When you’re trying to figure out how to come up with the best dinner for Christmas this year and you’re thinking of using an instant pot, it might be good to know the difference between instant pot Duo60 and Lux60, as these are two of the best instant pots on the market today. While both large pressure cookers are good choices, there are some key differences that set them apart and make all the difference.

Food connoisseurs such as us leave no stone unturned to ensure our party is a hit and everyone goes away raving about the food we served. Any cook worth their salt knows that choosing the right utensil for a dish is a huge step towards getting the whole thing right.

As a home cook dabbling in myriad recipes, I have always been on the lookout for utensils that serve multiple purposes and make the whole process more convenient. My search has led me to realize that such an essential item was none other than the humble pressure cooker. With these instant pot models, the whole process of cooking and sampling new dishes has become even easier.

While the two instant pot models are very handy utensils for just about every home cook, you may wish to buy only one or the other. They serve similar objectives and you may rightfully see no reason to acquire both. If you are confused about which one would serve your cooking purposes better, then you have come to the right place.

Having used both pressure cooker models extensively for the past couple of years, I now consider myself experienced enough to provide insight on both. So, without further ado, here is my DUO60 vs LUX60 comparison to help you choose the best one.

Instant Pot LUX60 vs Instant Pot DUO60: A comparison

If you are a newbie to cooking or have never used an instant pot before and are wondering what all the hype is about, then allow me to introduce you to the joy of these devices.

Not only do instant pot cookers allow you to slow cook but also cook fast due to their pressure cooking functionality. You can double them as rice makers and even use them to cook normally time-consuming stuff such as risotto.

The Instant Pot LUX60 is one of the oldest modest of instant pots available. With its variety of features that contribute to a safe and fast cooking experience, this one is a classic and a favorite of most instant pot aficionados. On the other hand, the Instant Pot DUO60 is a comparatively newer model and consequently comes with a few additional features.

I got the LUX60 variant when it first came out and have been pretty satisfied with it as a fast cooker that can cook just about any item in minimal time. When the newer models started coming out, I acquired the DUO60 variant as a supplement to my older LUX, which comes with newer features such as multiple adjustable pressure settings.

Its lid also comes with a handle, unlike the LUX, which is a further bonus as I can easily remove it without the risk of hurting myself by touching a heated lid.

To get a better idea of each model’s special features and a clear Instant Pot models comparison, read on to the in-depth review of each model in the section below. The pros and cons of both models will go a long way in ensuring and clearing up your confusion regarding which one is better suited to your specific needs.

Products Review

* Instant Pot LUX60

This Instant Pot LUX60 provides you with as many as six different functionalities in a single cooker. These include slow cooking, pressure cooking, fast cooking, warming or steaming, sautéing, and browning. This makes it so that you can use this one device for cooking a variety of dishes, ensuring that you never run out of uses for it.

This 6 quartz cooking appliance uses the latest microprocessing technology to enable you to drastically cut back on the time you spend cooking. It is also extremely energy efficient and consumes minimal fuel with its fast cooking feature. This makes the device comparatively more environmentally friendly than other regular cooking appliances.

The 3rd generation technology that the model uses is capable of offering you continuous pressure cooking for upwards of 240 minutes. Furthermore, it also deploys an automatic warming feature to keep your food stored in the device warm for about 10 hours. Some of the key features of this cooker are as follows:

  • The inside, as well as the outer part of the cooker, is made of stainless steel
  • Consumes energy worth 120V and 60Hz
  • Comes in a chemical-free coating that ensures that the food remains uncontaminated

Additionally, the LUX also comes equipped with a delay timer and a 3-ply coated bottom. The delay timer can delay the cooking of the food by up to 12 hours which allows you to time your food according to your needs.

Also, the ply covered exterior bottom ensures a more even heat distribution across the cooker. This allows food to be cooked evenly throughout without overheating or burning certain parts.

This cooker is essentially a smart and intelligent appliance capable of cooking a wide variety of vegetables, meat, fruits, seafood, etc. in the shortest duration of time. It is perfectly capable of reducing effort on your part through its ability to maintain consistency throughout your food without any manual stirring required.

It can also determine the time taken for food to be cooked according to the volume of food contained, and adjust the required heating accordingly.

The LUX60 is completely safe to use and has as many as 10 safety mechanisms built into the system to ensure the minimization of any errors on your part. Due to the variety of stringent safety measures programmed into the device, it has earned UL and ULC certifications.

This Instant Pot kit comes with a variety of accessories such as a stainless steel steam rack with handles, a soup spoon, a recipe booklet, a measuring cup, a rice paddle and a condensation collector. All this combined with its wide range of features ensures that you have the smoothest and most hassle-free cooking experience possible.


  • Multiple cooking functionalities
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Automatic warming feature
  • Timing feature allows meals to be timed


  • Only one pressure setting
  • The lid does not contain handles for convenient handling

* Instant Pot DUO60

This Instant Pot DUO60 is the most popular device in the line of instant cookers available from Instant Pot. This is further proved by the device being consistently ranked amongst the best instant cookers available in the market by reputable food experts. It was these rave reviews that got me to try this product out and I was not the least bit disappointed despite my sky-high expectations.

The DUO60 is a slow cooker measuring 6Qt that also gives you the benefit of fast cooking through a pressure cooking feature. It can also be used to sauté, warm, steam, cook rice, make yogurt, or brown food. It gives you the same range of multiple functionalities as the LUX60 discussed in the previous section.

This cooker is also programmed with 14 smart menus that allow it to automatically cook a variety of dishes including soup, rice, etc. without any supervision required from your part.

The device features 10 different safety mechanisms to ensure that you can carry on with other business while you set it to cook the pre-programmed dishes without causing any accidents. These strict safety measures have earned the product ULC certifications.

The appliance kit comes with the following extensive list of accessories to better facilitate your cooking experience:

  • Stainless steel steam rack with handles
  • Measuring cup
  • Rice paddle
  • Condensation collector
  • Soup spoon
  • Recipe booklet

Furthermore, the interior of the cooker is also made of stainless steel and does not contain harmful chemicals that can mix in with the food contained within it. This ensures that you are consuming completely uncontaminated food at all times. The bottom of the cooker is also plated in 3-ply coating to distribute the heat more evenly throughout the cooker to ensure uniform heating and cooking.

Additionally, the device also provides an air-tight environment for the food cooked within. This ensures that not only the vitamins and nutrients but also the flavor and aroma are confined within without being able to escape. So, the food cooked in the DUO60 that you consume is not only untainted by chemicals but also retains its essence.

The smart features of the appliance are supported by third generation microprocessing technology that is capable of ascertaining the volume of food contained in it and adjusting the heat accordingly. The 24-hour delay mechanism further ensures that you can get your food cooked at exactly the time when you require it.

It also comes with the added benefit of being noiseless equipment that produces no steam. This makes the cooking experience even easier and healthier as you no longer have to deal with steam buildup that can cause minor burns if handled carelessly.

The lid also comes with a hand holder attached that further reduces the risk of burns while handling. The hand-print resistant body and easy to disassemble structure ensures that keeping the cooker clean is no hassle for users.


  • Adjustable settings
  • Safety features are very helpful to new users
  • Versatile appliance with many functionalities
  • Chemical free and uniform heating


  • May take a while for new users to understanding all settings and features


Both the LUX60 and the DUO60 come equipped with very similar features as they are offerings from the same brand and market leader in the field of instant cooking appliances. Both models offer about seven cooking functionalities in one appliance that claim to reduce your cooking time by roughly 70%. They each come with 10 safety mechanisms built in to minimize the risks posed by any errors on your part. Their build and make are also quite similar.

As such, the DUO60 vs LUX60 comparison brings forth minor differences that may make all the difference to you. While the LUX60 only offers one high pressure setting for when you use it as a pressure cooker, the DUO60 offers more versatility. Despite that, the LUX60 also offers enough variety of usage for it to be completely sufficient for most home cooks.

The DUO60, on the other hand, does come with a lid with handholds. While this may seem like a minor convenience, it can make handling the device much more smooth and hassle-free. Ultimately the decision to choose one or the other lies with you. We wish you all the best in all your cooking endeavors.


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