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Every household needs a blender. The Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend 2 speed is one of the more powerful blenders on the market. It has an intuitive high/low control, and its blade is made of stainless steel. Because of this, it is able to process entire vegetables and fruits consistently, without leaving those nasty large pieces that the cheaper blenders are renowned for.

When you purchase the Vitamix Turboblend Two Speed, you will also receive a very easy to use recipe book, making it simple to create gorgeous, healthy meals for you and your family. Best of all, the recipes have been created by well-known chefs, so you will be able to create some gastronomic meals from the comfort of your own home. It allows you to make soups, smoothies and desserts in a single blender.

The container is 64 ounce in size, making it perfect for larger families or those who want to entertain.

But is this blender worth its money? It certainly isn’t the cheapest one out there. Hopefully, this review will help you decide whether or not it is up to your blenderiffic expectations.

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What You Get

turboblend two speed, stainless steel mixerThe Vitamix Turboblend Two Speed is a machine that has been built and designed to last for years and to give you fantastic blended food every time.

Most commercial food places will use a machine like this, as its motor is incredibly powerful. At 2 horse power, it spins its blades as quickly as 240 mph, which will blend anything you put in it.

It comes with various parts that will make it possible to create a variety of dishes. You can cream, chop, grind, blend, churn, heat and much more.

The machine is self-cleaning, which is very easy to do. It only takes a little bit of warm water and a drop of soap, after which you switch it on high for 30 seconds and it will be sparkling clean again.

When you purchase the machine, you will also receive a full 5 year warranty and you will have on-going community support and new recipe ideas.

The recipes are wonderful. There is a wealth of easy and delicious meals included in the book and it will only take you a few minutes to create each of these delights. The colored recipe book contains no less than 160 different recipes and new recipes will be added through the community support platform.

What Can You Do with the Vitamix?

With your Vitamix Turboblend Two Speed, you have 10 kitchen appliances in one machine. This is why when you compare the Vitamix Turboblend vs any other type of machine, the Vitamix comes out on top.

No other machine is able to do all of the things that the Vitamix can do. One machine can do up to 50 different tasks and it will do them quicker than if you actually had the ten appliances and performed each separate task.


blender blade, mixer bladeIt is very important to be aware of any downsides of a machine as well. The Vitamix Turboblend Two Speed is one of the most expensive blenders on the market. Some people also find that the machine can, from time to time, struggle with hard pieces, like big chunks of carrot. This is because although the blades spin very quickly, they are quite small.

Another problem is that the container isn’t dishwasher safe. Yes, it is a self-cleaning machine, but many would prefer to give the separate parts a deep clean every once in a while. With the Vitamix, this would mean taking it to parts and cleaning it by hand.

Furthermore, the standard container that the machine comes with is quite limited. It only comes with two speeds (high and low).

Last but not least, although the recipe book is extensive, most of the dishes are quite sweet. Fruit smoothies are delicious and healthy, but many users would appreciate a greater amount of savory recipes that are equally healthy.

A blender, after all, is made for more than mashing up baby food and creating tasty summery drinks or a nice cup of Frappuccino. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t just follow the stock standard stuff.


As you can see from what you get with the Vitamix 1782, it is incredibly versatile, easy to use and easy to clean. One particular thing that most customers are very happy with is the fact that if something does go wrong with it, which is incredibly rare, the warranty will kick in and the machine will be fixed in record time.

Something else that sets it apart from other blenders is the fact that it is incredibly quiet. When you compare the Vitamix Turboblend vs a KitchenAid or CuisinArt, for instance, you will often hear that people don’t use their machines too often because of the noise. With the Vitamix, however, spending time in the kitchen will become a real joy.

Our Overall Recommendation

So what do we think?

fast mixer, blending machineIs this machine actually worth its price, or should you choose something different and perhaps cheaper? We feel that the machine is expensive but if you are blending up concoctions quite often it is good to have something that gets the job done.

Having just two speeds, rather than the variable speeds that previous Vitamix machines had, is a bit of a step backwards, but this is reflected in the price, since the 1782 is actually quite a bit cheaper than its predecessor.

On the other hand, it does everything it says it can do and then some – if you have the money to buy the additional containers and pitchers, it certainly becomes a device that packs a hefty blending punch. For the 1782 no blending job is too big or small.

Why Buy it Online?

Price. Buying online will almost guarantee a amazing deal, delivered to your door. They come with a guarantee too, but sometimes these powerhouse blenders move quickly, so get in now!

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