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Waring Pro Ice Crusher Review – Just Chill Man

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Bar Tools & Glasses, Blenders & Juicers

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If you are like us here at On The Gas – then you probably like the odd refreshing beverage or five. One of the greatest summer (or winter) drinks is the caprioska – vodka muddled with fresh lime a bit of brown sugar and then covered in crushed ice.

There are various ways that you can crush ice some people have one of those flimsy hand ice grinders … which can take forever and break more than often – you can wrap it up in a tea- towel and smash it with a rolling pin (but this can get a bit messy especially after a few drink) You can use the food blenders to crush ice, but it wreaks havoc on the blades. Or you can do it properly and use an electric ice crusher.

Best Ninja Blender Review – Your Smoothie Sensei!

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in Blenders & Juicers

Last Updated Feb 2020 – My experiences with blenders were quite unpleasant before I found out about Ninja blenders. Before Ninja, it was all messy counters, dull blades, and hard-to-clean pieces, not to mention the persistent smell of burnt-out motors. The list of headaches common with second-rate, unprofessional blenders goes on and on. I loved (and still love) smoothies, but issues like these kept me from enjoying them for the longest time.