Have you ever wondered why so many people are choosing Cuisinart slow cookers?

Well, get ready to stop wondering. You’d be stunned at how efficiently these slow cookers work. Time in the kitchen has never been easier or more stress-free. With that said, let’s take a look at not one of the best Cuisinart slow cooker reviewed, but four!

You’ve probably been there: faced with a situation where you have to leave your home very early in the morning, say, around 6:45 am. Though you may choose to have cornflakes or bread and tea for a quick breakfast, you certainly won’t settle for something so hasty for dinner.

Having a slow cooker offers you the luxury of throwing in all your favorite ingredients, leaving for work, and returning home in the evening to enjoy a hot one-pot meal.

Reviewing the Top 4 Best Cuisinart Slow Cooker

PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker

It is a perfect size for small meals for 1-2 people, with limited leftovers.

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PSC-650 Programmable Slow Cooker

Every family needs this generously sized cooker to prepare their meals.

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MSC-800 Cook Central Multi Cooker

A very exciting feature of this appliance is its ability to brown.

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6.5-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Its 6.5-quart capacity makes a great choice for every family.

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Below are four examples to consider when looking for the best cuisinart slow cooker, each of them super easy to use.

✔️ Cuisinart 3-1/2-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

This brushed stainless steel appliance is specially designed to have your one-pot meal ready for you to enjoy. The Art of Slow Cooking is an age-old method that can be enjoyably maximized with this cooker. One needn’t toil with this machine; it’ll make your day by making some of your favorite recipes with comparatively little effort on your part.

Anyone with a busy schedule stands to benefit from this appliance when it comes to having healthy, home-cooked meals. After a hectic day at work or a busy week, dinner can be set and served, just like that. Simply add the ingredients of your recipe to a part of the cooker called the unit’s ceramic pot. Then, insert the pot into the cooker and set the 24-hour LCD countdown timer.

This Cuisinart programmable slow cooker is perfect for all kind of meals like soups, casseroles, curries, etc. Its 3-1/2 quart capacity perfectly serves small families, but it’s also suitable for bachelors or bachelorettes who could use some leftovers later in the week.

We just love this Cuisinart product.

It’s the perfect size when making small meals for 1-2 people, though the leftovers could be more substantial. Really, you can only pull off small recipes and it generally isn’t the best for large meals or meals intended to feed 3-5 people. In general, make sure that any crock pot you use is filled to 2/3rds the volume, not the top. Due to this one’s small size compared to that of bigger slow cookers, the 3-½ pot is easy to clean.

I should also state here that this Cuisinart product is BPA-free, same with every part of that comes into contact with your food.

A magnificent feature of this BPA Free Slow Cooker is the construction and quality of its pot. The lid is of a high standard and beautifully thick. There actually doesn’t seem to be any need for it to be heavier while cooking. It builds up condensed water around the ring of the lid and sends out bubbles when cooking while expelling steam continually.

Frankly speaking, the very first time we tried out a recipe using this Cuisinart programmable slow cooker, it wasn’t flawless. It was quite difficult for us to accurately set the timer and leave it to cook, which means we weren’t able to follow the exact times on the cooking recipe at first. We discovered that our recipes started cooking earlier than we thought, and the result was an overcooked meal.

What I’m saying is, if you use this appliance to make a recipe and you realize that your meal is dryer or overcooked, it’s not unusual. Just reduce the time the next time you try that same recipe.

With this knowledge, our recipe was much better the second time. Every new piece of kitchenware has a learning curve.

And guess what? They have kept being great.

In addition, if you plan on cooking meat with this appliance, rather than checking every minute if it’s properly cooked and adding unnecessary cooking time, simply test it with a Probe thermometer for safe cooking.

Another good thing about the BPA-free slow cooker is that it provides a user-friendly touchpad control panel with four cooking modes: high, low, simmer and warm. Immediately when the duration for the cooking ends, the appliance automatically changes to another feature known as the “warm” setting. This way, your dinner is kept warm without being overcooked.

Other exciting features include a glass lid for monitoring the cooking process. Some enjoy watching the simmering and mixing that takes place in the unit’s ceramic pot. Well, if you fall in that category, then thanks to the glass lid, your cooking expedition has become that much more memorable. It’s also got nonslip rubber feet and side handles for carrying.


  • Prepares your favorite recipe without burning.
  • Perfect for 2-3 persons with some leftovers.
  • Automated switch to warming mode (this is really nice).
  • Portable with a very attractive and solid casing.


  • Troubleshooting issues, if faulty.
  • High cost.
  • Some parts may not be exactly durable like the crock pot, LED light.

✔️ Cuisinart PSC-650

Every family needs this generously-sized cooker to prepare their meals.

This is because this appliance is delightfully fitted with nice features like 24-hour cook time, digital countdown timer and three cooking modes. This Cuisinart programmable slow cooker is designed in such a way that once your cooking is done, it automatically changes to Keep Warm, making sure that favorite recipe of yours is ready even if your noon outing goes late.

Now is an appropriate time for me to share an experience of mine with you. I have used quite a number of slow cookers and they have all had one similar problem: failure to keep a warm setting that didn’t either overcook or burn the food. But when using this PSC-650 Cuisinart Programmable slow cooker, I checked its unit and noticed that it stabilized at 198 degrees Fahrenheit on high as well as 148 degrees Fahrenheit at warm.

At these temperatures, it has not yielded any overcooked food.

After you have had dinner, clean-up is pretty easy as both the ceramic cooking pot and dishwasher are safe. That’s right — you’ve got yourself a Dishwasher Safe Slow Cooker!  When washing, I suggest you wash the casing, crock, and lid of your appliance with soapy water.

Through this operation, you could test the authenticity of your cooker by filling the crock halfway with water. If authentic, any manufacturing oil left will not burn unto the stainless steel base. In wiping off moisture from your cooker, I would recommend you use a microfiber cloth.

Another beautiful thing about this slow cooker is the amazing crock whose insert is designed to permit the entry of large items. Also, the crock’s handles make it easy to lift. It was actually easy for me, turning the crock in the sink when washing it by hand. This crock pot insert is a big plus for this appliance, considering the fact that one won’t have to purchase any of those expensive crock pot inserts that have a non-stick coating, which are hardly durable.

The self-coiling electric cord would be a nice feature if it fully retracted. However, this issue can be dealt with pretty easily. What I usually do is put a plastic plug prong protector over the prongs to keep it from scratching anything when the unit is not being used.

Other delightful features include a glass lid with stainless steel rim and chrome-plated knob, a standard cooking rack for use, recipe book with 70 basic gourmet dishes, non-slip rubber feet, etc.

This Cuisinart slow cooker is designed for today’s busy lifestyles. It keeps your mind at ease as you go about your daily activities; you can be assured that a ready meal will be waiting when you return. Dinner time has never been pleasant.


  • It has a solid crackpot.
  • Beautiful stainless steel casing.
  • Simple and quite effective.
  • Good control of time and temperature.
  • Ideal to make a fantastic meal for a family with some leftovers.


  • Has some design flaws.
  • Quite susceptible to power failures.
  • Might not hit beyond 88 degrees Celsius after five hours on high.
  • Occasional durability issues.

✔️ Cuisinart MSC-800 Cook Central 4-in-1 Multi-Cooker, 7 quart

This Cuisinart MSC-800 Cook Central offers you the opportunity to cook your sumptuous meals without having to fire up the stovetop. A very exciting feature of this appliance is its ability to brown. It doesn’t just brown but does it astonishingly well, making possible different browning-range temperatures.

Though it could take a little while to warm up to its highest temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it is excellent at browning meats and vegetables before braising is done. Also, it has a perfect Low setting and an impeccable Stay function. For now, we use it mainly for soups, stews, and others, but not steaming — though it might just steam right, considering its range of temperatures and adequate fitting lid.

You may want to ask how browning takes place with this Cuisinart Stovetop slow cooker. Well, the manual is available online to help you with that, but let me just whet your appetite a bit. Brown your ingredients in the Cook Central and then Slow Cook modes with one button for an express one-pot combination recipe.

The controls for time, preset and temperature make slow cooking, roasting and even steaming (if you choose to) easy. With the Cook Central, dinner is a certainty and programmed ahead of time so your meal is ready at the exact time you want it. The warm keep feature is also present to ensure your meal conserves warmth no matter how long you are held up in serious traffic on your way home.

Some people may cling to that archaic mentality of staying frugal no matter what and as such may not consider buying this product despite the fact that they can afford it. If you belong to that school of thought, please reconsider. I remember when doing research on which slow cooker to buy, I was falling victim to this pitfall time and time again. Eventually I pushed myself and finally placed the order.

And I am pretty glad I did!

Whenever I make special delicacies of mine like the Taco soup, I usually enjoy browning my hamburger and switching over to the slow cooking settings after I have added other ingredients. Trust me, if you enjoy cooking so much as I do, you will love this slow cooker. A young man once told me that cooking was like a herculean task to him. But everything changed when he bought this slow cooker.

Another adorable feature is the Removable Cast Aluminum Pot which supports easy clean-up no matter how slowly you roast any kind of sticky meat (like pork). On top of that, you’ve got a dishwasher-safe cooking pot and lid. There is also an extra- large backlight LCD display that makes reading time and temperature settings easy, alongside a convenient retractable cord to keep counters free from clutter.

I bet you would like to have a clear view of your ingredients while you slow cook; well, a transparent glass lid is handy for just this reason.


  • Browns/roasts/sautes very well
  • Offers a lot of options
  • Makes for a super easy clean-up.


  • It is very expensive.
  • It is cumbersome and therefore covers a lot of space
  • Steaming rack is prone to rust.

✔️ Cuisinart 6.5-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

This Cuisinart programmable slow cooker makes cooking way easier compared to others. It is a great choice for any family. It is a very good cooker for making stock. Using this cooker, we make over 10 cups of broth each time. We also utilize it in making nice chili and stews.

The features I find remarkable about this Cuisinart 6.5-quart slow cooker are first its solid handle (though it may not be able to withstand many long simmers). Next, are its raised legs, then its four programmable settings, as usual: hot, low, simmer and warm. It can be programmed for up to 24 hours. Finally, its 6.5-quart capacity is something that makes it beautifully unique.


  • Suitable for cold weather.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Great choice for stock.


  • Durability issues.
  • Temperature could be erratic.

Do you actually need a Cuisinart slow cooker?

Buying a slow cooker broadens one’s abilities dramatically.

Imagine a scenario where you are just starting to make a meal for the entire family and you get a call requesting your immediate attention. Instead of abandoning the whole thing and dashing out of the house, you could take a few minutes to throw everything into the slow cooker and then head out without compromising on anything.

Such is one of the importance of having a Cuisinart slow cooker. The Cuisinart slow cooker is a huge time saver!

Aside from the fact that it greatly saves time, the Cuisinart slow cooker is a sound meat tenderizer and is capable of combining flavors for delectable dishes. It can prepare all kinds of dishes, no matter the occasion.

Desserts are not left out!

Its manner of operation should be discussed as well. Contrary to many people’s assumptions, it is quite easy to operate, to serve from and to clean.

The last but definitely not the least reason why you should consider buying a Cuisinart slow cooker is that slow cooking promotes good health. Cooking on high heat causes the nutrients (minerals, vitamins, etc.) found in food to be broken down; not only that, cooking on high heat gives rise to chemical compounds that are harmful to health. It has been medically proven that these unhealthy compounds are causes of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and renal complications.

Cooking at low heat, on the other hand, ensures the preservation of nutrients contained in food and prevents the production of harmful chemicals. These meals end up looking very fresh and flavorful. Overcooked or burnt food becomes a thing of the past.


There is no better time to acquire one of the best Cuisinart slow cookers; this is the conclusion you probably came to as we discussed the best Cuisinart slow cooker review. It is an extremely useful addition to your home, canteen or restaurant.

I mean, it’s just fun putting your ingredients in an appliance and programming it to cook your meal. Plus, the convenience of coming home to a warm, ready meal — nothing can beat that. Say goodbye to worrying where and when you’re going to procure your dinner on those late nights at the office.

Also, the ingredients used in slow cooking are usually inexpensive. So, the great thing about using these best Cuisinart slow cookers is that you save money on gas or electricity since you are making use of just one pot.

Indeed, it makes a delightful and appealing time for both individuals and families. They might be an investment but the return that comes with it will be a memorable one. Have a swell time making the most delectable meals with one of the best Cuisinart slow cookers.


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