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Green Star Elite 5000 Juicer: Squeezing Out Every Little Last Bit

Most juicers work well with citrus, pulpy fruits and vegetables, but fail when you try to juice hard roots or tough leafy vegetables. They do not extract the juice well, take too long, or heat up and then ultimately give up.

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If you are looking for a top of the line juicer that can really juice almost anything without taking too long, getting heated up, or producing too much noise then the Green Star Elite 5000 juicer is something worth considering.

This juicer has remarkable features, and has managed to earn 5 star reviews from a large number of customers on Amazon.

Let’s take a good look at this unit, and see what makes it worthy of all the hype.

masticating blender, centrifugal blenderWhat is the Green Star Elite GSE 5000?

The Green Star juice extractor is a juicer that does it all. From hard roots such as carrots and ginger and fibrous stalks such as celery and rhubarb to the toughest of leafy greens this juicer can extract all that juicy goodness from them all. Apart from juicing fruits and vegetables, it can juice herbs, nuts, and even grain!

The unit features a heavy-duty twin-Gear impeller press system that ensures quiet operation, and reduces friction and heat, thereby preserving all the essential nutrients of the juice. The twin gear technology of this masticating juicer makes it much more efficient than the normal centrifugal juicers.

If you aren’t sure what a masticating juicer is, we’ll clear that up for you. To masticate means to crush or grind food. Masticating juicers break down the fruits and vegetables you feed into them by chewing them up and tearing them apart. This is very similar to how people chew with their teeth. All masticating juicers first begin their process by crushing the ingredients with a screw and then squeezing out the crushed produce in the second part of the juicing process.

The GSE 5000 is a “twin gear” juicer because it has instead of a single screw, or an auger, it uses two rotating gears to grind the produce it is given. This is made even more effective because of how tightly the gears are put together – nothing but the juice is getting between them.

The Green Star Elite GSE 5000 produces a high juice yield, and preserves nutritional value. It can double up as a food mill so you can prepare sorbets, baby food, and nut butter.

It features automatic pulp ejection, which enables continuous juicing and easy clean up. The unit is portable and comes with a sure grip handle.

Who should buy the Green Star Elite Juicer?

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are the keys to good health. This Green Star juice extractor is for anyone who wants to adopt a healthy way of life.

This juicer makes a perfect choice for people who are health conscious and want to get the most out of their fruit and vegetables. If you have a baby in your family, then this juicer can double up as a food mill and help prepare baby food as well. TheGreen Star Elite Juicer is great for anyone who wants to get healthy and stay that way.

What are the key features and advantages of this Green Star Juice Extractor?

plastic blender jar, blended juiceThe Green star elite 5000 has some great features, which make it a highly efficient unit. Let’s take a look at some of them below/

High yield: This juicer follows a 3 step juicing process, i.e. crushing, mixing, and pressing, which ensures that you get the best yield. It extracts juice from vegetables and fruit without creating too much foam.

Tribest has also added a third stage to the juicing process with this machine. Instead of going straight from gear-ground to juice extraction, the ingredients go through the second round of mashing and fiber tearing. This way when you finally get your juice, you’re getting as much as can possibly be extracted. There’s no wasted material left in the machine afterward.

The GSE 5000 also tends to take its time while juicing. A lot of juicers get you your juice fast, but you aren’t getting as much as you can, and this rush also wears out your machine. Tribest’s juicer makes sure it’s extracted the maximum of juice possible by prioritizing quality and patience.

This means that the Green Start Elite is not for the impatient juicer. You have to cut your produce into smaller pieces before feeding it into the machine and the juicer itself has a longer process than other masticating juicers. This means, however, that you’re getting the best juice you can and you’re getting the most out of your fruit and vegetables.

This juicer is great at handling fibrous material. While other juicers may struggle hard root vegetables or celery, they won’t take their toll on the Green Start Elite. This is what this juicer was made for – to get the most nutrients out of as much produce as you can.

Better nutritional value: This unit does not get heated up easily, and therefore preserves the nutritional value of the juice. It retains even the most delicate of nutrients.

The whole point of getting into juicing for a lot of people is because it’s good for you; you want to be able to get all you can out of those fruits and vegetables. A lot of juicers can make some tasty juice out of some carrots and apples, but that doesn’t mean all of the good things that make them good for you in the first place are going to be preserved in the process. Luckily, the Green Star juicer doesn’t waste anything, not even the important vitamins and nutrients that got you into juicing in the first place.

Easy to clean: The Green Star juicer twin gear features auto pulp ejection, which makes it very easy to clean the unit.

A lot of other juicers have you pulling apart the machine and cleaning it out like it is any other food processor or meat grinder. Fortunately, the Green Star doesn’t require so much tedium and elbow grease.

Versatility: This unit can work as a food mill to prepare sorbet, baby food, and other similar food. It can be used to juice herbs, grains, and nuts a well.

A typical food processor doesn’t always get the job done, but a lot of other juicing machines can only handle so much. The Green Star Elite is a beast in the kitchen, and it’s ready to take on anything.

Durability: This juicer is sturdy, and many reviewers who have used it for a long time have faced no problems. The 5 year warranty makes things even better.

Are there any limitations of the Green Star Juicer Twin Gear?

blender parts, mixer parts

The only major drawback of this unit is that it’s a little pricey. However, the performance, durability, ease of use, and the warranty make it well worth it.

You do have to make sure you’re cutting your produce up small enough before feeding it into the machine, but that’s typical for any juicer or food processor. And since the Green Star Elite is such a meticulous juicer, making sure to preserve as much good stuff as possible from your tediously selected produce, this little extra step is well worth it.

The fact that this juicer takes it time to juice helps with its durability, but this also means that is doesn’t make too much noise. It runs at about 110RPM and isn’t making a whirring racket that can be heard throughout the house.

It’s a careful machine that takes it’s time and therefore doesn’t get too hot or worn down too quickly. It has a five-year warranty for a reason. If it doesn’t last you long, then something just isn’t right, and you can get a new one.

Bottom line

This juicer is for anyone who loves to juice and is passionate about their juicing lifestyle.

The Green Star Elite Juicer is certainly one of the best performing juicers available on the market. It’s a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle. If you are thinking about getting one check out Amazon for some great customer reviews.

>>> Check Out Current Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon <<<


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