Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill Review

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Last Update May 2018 – Everyone loves a good toasted sandwhich but one thing about the older style sandwhich presses was that they were difficult to clean and didn’t really get that hot. Well these days toasted sandwhich grills have taken it up a notch and you can basically use them as a grill for everything from bacon and eggs to cuts of meat.

One that has been making waves recently is the Breville Smart Grill BGR820XL – Lets have a look at why it is said to be a cut above the rest.

What exactly is this Breville Smart Grilling Machine?

This indoor grill from Breville is an answer to all your grilling needs. Quite often, people complain that the results that you get with an indoor grill are not as great as the ones you get with an outdoor grill. But this breville smart grill would put all such apprehensions to rest as it is a high power grill that can cook food quickly and at high temperatures.

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It preheats extremely fast, and reaches the desired temperature quickly. It comes with an efficient thermometer that helps maintain accurate temperature and has 6 different heights and special settings for different cooking modes which makes it an extremely efficient grill.

With this grill, you can achieve temperatures between 310 to 450 degrees which means you can grill everything from fish to steak.

Who it’s good for

This smart grill gives you the freedom to grill your food from the convenience of your kitchen, whenever you want. Whether you want to grill Panini for breakfast or make a steak dinner, this piece of equipment can do the job.

Perfect for singles or couples in smaller apartments or for families with kids who love toasted bagels the breville smart grill bgr820xl can cater for pretty much anyone.

It is a great choice for people who find handling the conventional grills cumbersome. Using this smart grill is a breeze, and you can grill a variety of food items in a hassle free manner.

The Breville smart grill has a reasonably large size to accommodate a good amount of food at a time, but it can be locked and tucked into any of the kitchen cabinets when not in use.

So, whether you have a small condo or a huge house, this smart grill will make a great investment.

What benefits can I expect ?

The Breville bgr820xl is a highly functional and efficient kitchen appliance. At 1800 watts, this grill has a much higher power than any other indoor grill that you will find on the market.

The griddle plate and the grills heat up using smart technology, which allows it to compensate when it notices cold food on the plate, it then injects extra heat to bring the temperature back up to the correct level.

It is adequately sized to hold a reasonable amount of food for a group of people. The grease tray gets conveniently pulled up without spilling the oil, and cleaning this grill is extremely simple.

The griddle plate and grills are dishwasher safe, so after a quick rinse the dishwasher takes care of the rest.

It is a highly versatile grill, and lets you cook a variety of recipes. You can achieve precise temperatures, and the 6 different height settings give you immense control over the heat.

This handy little grill from breville is designed to last, so you can expect it to serve you for years without requiring much maintenance.

Are there any disadvantages?

It is slightly difficult to find any faults with this grill, but the only thing that can turn off some people is the price.

Its price is slightly higher than the other indoor grills available on the market but as they say, you get only what you pay for.

The final verdict

The Breville bgr820xl smart grill is undoubtedly a great product for anyone looking for a high quality benchtop grill. It is easy to clean and offers the quality of an outdoor gas grill, but in the convenience of your own kitchen.

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