Breville Sous Chef BFP 800XL Food Processor Review

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Breville Sous Chef BFP 800XL Food Processor Review
 (Updated May 2017) – Straight from the house of an Australian home appliance goliath, Brevillecomes a comprehensive food processing machine-the Breville Sous Chef BFP 800xl with easy-to-use functionalities and gamut of features to make your life a whole lot simpler.

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Let’s take a look at the Breville Sous Chef BFP 800xl -its advantages, functionalities, and disadvantages.

breville sous 5Overview

With a unique design and inimitable performance, the Breville bfp800xl Food Processoris a quintessential product for every household andfor small to medium size commercial kitchens.

From functionalities like cutting andslicing veggies/fruit in optimum sizes at rapid paceto incorporating a body that is made to last; this food processor is technological brilliance at its finest.

This particular breed of processoroffers a widefeed chute making it convenient for users to put in fruit and vegetables without dicing them beforehand. Moreover, with its razor-sharp 8 blades and discs attachments it means less of prep time and more time to do other things.


breville sous 1Among the detachable discs,one is adjustable disc and can be set to 24 different slicing options for making slices of varied thickness (from 0.3mm- to 0.8mm-at the thickest). The other discs,which come with the set, are a julienne disc, a changeable shredding disc and a whisking disc.

Apart from discs, the Breville Food Processor Sous Chefcomes with blades whichcan flawlessly perform functions like kneading and mixing both dry and wet ingredients. It also has a general “S blade”which is micro-serrated and one mini-blade,which is commonly fitted in a mini-jar of this food processor.

Two other important attachments are the 16 cup large jar and 2.5 cup mini jar. The large jardeliversperfect processing for hearty bowls of soups and other ingredients while the smaller oneis ideal for grinding and chopping small servings like nuts and sauces.

With an exceptional combination of cutting, slicing and mixing facilitiesplus a wonderfully wide feeding chute, it barely comes as a surprise that it bagged thetop food processor award adjudicated by a leading American products reviewer!

breville sous 2Who the Breville food processor is for?

A perfect fit for people devoid of time! Thanks to its speedy and sturdy motor, multiple blades, and ease of storing – courtesy of jarsthat come with the set, this product is quite handy as you can instantly knead dough, mix ingredients and even whip cream for sinful desserts!

The long and short of it- If you see yourself as anuber cool party host with a huge spread on the tableor maybe you arehoning your skills to be a better chef, the Breville Food Processor Sous chef should be in yourkitchen, period.


breville sous 3Key Features and benefits 

  • The base of the body of this processor is made with sturdy die-cast metalwhich increases the longevity of product.
  • The Drive motor is highly effective with a security braking system.
  • Rubber feet are non-skid in nature.
  • BPA free accessories and parts.
  • Count-down and count-up timer with LCD display allows you to set the required time for food processing.
  • 2 different sized processing bowls (16 cup and 2.5 cup).
  • Large feed chute allows you to feed fruit and veggies of all sizes and shapes.
  • Safety system for feed chute doesn’t allow the motor to start unless the processing bowl, cover and the large pusher are locked correctly in the position.
  • Small food pusher aids processing of small ingredients and also serves as a measuring cup.
  • Large food pusher helps in feeding the ingredients into the wide chute.
  • Silicon seal ensures that any kind of leakage is kept at bay while large volumes of fluids are being processed.

breville sous 4

Are there any disadvantages associated ?

After going full hog and in considering every aspect, in spite of its wonderful features and unparalleledoperation, this food processor is not an ideal choice if you are looking to befit for a fully-fledged commercial kitchen.

It is not suitable for a commercial kitchen because kneading large quantities of dough or performing large amounts of cutting and slicing seems tedious and time guzzling.

Final Verdict!

Considering the pros and cons of theBreville sous chefbfp800xl in totality, one thing is pretty clear, this product should be a part of your ultimate kitchen arsenal!

No second thoughts from us – “here- just take my money! “

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