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Chopping and slicing are probably the most tedious and tiring tasks that you have to perform in the kitchen. However, the importance of this task cannot be undermined; the quality of your slicing ability does have an impact on the quality of your food.

meat chopping machine, meat cutting machineIf you need thin, evenly sliced strips of prosciutto or parma ham, you need a super sharp knife and a lot of skill to get them just right.

Hacking away at a leg of ham results in a pile of uneven chunks of meat – not appealing – food has to look good, lots of people spend money on high-quality products only to have it look like a dog’s breakfast when they serve it on a plate.

But is there a way to get your slices perfect in no time?

Sure there is, you can easily find a meat slicer that can make slicing a breeze for you. Of the various models available on the market, our personal choice is The Chef choice meat slicer 615.

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It offers a convenient and highly efficient way to slice a variety of food items like meat, poultry, vegetables, bread, and cheese. It is a boon for any homemaker as it offers the ease of operation suited to a domestic user, but has the efficiency of a commercial-grade slicer.

The Chefs choice meat slicer can significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen, and can highly improve the quality of your slices and cuts, so you can spend more time on the fun stuff – like eating and drinking!

An insight into the features

This meat slicer is a piece of feature-rich simple equipment that has all your needs of slicing covered. You can now get restaurant-quality clean slices at home at the press of a button, and in absolutely no time at all.

This versatile meat slicer comes with a host of features that allow you to slice a number of food items efficiently, and in a perfectly safe manner. It is super sturdy and all the components are made of stainless steel and cast aluminum. So, it can serve you for years without causing grief.

The Chefs choice meat slicer is a reasonably compact piece of equipment (14inch X 10inch X 10inch approx), and weighs about 11 pounds (5kgs) . It can easily fit on any countertop or can be stored in a cabinet when not in use.

It comes with a powerful, high torque motor, which runs smoothly and makes even heavy-duty slicing a breeze.  Domestic users are sometimes wary of using these automatic slicers for the fear of getting their fingers sliced, but this one comes with quite a lot of safety features like the metal food pusher and the carriage lock.

food cutting machine, food chopping machineIt comes with a 7 inch serrated blade that can easily slice meat, vegetables, bread, cheese, and poultry with equal efficiency. Even some thick and hard food items like fresh veggies can be sliced with extreme ease.

The best thing about this slicer is the easy control that you have over thickness. The instructions are all on one page and very easy to follow. Simple, easy and safe to use.

Who it’s good for

We would say pretty much anyone who spends a large part of their kitchen time slicing. It is a great respite for all those families that love to play a host. When you are cooking for so many people, the biggest trouble is slicing and getting it right.

With the chefs choice meat slicer you can put all your troubles to rest, and get extremely fine and clean slices the way you want. Also for people who like to smoke and cure their own meats or like to buy meat unsliced so that it keeps better. It is perfect for slicing bacon at home but is also good enough for use in a small café or deli.

Bottom line

The chef choice meat slicer is an essential kitchen tool. If you own a small café or deli, make loads of sandwiches or just really could use a slicer in your kitchen then this piece of equipment will satisfy all your slicing your needs.

You could probably find the Chef choice meat slicer 615 in most homeware stores but why pay more than you have to?

Check out the price available online and get it delivered to your door.


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