In a market where the variety of compact, high-performing blenders can be overwhelming, the Vitamix S30 cuts through the competition.

I know all too well the struggle of trying to get single servings out of large capacity blenders, and how a lack of versatility makes it difficult to find other uses for a blender. Not to mention, the mess and inevitable leftovers are a pain to deal with.

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If you relate to these problems, the Vitamix S30 might just be your solution, and our Vitamix S30 Review will show you how. With 10 variable speeds and its specially designed stainless-steel blades, this blender packs quite a powerful punch in a sleek, compact design.

The S30’s interchangeable container sizes and removable blade base make it extremely easy for you to get perfectly-measured single or double servings. While the Vitamix S30 does not have the same amount of power as its larger models, you will find that this blender still delivers high-quality, smooth blends in a swift and efficient manner.

Vitamix S Series

The Vitamix S Series is one of Vitamix’s unique series that answers the need for a personal blender. The S Series emphasizes portability and versatility in a space saving design. If you are on the market for a more compact blender that is ideal for individuals or small families, the Vitamix S Series might be for you. Other than the Vitamix S30, the S Series features two other space-saving blenders in this line: the Vitamix S50 and Vitamix S55.

The only thing that distinguishes these two later models is that they include preset programs alongside the 10 variable speed dial. The S50 has two additional pre-set programs and the S55 has four additional pre-set programs. Otherwise, these later models are virtually identical to the S30, which we will talk about below.

While this particular line takes a step down from Vitamix’s characteristic power and capacity, the Vitamix S Series is still quite functional and works for anyone with limited counter space or someone who has an on-the-go lifestyle and prefers a bullet type container that can turn into a to-go cup.

Product Review

* Vitamix S30 S-Series Blender, Professional-Grade

The Vitamix s30 is a high performance, professional grade, personal blender that has the power to deliver consistent, high-quality blends of a variety of ingredients. It matches the versatility of a high-performance blender with the convenience of a personal Vitamix small blender.

Two Versatile Container Sizes

With the Vitamix S Series, you can easily create double or single servings. This Vitamix S30 blender contains two BPA-free containers: a 20-ounce container and a 40-ounce container.

The 20-ounce container is perfect for single servings. The 20-ounce container was also designed with travelers or on-the-go people in mind as it easily turns into a Vitamix to go cup with a flip-top lid. This is a great way to enjoy healthy food on the go without any extra mess.

The 20-ounce container also features double-wall insulation.

This prevents condensation from colder drinks and protects your hands from hot drinks. As such, no matter what your blend is, it will be kept at its optimum temperature so you can enjoy it longer.

You can also make bigger batches with the 40-ounce container. The 40-ounce container comes with a spill-proof, vented gripper lid that releases excess heat and pressure when blending hot liquids. It also has a removable chute where ingredients can be easily added during blending.

Unlike the 20-ounce container, the 40-ounce container also comes with a tamper that helps with tougher blends, like nut butters and ice creams. Additionally, the tamper has a flange that stops it short on the lid.

As such, the tamper can get close to the blades without actually touching them. With the 40-ounce container, you can easily make family-sized batches of a variety of Vitamix S30 recipes, such as soups, sauces, frozen desserts and more.

Speed Control and Pulse Feature

While it does not feature any blending presets like other high-performing Vitamix blender series, the Vitamix S30 features 10 variable high-powered speeds with an RPM range of 500 to 37,000. With 10 variable speeds, you can refine any ingredient to any texture you like.

So, whether you are trying to make smooth nut butters or slice through hearty vegetables for soup, the variable speeds provide you with the right amount of power to consistently create your desired texture. The variable speeds are easy to control due to a user-friendly dial located on the front of the motor base. The design is sleek and easy to read, so just about anyone can use this Vitamix small blender with little trouble.

For even more blending control, there is a Vitamix pulse feature located at the top of the of the dial. To pulse, you simply have to turn the speed dial to the left and quickly release. The pulse feature makes it easy to have precise control over the texture of your blend. Say you want to have a thick pureed soup with chunky vegetables dispersed throughout the mixture. The pulse feature allows you to layer coarsely-chopped ingredients over smoother blends.

What makes the S30 even more user-friendly is that it features an interlocking safety system. This means if you or your child happens to bump or jostle the Vitamix S30, the machine automatically turns off, preventing any spillage or mess.

To reset your blender, the dial must be set back to the Stop (O) option. This is a thoughtful safety feature that protects you and your family as well as your blender and motor against any potential damage.

High-Quality Blade Design

The Vitamix S30 features four 3-inch laser-cut aircraft-grade, stainless steel blades. Vitamix carefully laser cuts their blender blades, so each prong’s surface has a blunt edge and a specific angle.

Altogether the blades simultaneously slice and pulverize ingredients for a perfect blend. Whether you are trying to slice through nuts, frozen fruit, or even just mixing a light pancake or cookie batter, the blades of a Vitamix S30 are prepared to give you the easiest blending experience possible.

Not only that, the efficiency of Vitamix blender blades ensures that you get the full flavor potential and nutrients from every ingredient. Additionally, Vitamix containers are specially-designed to create a controlled vortex that continuously folds ingredients towards the blades. The blade system ensures your ingredients are effectively and efficiently blended every time.

The blades make this Vitamix blender super helpful for food prep in the kitchen.

If you need to make a chunky topping or just cut up vegetables for a stir fry, a few turns on the speed dial will result in perfectly cut ingredients in no time. You can also use your Vitamix S30 blender to grind up flours, spices, nut butters, and even your morning coffee.

Additionally, the Vitamix S Series blade base is removable and can be interchanged between the 20-ounce container and the 40-ounce container. The blade base also features a rubber seal that not only makes the containers leak proof, but it also provides a barrier between the blades and your fingers. This reduces the chances of cutting your fingers on the blades during clean up or assembly.

High-Performing Motor

The products in the S Series might be small, but they are still quite powerful. Vitamix takes a lot of pride in creating motors that are powerful and long-lasting. Vitamix typically equips their blenders with a horsepower motor. In particular, the Vitamix S30 has a horsepower motor, drawing around 790 watts of power. In comparison to larger Vitamix blenders, which have a 2.2 horsepower motor, this Vitamix small blender is slightly less powerful, but much quieter.

Additionally, the slightly less powerful motor does not provide the same amount of heat as larger Vitamix models to heat soup ingredients to a perfect, serving temperature. That is not to say you cannot use the S30 to make soups at all. For hot soups, you can still puree your ingredients in the S30, but you might need to heat up the mixture in a saucepan before serving. However, there are a wide variety of Vitamix S30 recipes for chilled soup that you might enjoy.

On top of that, Vitamix blenders also have built-in safeguards against overheating. Vitamix engineers have devised a motor with perfect air circulation that channels cooling air to overheated areas. This not only helps your motor be quieter, but also increases the longevity of your motor so it might live past its 5-month warranty.

Overall Compact Design

The Vitamix S Series is designed with compatibility in mind. With the 20-ounce container on the motor base, the entire blender stands at around 14.5 inches tall. With the 40-ounce container, the blenders stand around 15.6 inches tall.

The Vitamix S30 weighs 12 pounds and has a four-foot power cord. Altogether, the Vitamix S30 can fit on most countertops and underneath most overhanging cabinets, making it an ideal addition to anyone’s kitchen.

Pros & Cons of the Vitamix S30


  • The 20-ounce container is perfect for blending single servings and can be used on the go.
  • The 20-ounce container is durable and double-layered for insulation.
  • The motor and blades make for a fast and precise blend.
  • It is easy to clean up. Just fill it up with water and some soap and let it blend for a few minutes.
  • They are also dishwasher-safe.
  • The blades and variable speed allow for a variety of blending options.
  • The S30 is designed to save kitchen counter space.


  • The 20-ounce container does not come with a tamper, which makes it harder to deal with tougher blends.
  • Some users have found that their ingredients leaked onto the blade and motor base.
  • The blender requires a specific order of food placement in the blender in order to get the best results.
  • The motor is not powerful enough to heat soups.
  • The 20-ounce container does not have the capacity or ventilation system to handle making hot dishes like soups.
  • Unlike larger Vitamix blenders, you cannot knead doughs with this blender.
  • Other Vitamix containers, like the G and C series, are not compatible with the S series.

Final Thoughts on Vitamix S30

Now, the Vitamix S30 has a few shortcomings. The slightly weaker motor strength, the overall smaller capacity, and the fact that the two interchangeable container sizes do not always perform at the same level definitely were of concern. However, these things do not discount the fact that this blender still delivers the most high-quality, smooth blends in an efficient manner.

Even though the 20-ounce container cannot handle tough blends like ice creams and nut butter, the container’s portability still allows me to take healthy, delicious smoothies to work. Also, the container’s insulation stays cooler for longer.

Moreover, while I cannot make ready-to-serve soups straight from the container, I still get high-quality purees that can taste amazing as a chilled soup too. This is all to say that the S30 has several advantages and disadvantages, but it is definitely worth a try.

It is sometimes strange to think that blenders have to do more than make smoothies, but Vitamix has helped me see that I can achieve more with my meals with their blenders. The Vitamix S30 has not only helped me eat healthier, but it has also expanded my cooking skills and helped me be more adventurous with my palette. I hope it does the same with others.

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With Vitamix, your cooking experience is streamlined into one cooking appliance that fits beautifully in any kind of kitchen. If you find yourself wavering between the many compact blender options out there, I hope our Vitamix s30 Review has helped in your search and has shown you how the Vitamix S30 can bring convenience to your blending endeavors.


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