machine from running unless all the key components are locked into place. That is comforting because it can get chaotic in the kitchen when preparing a meal, and this makes me feel a little better knowing that safety is built into the food processor.

All the components are also BPA free. Breville even made sure to include a silicone seal so that liquid will not leak while using the machine, which helps prevent slipping and falling.


Breville throws in a few options as well. You can pick your color for your food processor. You can choose from cranberry red, black sesame, and stainless steel. You have a 5.5-inch super chute on this food processor.


With a 1200-watt motor powering this machine, you can rest assured that your food will be processed and ready quicker than with other comparable machines. I like this kind of power as well because some food processors can get hung up, so to speak, on larger, bulkier items that you prepare. With the powerful motor, you cut down on prep time and with the larger chute, you don’t have to spend extra time trying to get all the food form the chute.

Customers have made everything from French fries to dips, dough, and even ice cream. The Breville’s precision blades and variety of settings make it possible to make sure that your food is cut properly to the desired length. Top sites for kitchen gadgets put it to the test as well. You can literally use this machine to prepare nuts for dishes and it will precisely cut them and not have the usual chunks that other machines leave behind. I found that chopping nuts for dishes are a pain because other machines I’ve used leave huge chunks. The precise cut and stainless-steel blades have made it easy to prepare foods the way you want it done.

I like that Breville offers small and large food pushers. This is a great option that other machines do not offer. This gives you much better control over your food and the ability to control how quickly it is pushed in as well. It also helps with better control over the smaller ingredients that you are processing as well. The small food pusher even doubles as a measuring cup which is great for keeping your mess contained.

Storage/Cleaning/Ease of Use:

Good news. The Breville comes with an actual storage box to store the parts properly. This is important as proper storage helps keep the blades sharp and clean while they are not being used. It is also helpful if you are anything like me and have trouble finding which parts go to which appliance when I want to use them.

When it comes to cleaning the components of the machine, it is not a lot of fuss. I love the flat surface for the controls. There is nothing worse than having a kitchen appliance that has those pesky buttons where food and dirt can get into and make it hard to clean. Breville took care of that with a sleek flat design that will clean up easily.

The canister is simple to wash.  All you have to do is clean it in warm, soapy water. It is not recommended to put it in the dishwasher regularly. If you make something that is especially messy, then just make sure it is on the top shelf of the dishwasher. For the blades, there is a brush that is safe to use on the blades. You can also place them in the dishwasher, also on the top shelf.

If you find that you have a stain or odor left behind in your canister from things such as garlic or carrots, you can soak it in two liters of water and a half cup of lemon juice for five minutes. This is an easy way to make sure nothing unwanted lingers.


Considering the magnitude and capability of this machine, it is quite a reasonable buy. This food processor can be used by professional chefs, as well as those who want to prepare great meals in their homes. I like the versatility of the Breville, so when I researched sites for this, I found that it is comparably priced compared to other companies.

Minor Drawbacks:

There are only a few drawbacks that I have run into. Depending on the time you spend in the kitchen and how much you use the machine, Breville offers only a one-year warranty on this product. That being said, I have also checked customer service reviews and found people absolutely delighted if they have had the need to call about any problems with their food processors. They respond quickly via email, and the hold time is not long if you call. The warranty company is also considered to be easy to work with as well, which is a plus if you ever need to use it.

The only other drawback that I have discovered is that for some softer items, such as cheese, the powerful motor can prove to be too much, and can leave some chunks.

Aside from that, there are no major flaws or complaints with the product that I can find.

Final Verdict!

Considering the pros and cons of the Breville sous chef bfp800xl in totality, one thing is pretty clear, this product should be a part of your ultimate kitchen arsenal!

After doing a ton of research regarding this purchase, I would do it hands down. I never thought I would see the day that a food processor could be versatile enough that ice cream can be processed in it. I have found that while some think the price may be a little high, those that use a food processor and look for quality do not need to look any further than Breville.

No second thoughts from us – “here- just take my money! “

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