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A High performing appliance for those serious about juicing

 Yes, you heard us right. This appliance is for those who are serious about juicing. If your idea of juicing is making a glass of apple juice occasionally, then you can go for the simpler and cheaper juicers available on the market.

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However, if fresh juices and healthy living are a part of your lifestyle, then investing in a high performance, masticating juicer is a good idea. We looked at a lot of dual-stage, single auger juicers, and the one that really caught our eye was the omega vert juicer.

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The juicer has earned positive reviews from a large number of users, and offers some amazing features. Let’s go into details of this appliance, and see if it is really worth all the praise. Here we go:

What is omega vrt350 juicer?

Omega vrt350 hd juicer is a high performance masticating style juicer with a vertical design. This one is a slow juicer, which operates at a speed of 80 rpm, while other juicers normally process at the rate of 1650 rpm to as high as 15000 rpm.

So, what is the benefit of using a slow juicer when you can get a juicer that will extract juicer at three times the speed? Slow juicers prevent oxidation and protect and maintain even the most sensitive of healthy enzymes. This allows the juice to be stored for as long as 72 hours without degradation.

It features a dual stage processing system that first crushes the foods to extract juice, and then squeezes the pulp so that you get the highest possible yield.

Omega vrt350 juicer can not only extract juice from fruit and vegetables, but also from tough leafy greens and even wheatgrass.

The juicer comes with 2, 64-ounce containers, one each for collecting fresh juice, and pulp ejection. The best thing about this juicer is that it is quite compact compared to many other juicers available on the market, and can be easily stored in a cabinet, or placed on a countertop without taking up too much space.

Is omega vrt 350 hd juicer the right product for me?

quality blender, blender for drinksThe Omega slow juicer is the right product for you if your idea of good nutrition is having fresh juices with every meal. Whether you are a home maker concerned about your family’s health, or a health and weight-conscious guru , this slow juicer can take care of all your juicing needs.

If your existing juicer has failed to extract juice from tough leafy greens or herbs then you should consider replacing it with the omega vrt 350 hd juicer.

This juicer is also a great choice for people who have been thinking of investing in a high-grade juicer, but could not do it for the hefty price tags they carried. This juicer is priced quite reasonably, and is easily affordable.

What are the features and benefits of omega vert juicer?

perfect blender, blender modelThe Omega vrt 350 hd juicer comes equipped with several features that give it immense power and ability to give high yield. Here are some key features and benefits of this juicer:

Efficiency: theOmega vrt350 juicer does the job of extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, tough leafy greens, and even wheat grass quite efficiently. A dual stage processing system gives high yield, and the juice comes out clean and smooth.

Easy to unclog: This juicer comes with a reverse mode that lets you clean out the clogged food. So, you don’t need to open up the juicer and do it manually.

Maintains freshness and nutrients: The omega slow juicer maintains healthy enzymes present in juice, and prevents oxidation.

Easy to clean: The Omega vert juicer has an auto pulp ejection that makes clean up a breeze.

Compact: One of the most appreciated features of this juicer is that it has a compact base, and does not take up too much of counter space.

Comes with various accessories: This juicer comes with accessories such as coarse and fine screens, temper, self cleaning screen holder, and cleaning brush.

omega blender, which blender is bestShould I expect some drawback or limitations in the omega slow juicer?

If you are used to making a glass of juice in flat 30 seconds, you will find this juicer dead slow. However, this is important for maintaining the nutritional value of the juice. Some reviewers feel that the juicer does not work very well with carrots.

Final verdict

The Omega vrt 350 hd juicer is certainly one of the best juicers available in this price range. If you want to invest in a high performance juicer without disturbing your budget, then this juicer is perfect for you.

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