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Oster Versa Blender Review

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Blenders & Juicers

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Delivers professional performance at a reasonable price – 2020 Review

Last Updated Jan 2020 – A good professional blender is a must for anyone in the kitchen. From blending soups, sauces and smoothies to making cocktails a good powerful blender is a necessary tool. The Oster Versa Pro blender is one of the best around. Let’s have a look at why it measures up.

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powerful juicer, oster mixer

The Oster versa is a brilliantly engineered blender that delivers professional performance at an affordable price.

The 1400 watt motor and 4 stainless steel blades make this blender one of the most powerful, heavy duty blenders available today.

Oster Versa vs Vitamix?

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The Oster versa blender offers versatility of the highest order. From ice cubes, to nuts, frozen fruit, and tough vegetables, this blender will blend and whip up to your hearts content.You can easily make everything from peanut butter, to crème fraise, and healthy Smoothies.

It comes with a 64-ounce BPA-free jar, and 3 pre-programmed settings including Smoothies, Soups, and Dips/Spreads. The speed dial enables easy speed adjustment making the blender even more versatile.

The blades spin at 250 mph and blends even the toughest of food in no time. If your are looking for a powerful kitchen blender that can perform a variety of tasks, the Oster Versa Pro Blender makes a good choice.


Who should buy this Blender?

programmable mixer, smoothie machine We went through a lot of oster versa blender reviews online and this blender received nothing but praise. Many people claimed that they would never need another blender ever again.

Whether you are a budding cook, or someone who loves to impress guests and family with culinary delights this blender makes things easier for you. The pre-programmed functions are a bonus for anyone, even if they do not what they are doing.

To top it all off, the unit comes with an amazing recipe book featuring numerous recipes for smoothies, shakes, soups, and other delicacies. So, both novices and experts can benefit greatly from this blender.

What are the key features and advantages ?

juicer jar, best smoothie machine One of the best features of this blender is the 1400 watt motor that provides a tremendous 250 mph power to the steel blades. That is a lot of grunt.

The unit also features easy to use controls and three pre programmed functions i.e. Smoothies, Dips/Spreads, and Soup. It comes with push button controls, and a pulse button to provide short bursts of power for blending tasks. The speed control offers you full control over the blending task, and lets you control the blending speed with absolute ease.

Most people who wrote oster versa reviews on Amazon also appreciated the extra large jar that comes with the blender. With 64 oz capacity, the jar can easily accommodate large quantities of food including warm soups. It is made of BPA free plastic, so you can stay assured that there are no harmful chemicals coming in contact with your food.

This blender comes with a temper that helps push down tough food so that it gets blended well. You also get a 127 page, full colour recipe book that helps you create new delicacies every day.

Are there any limitations ?

juicer smoothie machine, professional smoothie machineOne major drawback that was highlighted in someoster versa blender reviewsonline is that it is quite tall, and does not fit into small kitchen cabinets. Another drawback is that it makes some noise, but considering the power and speed at which it operates, it is quite understandable.

Final verdict

We think that the oster versa pro blender offers complete value for money. If we make a comparison with one of the best professional grade blenders, i.e. oster versa vs vitamix, oster definitely is a winner in terms of the value of money it offers.

If you are thinking of buying this blender, it is best to check it out on Amazon.

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