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The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer Black Chrome is a throat-parching tongue twister that warrants a glass of healthy, freshly squeezed juice! Have you discovered the wonders of liquid healthiness and the millions of potential tasty combinations of fruit and vegetable yet?

Mango, wheetgrass and red pepper. Apple, celery, ginger, lemon, orange and spinach. Taste buds curious yet?

Juice is good for you. That’s a fact. Freshly-squeezed, organic fruit and vege juice is very good for you. It easily replaces your morning coffee-craving or afternoon junk food-grazing, or even breakfast or lunch!Before you know it you’ll be hooked to feeling good. And when you start waking up with juice cravings, you’ll be after the Omega juicer 8006.

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Here’s Why

vegetable blender, best vegetable blenderWhile some of you are stuck on “Wait, you can replace meals with juice?”, there are others who are thinking, “But this is no news to me!”. Maybe you’re ahead of the game, already figured out the joy of juicing.

If that’s the case, you will appreciate more than anyone the efficiency and ease of the Omega Juicer 8006 and there’s a reason why it comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee. For this is no meager juicer, it is a slow, thorough, masticating juicer, the Best Vegetable Juicer there is. Able to squeeze out every last drop from those (expensive) organic veggies and fruits.

How does it do it?

The auger (like a large screw) works to slowly crush and squeeze the produce you feed into it rather than shredding and spinning the ingredients like the speedy centrifugal juicers. In this way, a masticating juicer ensures you get as many vitamins, fibers and nutrients as possible, while retaining the natural colours and tastes of your chosen ingredients.

The variety of ingredients opens up to you with the Omega juicer 8006 because it can munch its way through hard and soft, from carrots to wheetgrass and leafy greens. Plus, the Omega juicer’s lower speed means your conversations won’t be drowned out – only punctuated by a satisfying crunch that let’s you know that deliciousness is on its way!

How do you work it?

Naturally, the freshest vegetables and fruit work best but if it does get clogged with mush from the softer produce… the auger can be reversed so you can clear it out. Or you can simply follow your softer ingredients with harder ones such as carrots, celery or firm apples, which push the mush straight through – easypeasy juicy squeezy.

best blender for vegetables, mixer for vegetablesThere is some prep time involved with what some would say is the best vegetable juicer available, because the chute is pretty small. But the necessary chopping of your veggies and fruits into machine-munchable strips prevents you from overloading the chute in your enthusiasm and jamming the juicer!

A self-protection mechanism for the eager novice that ensures your juicer will keep up with your diet for years to come.

Plus, the time you lose in chopping and juicing, you save in cleaning. Rinse the four easy-to-dismantle parts immediately after use and they’re clean in a jiffy, leaving you to enjoy your juice in peace!

Why is it Better than Most Juicers Out There….?

There are two reasons the Omega Juicer 8006 scores high points with me.

First: I’m not a morning-person. I should not be trusted to wield any heavy machinery before I’ve had my morning vitamin kick. Handling a knife and a juicer first thing in the morning could be devastating to my mood if not my kitchen!

healthy juice, glass of juiceThe Omega 8006 has taken that problem away. By producing minimal foam and heat, there is very little oxidation and so you can prepare your juice the day before, let it sit comfortably overnight and allow it to dazzle you into consciousness the next morning. Omega claims the juice stays fresh for up to 72 hours, but who could honestly wait that long to drink fresh juice!?

Second: There are so many things the Omega 8006 Nutritional Center can do for me. The dry pulp that comes out serves as a perfect base for soups or pasta sauces. If you really get into the swing of it and make more juice than you could ever supplement with soup and sauces, the pulp makes a valuable contribution to your compost.

Moreover, with all its extra nozzles, this machine can churn out anything from spaghetti to babyfood, sherbet to nut butter, humous to ground coffee. You’ll be an unstoppable healthy force!

A word of warning!

There seem to have been a few faulty machines of this model that scratch away at the plastic on the screen and auger. Just to be sure you won’t be flavouring your juices with a pinch of plastic, run your finger around the inside and edge of the screen before you turn it on to see if there are any sharp snags which could be caught by the auger. If you feel a snag, the 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee ensures you replacement parts sent right to your door; if not, you’re good to go!

Also, Omega has recommended that the juicer should not run dry as the veggies and fruit lubricate the parts so that it runs smoothly. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the sturdy Omega 8006 fruit and vegetable juicer looks set to be a long-term resident of your kitchen.

This is the machine for all eager juicers, from novices to experts. If you weren’t specifically looking for a juicer, make Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead the next movie you see and you’ll be craving the magic of the Best Vegetable Juicer on the market.

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If you have an Omega J8006 – comment below and let us know what you think of it .. is it awesome?


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