Blenders were the bane of my existence until I discovered the sleek functionality of the Vitamix A2300 blender.

From dull blades that made me continuously have to scrape my ingredients to the bottom of the container to the discomforting smell of an overheated motor, my relationship with my blender was tenuous at best. I had always wanted to incorporate smoothies into my diet, but the prospect of dealing with my low-quality blender made me think otherwise.

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I had struggled with trying to invest in a new blender because the variety of blenders was overwhelming, and I did not know where to start. How would I know I was investing in the right one?

Fortunately, that is where Vitamix came along.

Vitamix came highly suggested by friends and family, and I quickly learned that the right equipment can not only help me make the best smoothies, but also introduce me to recipes and cooking techniques I had never experienced before. If you are looking for a solution to your blender issues, our Vitamix A2300 Review examines one of the top performing blender series in the market that can help turn your nightmarish experiences into a dream.

Vitamix Ascent A2300

The Vitamix ascent blender is a stylish blender that is convenient to use, extremely functional, and rich in features. It combines Vitamix’s well-known, professional-grade qualities with technology that promises versatility. Not to mention, it goes beyond the normal smoothie when it comes to what it can make.

Perfect Speed & Pulse Control

Many will agree that the most important aspect and function of a blender is getting the blending texture correct. From chopping, grinding, pureeing and whole food juicing, Vitamix has you covered.

The Vitamix A2300 blender features variable speed control that allows you to easily refine any food into any texture or consistency you like. There are ten speed control options that allow you to precisely set your food texture with culinary precision. There are also automated blending settings that allow for easy cleaning and walk-away convenience.

Meanwhile, the Vitamix pulse feature gives you more hands-on control over the texture of your mix. The short bursts of the pulse feature can do anything from making garnishes to easily chopping up the toughest vegetables. If you prefer chunky pasta sauces, chunky salsas, or smooth pureed soups, this Vitamix blender can do these and everything in between.

Digital Timer

A digital timer is an extremely convenient addition by Vitamix. With most blenders, you typically have to guess how long you are leaving a mix in the the blender. However, with the Vitamix blender you can easily set the digital timer to the time your recipe calls for and you will end up with the perfect result every single time.

The Vitamix A2300 will display your blending time and count-up until it is finished. To ease the process even more, with the digital timer, the blender’s motor will automatically cut off. The digital timer essentially eliminates the need for you to stand by the blender and keep your finger on the button. All you need to do is set the time and let the blender do its magic.

Powerful Motor

Vitamix blenders have a reputation for using strong horsepower drive motors. Most of the previous generations of Vitamix blenders featured a 2-horsepower motor. However, the Vitamix A2300 features a motor that runs at 2.2 horsepower, so it has a little more gas in its tank than normal Vitamix blenders. This means the motor is a little bit more powerful and can process ingredients faster and more efficiently.

However, a stronger motor does not mean you have to worry about the motor overheating. Vitamix engineers designed their motors with overload protection.

They are also constantly working to improve the air circulation around the motor, so that air is channeled to the overheated locations when it is needed the most. This ensures your motor runs quieter, but also has a longer life. If something should happen, Vitamix even provides a ten-year warranty on its blenders.

High-Quality Blades

Paired up with its powerful motor, the Vitamix A2300 ensures fast and easy blending because of its specially designed blade system. With its laser cut, hard-ended stainless steel blades, the Vitamix ascent blender can handle the toughest ingredients. The blade has a four-point design that creates a vortex effect inside the container. This essentially sucks and folds the ingredients into the blades for a faster, smoother blend.

Self-Detect Technology

What makes the Vitamix ascent series particularly unique is that their motor base adapts to different container sizes. With the self-detect technology, your machine easily reads the size or type of container you have chosen and instantly adjusts its settings.

With this setting, you can create a customized blending system for all your specific needs. So, whether you are preparing for a family of six or just making a morning smoothie to go for yourself, the Vitamix Ascent blender is there to get the job done with nothing more than just changing up the containers.

Wireless Connectivity

Tying into the self-detecting technology, this Vitamix blender incorporates wireless connectivity. This means that the base of your blender model utilizes NFC or Near-Field Communication to distinguish which container you are using. This helps connect both small- and full-sized containers without any extra wires to fuss with. It is important to note, however, that the motor will only run when the base recognizes the container. You can tell the container can be used if it has an NFC tag on the bottom of the container.

You can also pair your Vitamix A2300 with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App on iPhone or Android. Not only can you access 500+ recipes and 17 programs, but you can also adjust the recipes according to the container you are using.

The Finishing Touches

In addition to its high-profile additions, this blender also features some upgrades on the more familiar aspects of a blender. The Vitamix Ascent blender comes with a large container with 64 oz. capacity.

In some cases, the large size can be seen as a negative for people looking to optimize their counter space. However, despite its large capacity, the blender is specially designed for under-the-cabinet placement or storage, so it fits easily on your kitchen counters and gets rid of the exhausting task of moving the blender in and out of cabinets.

This professional-grade blender comes with a clear lid, so it is easier to view all your ingredients during blending. The lid plug also doubles as a great measuring cup. The Vitamix A2300 comes with a tamper for pressing thicker or harder ingredients towards the blades. As such, this eliminates the need to stop the blender every few minutes to scrape down the sides to ensure that everything gets blended in.

Vitamix has ensured that your entire experience is as mess-free as possible by fitting the container with a mess free pouring spout. The angle and design of the container spout lets you serve blends without any spillage.

Lastly, the Vitamix blender is self-cleaning.

All you need to do is blend warm water with a drop of dish soap at your blender’s highest speed. In a minute or less, your blender will be clean as new without any disassembly.

* Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series were equipped to do more than make a smoothie or margarita. Its high-quality durable design can stand up to a variety of recipes.

You can make soup in the blender without the use of a hot stove or pot. The Vitamix hot soup setting utilizes the friction of the 2.2 horsepower motor and the stainless-steel blades to bring the soup to a hot serving temperature right in the actual blender container. The motor generates enough heat to transfer it through the blender and into your soup.

Not only do you get a delicious, smooth, hot soup, but you also reduce the need to break out extra kitchen gear. Not to mention, your cook time is heavily reduced by the powerful and efficient motor.

If you are a fan of nut butters, but do not want to spend money on store-bought nut butters, this blender has the power you need to grind your favorite nuts into a delicious and smooth Vitamix nut butter. From almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter or whatever mix you prefer, fresh and homemade nut butter is within your grasp.

If you prefer freshly ground coffee in the morning, there is no need to buy an individual coffee grinder — just grind your coffee beans in your Vitamix blender.

This blender is adaptable to more than your typical blender foods. In addition to handling your hot soups and smooth nut butters, the Vitamix blender blades can easily cut through frozen fruit to give you delicious chilled desserts like ice cream and sorbet.

If you are a baker, you are also in luck. This Vitamix blender can also mix all your favorite cake, cookie, waffle, muffin, and crepe batters. It can also easily knead dough so you can give your hands a rest.

The possibilities are endless with the Vitamix blender.

Cooking and baking become less of a chore and more of an enjoyable activity. With Vitamix, eating healthy and good food does not require any extra work on your part.


  1. The Vitamix A2300 Ascent model features up to 10 variable speeds that give you more control over the texture of your blends.
  2. It also features a pulse switch to give you more control over your blender’s chopping capabilities.
  3. This Vitamix blender features a digital count-up timer that gets rid of the timing guesswork from cooking.
  4. Like the rest of the ascent series, this blender has a self-detect, wireless technology that helps your machine adapt to a variety of container sizes.
  5. Its low-profile design makes its easy to store.
  6. There is a 10-year warranty and Vitamix does pay for shipping to and from the company for repairs.
  7. It can self-clean and is also dishwasher-safe.


  1. This model does not feature a touchscreen.
  2. It does not have a countdown timer.
  3. While it does come with the self-detect technology, other container sizes are not included and must be purchased separately.
  4. One user reported that the container can get scratched up by hard ingredients, like ice.
  5. The Vitamix A2300 does not have any preset programs.
  6. Some users reported the motor overheating.

Why Vitamix?

With a history that goes back to 1949, Vitamix blenders have always found ways to help families incorporate whole foods into their diets in order to eat healthier. Since 1949, Vitamix has not stopped their search for high performing, reliable blending solutions that not only add to the durability of their blenders, but also nourish a passion for life and cooking.

Vitamix blenders are beyond your average, store-bought blender. Vitamix takes blenders beyond the simple, once-in-a-while smoothie or blender and makes blenders that are fit for everyday use and go beyond the norm. The versatility and user-friendly quality of Vitamix makes these blenders a familiar component in both the everyday household and professional-grade kitchen.

In either environment, Vitamix blenders still perform the same, high-quality job of making your chopping and blending experience easier. So, whether you are a novice home cook or a professional chef in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen, Vitamix blenders are the ideal companion for managing advanced cooking techniques or just trying to make the perfect smoothie.

Additionally, Vitamix blenders are equipped to consistently get the best out of your ingredients. Rather than trying to have the highest horsepower, Vitamix focuses and harnesses energy in a way that keeps every aspect of the Vitamix machine working efficiently. The rate at which the Vitamix motor and its blades pulverize and blend ingredients ensures that you get the best flavor and extract the most vitamins and minerals from your ingredients.

That being said, if you struggle to get your kids or other picky eaters to eat certain fruits or vegetables, a Vitamix blender is the easiest way to mask foods they do not like. A Vitamix blender easily homogenizes ingredients and marries flavors together to create food your picky eaters actually want to eat.

Moreover, from its specially designed four, stainless steel blade system and its powerful motor, Vitamix blenders are meant to last. Rather than buy disposable, Vitamix wants you to buy dependable, which is great. Some users have raved that Vitamix blenders last so long that you can even pass them onto your children.

Vitamix Ascent Series

While Vitamix has a foundational design that has yet to fail them, their innovation is still evolving. In addition to Vitamix’s already high-performing aspects, the Vitamin Ascent series integrates the latest technology in a sleek, low-profile design that fits anyone’s kitchen. This high performing series of blenders, including the Vitamix A2300, has self-detecting technology that makes the machine compatible to a variety of container sizes.

The Ascent series offers a full-sized 64-ounce container that can do personalized tasks in smaller, to-go containers. No matter what size of container you attach, the self-detect technology helps the machine adjust the settings according to the container you have chosen.

Along with the ascent series, Vitamix has also increased their warranty to ten years along with the promise that they will pay for shipping both ways if you need to send your blender in for repairs.


In a time where we constantly demand more and more efficiency and immediacy with how our time is spent, it makes sense that blenders are becoming a part of answering that demand. With products, like the Vitamix A2300, blenders are becoming more tech savvy, more versatile, and more efficient to get the best out of your ingredients.

Used by both professional chefs and home cooks, Vitamix erases the notion that blenders are just meant for making smoothies or milkshakes and elevates blenders to a viable substitute for other kitchen appliances. If you find that you want to move past the basic smoothie stage and want to expand your cooking horizons, Vitamix lets you do that with just the push of a button.

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Now, there is no such thing as a perfect blender, and appliances are bound to have their faulty moments every now and then. However, with mostly positive reviews and ratings by users, you will find that your money is in the right place with this Vitamix blender.

If you are looking for a way to expedite and enhance your experience in the kitchen, we encourage you to take a look at our Vitamix A2300 Review and decide if this blender will indeed become your new kitchen companion.


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