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The Vitamix quiet blender is quite popular, and we’re about to find out if it’s as good as they say. For instance, I would like to have a discussion in your café over a cold smoothie on a hot, bad day; I would not want the “krrrr” sound of your blending disturbing my already disturbed mind.

It would mainly be more distressing when turned off, and I lower my voice. Then again, you turn it on. I can only wonder what your ears feel like when you are done with work.

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Here is a simple reason why you need a “quiet blender” – nothing beats a quiet working environment, especially for your customers. A blender threatens the tranquility of your workplace. Now, when you even have more blenders, more disturbance. A running blend generates about 90 decibels of sound. A regular conversation is at about 70 decibels.

This is why you have to raise your voice to speak to your customers when your blender is running. Since you cannot do without a blender, can you do without the noise? I have written the quiet one review to help you explore the features of the appliance, its superiority and cons.

High-Performance Blenders

Blenders are quite essential tools used in everyday life. Their easy adaptability and relevance in different cultures for various recipes have mainly made them widely used and readily available. However, the ones we use in everyday life are different from high-performance blenders which are commercial blenders adapted to grind hard substances that could bend the blades of a conventional kitchen blender.

They can blend berries, coffee, seeds, and ice. They can be used best to make smoothies, coffee, and creamy ice-cream. With stronger blades and higher working horse-powers, they can crush nearly all you throw at them. You could call them heavy machines if you want.

So, it is expected they should come at a higher cost.

Your conventional blenders will give you a rather coarse blend with a chunk of fruits and leaves cut in half. This is nearly impossible with these heavy machines. Their superior effectiveness stems from the fact that they have stronger blades and are at significantly higher horsepower. This inevitably means their rotors generate more speed.

Together with the kind of substances, hard substances they blend, you would expect them to make a hell of a noise. Indeed, they are like factory tools. Using one of these would mean you have to live by the noise and enjoy the quality. And understandably, the higher cost of purchasing.

There are quite some technology firms that produce these blenders. They all add several catches to the products to ensure their brand stands out. One of such companies is Vitamix, the producer of the Quiet One.

Vitamix The Quiet One – Worth the hype?

The Quiet One is only one of their stand-up products widely used. This is a high-performance blending technology outfit widely reputed for cost-effectiveness by matching the efficiency of their products. Their wide range of products are with various cons and pros but all commonly durable and very useful.

A user from Vietnam once remarked that the product is the best he has used in his ten years of experience of managing a hotel chain. Vitamix is dedicated to durability and efficiency while making the gadget easy to use. Also, being a classy brand, their designs ensure their products are straightforward to clean.

With easily wipeable materials, you can keep your Vitamix blenders neat at all times. This is contrary to what is obtainable in many other high-performance blending technology brands.

Some of the foci of this brand include

  • Precision: Vitamix produces commercial blenders with easily adjustable function. In essence, they put you at the seat of efficiency. You can decide the texture of your beverage buy programming it to your taste.
  • Durability: the machines are made for heavy use. So, you should be confident when you are using them. Although heavy use does not mean you are allowed to cut diamonds with them, they are machines that can pretty much handle whatever you throw at them.

Vitamix also makes blenders for household use by only adjusting the specifications to what is needed for the house. You do not want to buy a warhead to kill a rat.

They have three classes of products at Vitamix:

  • Space-saving
  • Classic
  • Smart System

This is an exceptional product from Vitamix. This loyal bro will take in your stuff for you and will not make noise about it. It would even deliver a better-finished product than the other blenders that make noise.

As earlier posited, this quiet commercial blender provides a more conducive environment which could consciously or not, make your customers want to come back. They sense a difference between the atmosphere at your place and that at the nearest available option if they do not have this gadget. With friendly and less stressful interactions with your customers, they can also converse more easily.

Bearing in mind that this takes your business needs many steps further, its uniqueness in no way interferes with its quality. In addition to its primary mechanism of reducing noise pollution significantly, its high-efficiency rate also means you can do much with just one blender – fewer blenders effectively mean less noise.

How quiet is the Vitamix Quiet One?

Two mechanisms are primarily deployed in enacting the sound dampening prowess.

The blending system which generates the noise is adequately insulated from the exterior. With advanced technology to dampen the vibration, there is noise reduction. This insulation is ensured by the Vitamix blender cover of 48 oz. Polycarbonate. This container does the job alongside its crisp engine – air management and an active HP monitor of ≈3 at peak.

These contribute remarkably to its reliability.

You can see it as a muffling technique. It just keeps the sound contained in the container and sealed off from the rest of the room.

Part list of The Quiet One

  • 15092 Splash lid for 48 oz. / 1,4 L Advance® container
  • 15986 Lid only (no plug) for 48 oz. / 1,4 L Advance® container
  • 15985 Two-part lid assembly for 48 oz. / 1,4 L Advance® container
  • 15978 48 oz. / 1,4 L Advance® container, blade assembly & lid assembly
  • 15980 48 oz. / 1,4 L Advance® container only
  • 15979 48 oz. / 1,4 L Advance® container, blade assembly, no lid assembly
  • 15990 Advance® blade agitator assembly
  • 15585 Retainer nut
  • 891 Drive socket
  • 15579 Sound-reducing centering pad
  • 15080 Compact back cover and cover door with removable hinge design
  • 15081 Compact cover door
  • 15082 Compact back cover
  • 15107 Isolation Gasket
  • 15083 In-Counter gasket


Electrical requirements of the blender:

  • 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 amps
  • It utilizes a U.S.A. grounded cord with three prongs.
  • It is recommended that a 20-amp outlet is used per blender
  • The machine should not be used with extension cords.
  • 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1300 – 1550 Watts
  • 100 V (Japan), 50/60 Hz, 1000 Watts

On-Counter Dimensions:

  • 0 in. / 45,7 cm high with lid closed
  • 5 in. / 62,2 cm high with lid open
  • Depth: 10.7 in. / 27,2 cm with handle
  • Width: 8.5 in. / 21,6 cm

In-Counter Dimensions:

  • With Lid Closed: 16.5 in. / 41,9 cm high
  • With Lid open: 3.0 in. / 58,4 cm high
  • Depth: 10.7 in. / 27,2 cm with handle
  • Width: 8.5 in. / 21,6 cm
  • Depth below counter: 1.2 in. / 3,0 cm

Product Reviews

There have been quite some reviews since the quiet commercial blenders were introduced into the market. Its elegance is guaranteed by exquisite design. The ability to discharge its primary function providing the least decibel is commendable. This, however, comes with the burden of great price which is often lamented.

Some users have also decried the warranty policies of the company. They have alleged that the three years granted, is too short especially, considering the cost. It has been advocated that the company should increase the coverage of the guarantee.

An added benefit of the quietest Vitamix blender is its custom container which is made such that the content of the blender can be poured out easily and quickly too. This is to improve user experience, speed and also avoid spillage. These containers come in different cups as it is not found in some other blenders. Depending on the volume of what you are making, you can decide on which to use.

It could be a little complex using the blender too. With six program buttons to give 34 optimized programs and over 90 variable speed, it might be quite tricky trying to use the silent blender for the first time. It could take some time to fully understand the setting and how to arrive at your desired texture. This is aside from the fact that coupling still has to be done. However, it does not get better with most blenders.

The quiet one also comes with a comprehensive manual which could help you quickly get a grasp of the machine. It contains programming instructions tailored to different recipes.

Undoubtedly, this quick smoothie blender is one of the quietest ones around. But if I have the opportunity to speak with the guys at Vitamix, I would want them to make it a little quieter. Sometimes, I feel like there should be a way to plug in an earpiece to the thing and have a more peaceful room.

A user even lamented that the Quiet One was not in fact, quiet at all. She said her decibel meter read it as louder than a conventional commercial blender. The commercials blend was also significantly cheaper, so it was like a waste of money.

While many have commended the relative quietness, this seems to be like a one-off review. If she’s right, I guess it is safe to say some do not adequately insulate the noise at all. For some others, they probably wanted the cemetery kind of quietness, so they had their hopes high. I have listened to the blender well, and although it muffled the sound well, I believe there is still enough room for improvement

Pros and Cons of the Vitamix Quiet One


  • About 21% sound reduction compared to regular blenders
  • Excellence in quality of output
  • 0 Horsepower Motor is powerful motor (3.0 hp)
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive design


  • Cost
  • Warranty of three years
  • Programming errors

Noise is a considerable nuisance. I would not want to imagine what things were like without the quality of blenders we have now. The advent of blenders brought enormous noise. The Quiet One is so far changing that narrative with the dampening technology it utilizes. It reduces noise pollution in your workspace and helps your costumers to converse at their regular volume.

Sadly, the gadget comes at a considerable high cost which in the long run might be worth it.

Although there are important provisions to ensure the blender is easy to use, it still needs some time before one can master its programming to obtain the quality of what you want. Hence, the initial couple of trials might not be the best. But with further use, one is expected to get a grasp of it.

Also, the 3-year warranty on a gadget that costs this much raises eyebrows. If you would be spending money on a device, the warranty on it should significantly adjudge the durability. It most times shows how much the company trusts the product. Should the blender breakdown, the warranty coverage might not be enough.

Parts could be gotten only. But fixing could be difficult and also at a considerable cost. Sometimes, you might have to ship back to Vitamix for repair, bearing the brunt of the cost.


The Vitamix Quiet One review must have helped reveal the quality of the gadget taking into full accounts its uniqueness. I have also made you see the problems that could arise from using the device – one of them being the number of buttons and needed expertise and experience for programming to your desired texture. In all, it is a good product, but as reviewers have clamored, we need something that can reduce the noise more.

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