Fagor Pressure Cooker Review: 4 Products You Should Consider

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In this article, I will provide my readers with a Fagor pressure cooker comparison. Pressure cookers are some of the most essential items in my kitchen that I simply cannot do without. So it is no surprise that my Fagor Pressure Cooker is my most prized cooking item at the moment.

Any home cook will tell you that cooking equipment does make a lot of difference to your performance in the kitchen. Especially if you are a new cook stepping into the adventurous world of home cooking, it is essential that your appliance is capable of delivering all the exciting recipes you are sure to try out.

Since I switched to using them extensively, Fagor cookers have drastically increased my efficiency in the kitchen. Now not only do my cooking appliances consume less energy and times they do so while also looking sleek and stylish.

Call me shallow, but I do love a beautiful looking cooking appliance.

If you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen then you would probably also want it to look as good as the rest of your home.

If you are a newbie just getting into cooking, or an old hand looking for an equipment change then you may look into the various models of pressure cookers offered by Fagor. But selecting one for your kitchen will obviously require extensive research on your part.

So read on to find out more about the different types of Fagor cookers as well as the specifics of the 4 particular models that I have used.

All About the Fagor Pressure Cookers

Splendid Pressure Cooker and Canner

In my experience of using this cooker I've noticed a significantly lowered cooking time which is a great help for the career ladies out there.

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HELIX Multi-Setting Pressure Cooker

This model's bigger size ensures that you can use it to cook for larger gatherings such as family dinners or a gathering with friends.

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Premium Pressure and Rice Cooker

This versatile electric device comes with many programmed options making your work in the kitchen a lot easier.

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3-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

LED panel with big soft-touch enabled buttons makes this pressure cooker the most convenient model to use.

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Fagor is a domestic and commercial cookware and appliances brand originally from Europe known for their cutting-edge innovations and efficiency. They are a worldwide leader in the field of cooking appliances that range from induction cooktops and dishwashers to ovens and refrigerators.

Currently, they are the market leader in the US for pressure cookers in terms of popularity, quality, and sales.

The Fagor Cooker delivers on every count that a cooking aficionado can desire for.

Fagor aims to provide us with easy to use cookware that comes in the simplest of constructions to ensure that even the least experienced of us will have no trouble using them. The ease of use provided by Fagor Cookers is further complemented by their energy efficiency and sleek design. All these features come together to make them a good addition to your kitchen.

* Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker and Canner

This offering from Fagor comes in multiple sizes, though the particular product I have used and currently reviewing has a capacity of 4 quarts.

This Fagor multi use pressure cooker can only be used for cooking a variety of food items in a short amount of time, it can also be used as a canner. Its canning functionality allows you to use it to process a variety of food ranging from meat to fruits.

This pressure cooker comes in an 18/10 stainless steel body. While that term may not mean much to most people, it has significant import in ensuring the quality of the food output of your cookware. The 18/10 label implies that your stainless steel cooker is composed of a metal alloy that is constituted by 18% nickel and 10% chromium.

This is the optimum composition of these two metals in stainless cookware to maximize their functions that will be discussed in a later section of the article.

If you are one of those people to whom the sight of an excessive number of buttons can be confounding, them this stovetop cooker should be a dream to work with. The Fagor Splendid comes with a range of attractive features that make cooking a walk in the park. Some of these features include the following:

  • The stainless steel body is made of non-toxic materials and the 18/10 alloy composition further prevents rust and corrosion.
  • It works on a variety of cooking surfaces including both induction and regular cooktops. This ensures that irrespective of what kind of cooking surface you own, you do not have to buy multiple cookers for multiple surfaces.
  • Equipped with a safety mechanism that does not allow for excess pressure build up. This lends you an enhanced safe cooking environment and reduces chances of accidents.
  • A recipe book is provided with the kit for you to try out new and exciting recipes on your pressure cooker.

Apart from enabling safer food consumption through 18/10 metal composition, the pressure cooker is also energy and time efficient. The brand asserts that using this cooker reduces the time required to cook any dish by about 70% which is quite a lot which consequently, reduces consumption of energy due to lesser time burning fuel.

In my experience of using this cooker too, I have noticed a significantly lowered cooking time which is a great help for the career ladies out there.

The cooker has a pressure valve on the lid which is missing on most regular stovetop pressure cookers. This makes it so that you no longer have to take recourse to such manual tactics as pouring cold water on the lid to depressurize the container after the food is cooked.

The handle also has a safety locking mechanism that ensures that the lid does not accidentally come open when the food is being cooked.


  • Generates high pressure of 15 psi to ensure fast cooking
  • Fast cooking leading to reduced consumption of time and energy
  • Triple safety mechanism ensures the safety of the cook


  • The handle or valve may sometimes leak steam
  • No variable pressure adjusting possible

* Fagor HELIX Multi-Setting Pressure Cooker

This stainless steel pressure cooker comes with a polished body and sleek look despite its 8-quart capacity. Its bigger size ensures that you can use it to cook for larger gatherings such as family dinners or a gathering with friends.

It offers a further range in the form of compatibility with multiple types of cooking surfaces such as induction and gas.

This pressure cooker comes equipped with a unique safety mechanism that it has dubbed universal locking. This system allows you to lock the lid on to the body of the cooker by just a turn of the lid making for a safe cooking experience free of unexpected and avoidable accidents.

The triple safety system maximizes the cook’s safety in the kitchen allowing you to cook away to your heart’s content without any safety concerns.

The pot offers further multi-functionality by offering compatibility with different types of lids.

You could opt for the pressure cooker lid or the regular tempered glass lid to derive whatever type of use you want at a particular moment. This cooker can thus, be used as a pressure cooker when you want that feature or as a regular cooking pot when you require that for a change.

The Fagor Helix also comes with an additional feature that is missing from the Fagor Splendid, the absence of which a lot of users of the later model have complained about. This feature is the adjustable pressure setting on the Helix that offers a range from 8 psi to 15 psi.

This gives you greater control over the cooking process by enabling you to manipulate the pressure generated inside the pot according to your needs. Other attractive features are:

  • Fast cooking that reduces cooking time by 70% ensuring an energy efficient and environment-friendly cooking experience.
  • A stainless steel body that sports 18/10 Nickel and Chromium alloy composition. The nickel prevents rusting of the pan that is always in close contact with water and other liquids. The chromium prevents corrosion making your cooker last longer.
  • It has product dimensions of 12.6 by 10.8 by 9.4 inches and weighs at 9.25 pounds.

As discussed earlier, the 18/10 Nickel and Chromium alloy composition of the pressure cooker prioritizes the health of the user. It ensures that the pot will not rust or that the rust will not get corroded and get into your food. All these features combine together to make this cooker one of the safest to use out there.

This fact is further corroborated by regulating bodies across both Europe and the US testing and certifying the strict safety measures taken by the brand.


  • Takes minimum time to cook even the hard kinds of food
  • Energy efficient and environment-friendly
  • Allows greater maneuverability to the cook due to adjustable psi
  • Very safe to use with minimum chance of accidents


  • The pressure valve is sometimes susceptible to breakage
  • Comes only in the big size of 8 quart

* Fagor Premium Electric Pressure and Rice Cooker

The Fagor Premium is a 6 quart pressure cooker with a size that is exactly halfway between the previous two pots. This electric pressure cooker comes with all the advantages of a regular cooker and a few that are offered exclusively on the electric models. So, without further ado, let me get into the details of the only two electric cookers on our list so that you are acquainted with both types before making a final decision.

Like most electric pressure cookers, this offering from Fagor reduces cooking time drastically. The brand website in its summary for this model specifies that it takes about 6 minutes to cook a risotto dish which in my experience and estimate is pretty accurate.

Similarly, I have cooked quinoa, baby back ribs, black bean soup, and cheesecake in 2 minutes, 35 minutes, 45 minutes, and less than 30 minutes, respectively.

The body of the pot has a panel that contains all the buttons that are activated by a soft touch. The panels contain 12 settings for various dishes and modes that are pre-programmed into the cooker. This enables you to cook any food in one of these settings by just putting the ingredients into the pot and touching the respective button.

No further supervision will be required throughout the process and you can concentrate on other more important tasks.

After all, in the age of smartphones and smart homes, why should your kitchen and the kitchen appliances contained in it be from a different era?

The Fagor Premium is a truly smart pressure cooker that belongs to this era of smart gadgetry. Despite all its technological innovations and extra features, the cooker is also exceptionally easy to use. This is due to the labeled bottoms each of which holds clearly written I indicators to their functionality.

Furthermore, the cooker also comes equipped with a pressure and temperature indicator that helps you record the time needed for the food to cook with good accuracy.

The one-touch on and off button further increases the convenience of the user by leaps and bounds. One press gets the switch to turn on while the next press gets the cooker to switch off, leaving no space for confusion while it’s handling.

The additional two buttons with plus and minus symbols next to them help you increase or decrease the temperature within the pot during the cooking process. Other attractive features that this electric cooker comes equipped with include the following:

  • It has an adjustable time delay that allows so that you can leave your cooking for a while in order to attend to other important tasks if they ever come up.
  • A high-quality non-stick pot that can be removed in order to make the process of cleaning up much easier and hassle-free.
  • The lid is enabled by a smart lock that ensures that your pot and lid will never come open while in the process to mid-cooking.
  • The non-stick pan contained with the cooker can also be used safely with the dishwasher with your excess food easily sliding off the surface of the pan due to the top grade non-stick coatings.

Thus, it is quite clear that this electric pressure cooker is a dream to work with.

At least it has been so in my experience. This is due to its stylish design and medium-sized capacity that makes it useful for cooking quick meals for a larger family or friendly gatherings as well as for my own family. Some of the pros and cons of using this cooker that should help you make up your mind about whether you should purchase this product are as follows:


  • Energy efficient while also saving a lot of time
  • The multiple safety mechanisms ensure a safe kitchen
  • The Non-stick pan is removable and, thus, easy to clean


  • The light panel may sometimes stop working
  • Sometimes suffers overheating

* Fagor 3-in-1 6-Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

This Fagor electric pressure cooker comes with 3 in 1 multiple use functionality that allows you to carry out a range of different cooking styles with this machinery. These include such functions as slow cooking, rice cooking, as well as pressure cooking. This cooker, like the previous electric one, reviewed also comes with a holding capacity of 6 quarts.

This cooker also carries a number of safety precautions that range from an automated locking mechanism on the lid to a non-heat conducting handle. This handle ensures that you can hold and remove the lid without the process ever causing any burns or otherwise damaging your hands. Some of the other attractive features sported by this cooker are:

  • Saves space by carrying out 3 functions with just one cookware. It’s sleek design and medium holding capacity increases its usability.
  • The LED display panel has several programmed settings one of which allows you to set the timer to delay your cooking process in order to allow you to attend to other important business.
  • The two pressure valves are equipped with automation technology to ensure that they are capable of depressurizing the pot on its own.
  • The brand provides you with a recipe book along with the kit that opens up the possibility of exciting gastronomic adventures for new users to indulge in.

Furthermore, this stainless steel electric cooker also contains a good quality non-stick pan that is dishwater resistant. This allows you to easily take the pan out of the pot once the cooking process is over in order to clean it.

The non-stick coated pan ensures that even dried up excess food can slide smoothly off its surface and the cleaning and maintenance process is exceptionally hassle-free.

Furthermore, the timer setting that allows you to delay your cooking by up to 6 hours is one of the features that I liked the most while using this cooker. This combined with the multiple pressure valves that automatically turn on whenever you need it, it’s the pressure cooker a truly smart innovation in the cookware industry.


  • Easy to use with the non-heat conducting handle
  • Adjustable pressure and heat allows for greater control
  • LED panel with big soft-touch enabled buttons and labels in clear and legible script
  • Energy efficient and saves time


  • Replacement parts are expensive
  • One or the other functionality out of the 3 advertised may stop working

Stovetop Vs Electric Pressure Cookers

Before we are done discussing the nitty-gritty of each Fagor cooker, I should first help you ascertain if a stove-top pressure cooker or an electric one is more suited to your needs. Choosing one or the other will ultimately depend on your preferred style and convenience more than anything else.

But if you are a first timer to using either of these, then you should know about the few points of difference in performance between them to make a more informed choice.

Electric cookers allow you to set the timer after which you can leave it to complete the cooking on its own. Stove-top cookers, one the other hand, require you to put in more supervision while cooking. Similarly, electric cookers also tend to offer a range of functionalities that are missing from regular stovetop ones that include slow cooking or yogurt making.

Depressurizing is also an easy process with the electric types some do it on their own while others are equipped with release valves for the steam.

But on the other side of the spectrum are the stovetop cookers that do require you to monitor them during the cooking process. But they also offer a variety of advantages that range from applying higher pressure that allows for faster cooking to offering more space within the cooker for their capacity.

Unlike electric cookers that have to pack in a lot of more gadgetry within its bulk, stovetop cookers have the entire space for holding your food. Stovetop cookers also provide a higher heating point which ensures a better sautéing experience too.

Cooking in these types of pressure cookers enables you to get a crispier crust on your meat which lends a food a more complex texture and flavor.

Furthermore, stovetop cookers also take up less space in your kitchen, so that if you have a space scrunch, then these would be a much more convenient choice. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you want a Pressure cooker that gives you a more extensive range of functionalities or one that performs a limited set with comparatively better efficiency.

7 Tips On How to Choose a Pressure Cooker

Here are a few tips to further streamline your preferences by focusing on the few things that you should be looking into while buying a pressure cooker:

1. Stainless Steel & Three-ply bottom

Stainless steel cooking appliances are built of nickel and chromium alloys that ensure the quality of the food cooked in them is unadulterated. The chromium works to bind together the stainless steel and prevents it from rusting. The nickel in the alloy further reduces corrosion.

As your cookware is likely to be in prolonged contact with water and other liquids, it is important that the surface does not rust and mix in with your food.

A three-ply bottom on a stainless steel cooker allows for an even heat distribution throughout the vessel. This ensures that all the food contained within the cooker cooks at a uniform rate lending your food a much-needed consistency.

Such a coating on the bottom also Ensures that your food does not get overcooked, burned, and consequently stuck to the bottom of your cooker.

2. Accurate pressure indicator and quick pressure release

If you are looking to buy an electric cooker then one of the important features that may have attracted you is the automated time settings and pressure indicators. They allow you better control over the cooking process and you tend to trust these readings while using the device.

But, your entire dish may turn out wrong if you get wrong readings on your cooker. For this reason, it is of utmost import that you make sure that the pressure indicator on your appliance is accurate at all times.

Similarly, a quick pressure release mechanism is also necessary on any pressure cooker. Electric cookers usually come equipped with a pressure release valve that automatically activates. A stovetop cooker often requires you to depressurize them by pouring cool water on the lid. This depressurization technique should never be applied to electric cookers though.

3. Safety features

Strict safety features are a necessity when handling cookware as you are constantly in proximity to fire or electricity. Before purchasing a pressure cooker, be it a stovetop variety or an electric one, you should always pay special attention to the safety features it offers. After all, having a safe environment in the kitchen contributes immensely to having an enjoyable cooking experience.

Some cookers come with non-heat conducting handles and lids that protect your hands from getting burnt while handling them. Some electric cookers even have special safety features that prevent it from switching on unless every part of it is fully aligned. All these features are very important in reducing the risks of unnecessary and dangerous accidents in the kitchen.

4. What size is right for you?

Ascertaining the right size for a pressure cooker is another big hurdle to choosing the perfect kitchen equipment. Oftentimes, it so happens that I am stuck using an oversized or undersized utensil having bought it on a whim.

These utensils almost invariably end up unused and discarded after a while. But a good pressure cooker is an investment that ought to last you for a while as these do not damage easily.

So, it is important that you look carefully at the size specifications of each model that you may be considering getting. You may have a big family that you cook for regularly or you may be in the habit of hosting dinners for friends and neighbors quite often.

In such scenarios buying a large sized electric pressure cooker with slow cooking functionality may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you only cook for yourself or a small family unit, stovetop cookers are a better choice.

5. Warranty

Looking at the warranty offered by various brands on their cookware is a good way of figuring out the quality of their products. After all, a warranty period is just an assurance from the brand that their product will definitely last for a certain period of time.

It ensures that in the rare case that you end up with a defective product, the brand is responsible for your loss and will replace and refurbish it with a good one.

6. Avoid low-quality non-stick

Non-stick cookware has become the go-to choice for most home cooks across the world. They give you a very convenient and smooth cooking experience as nobody wants their food stuck to the bottom of their cooker or pan.

They are also easy to clean with excess food particles sliding smoothly off their surface. But recently the downsides of using non-stick have been brought to light and they are quite serious.

The Teflon coating on the lower quality non-stick pressure cookers and other utensils is composed of harmful chemical ingredients and often stand a high chance of flaking off. These flakes may then get into your food, thereby running its quality and causing you to consume the toxic food.

Furthermore, such cookware is also at a risk of having their coating melt when it is heated to temperatures higher than 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes even higher levels of toxicity in your food.

So it is important that while buying a pressure cooker you make sure that the model you choose comes with a non-stick coating of high quality.

As long as, your pressure cooker has a three-ply coating on the bottom, the even heat distribution enabled by this feature will automatically ensure that your food does not get stuck to the container. You do not need a non-stick coating of lower quality to ruin its efficiency in any way.

7. Where to buy?

The accessibility of the pressure cooker you have decided to buy is another big factor to you actually managing to acquire it. While most of the top rated brands from across the world are available in stores across the country, others are available in online stores.

With Fagor, as a market leader in the field of pressure cookers, Fagor America pressure cooker is easily available to just about anybody, even those residing in the remotest parts of the country due to its popularity.

Care and Maintenance

Most brands selling pressure cookers provide an instruction manual along with the kit that offers detailed instructions as to how you should go about using it. These manuals always keep a section apart that is dedicated solely to the proper maintenance of your equipment.

Keeping your pressure cooker clean not only contributes to your overall hygiene but also ensures the longevity of your cooker. So here are a few tips that you must follow to better clean your cookware:

  • Be extra attentive while cleaning the lid as pressure cookers release a lot of steam during the cooking process which moves upwards along with tiny food particles. These particles and food debris often tend to get lodged in the nooks and crannies in the interior of the lid requiring you to cleaning it more thoroughly.
  • Thorough cleaning of the lid will only effective if you remove the gasket to ensure debris stuck in the tiny pipe is removed. Wash it with soap and put it under running warm water to ensure more effective cleaning. Repeat the process with the pressure valve that runs the same risk of having food particles stuck in it.
  • Replacing the used gasket with a new one after regular intervals is an essential part of the maintenance of your pressure cooker. You will know when it is time to do so when the lid or valve starts emitting excessive amounts of steam during cooking. This results in the cooker being unable to maintain pressure within and taking longer to cook.
  • Getting a replacement gasket for your pressure cooker may become another headache if you end up acquiring a non-compatible or lower quality gasket. To avoid such a scenario, try to buy your replacement form the same brand as your cooker.

How to Use a Fagor Pressure Cooker

Fagor pressure cooker models across the board come in simple constructions that are easy to use for one and all. Fagor provides a detailed manual with the kit of all their appliances. They also offer a general manual with basic instructions on how to handle their cookers on their website and it is even available for download in PDF format.

Fagor pressure cookers come equipped with an extensive list of impressive features. Yet these appliances are simple and easy to use. The stovetop cookers carry an effective and simple construction with a pressure valve and locking mechanism attached to the lid and upper part of the handle respectively. Turn the lock on when closing the lid on your cooker while cooking your food.

The electric models of Fagor pressure cooker carry a pad equipped with the display panel for various readings and the switches for the numerous pre-programmed settings. These soft-touch enabled buttons are receptive to the lightest touches from you and come labeled so as to maximize your convenience.

The 4 Fagor pressure cookers are constructed in a very simple manner. You may be a newbie to using pressure cookers or are gifting these cookers to someone who does not have much experience using the modern pots. In such a case, you are better off with this cookware than the ultra-modern technology-laden ones.

I gifted one of these to my mother, who is sworn hated of all things that even remotely look like technology, and boy did she get converted in a few days time!

For each of these cookers, all you need to do is wash, cut, and otherwise prep your ingredients, put them in the cooker, set the pressure and you are done. You do not even have to put in any amount of supervision, even while using the first two stovetop pressure cookers, which is usually not the case with such types.

So get yourself one of these and try out the exciting recipes and dishes that are provided in the recipe books that come with all these sets.

5 Uses For Your Fagor Pressure Cooker

A Fagor pressure cooker can be used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen. Here are some of my favorite and common uses of these impressively useful devices:

  1. Cooking hard and difficult to cook ingredients – Pressure cookers are the best way to cook hard foods such as rice and beans. Unlike other utensils which may take hours to cook these items, a Fagor pressure cooker generates high pressure to squeeze boiling water into rice, chickpeas, beans, etc. to cook them in a much shorter duration of time.
  2. Retaining the quality and essence of your food – Fagor pressure cookers ensure that not only does your food remain uncontaminated by toxic chemicals but also keeps is inherent taste, aroma, and nutrient content unadulterated.
  3. Eating healthy food – If one of your new year’s resolutions comprises of switching to a healthier lifestyle, then pressure cookers are the way to go. They preserve the nutrient content of your food despite the high heat and temperature generated during the process. The Fagor pressure cookers are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly, so your healthy lifestyle will also make way for a healthier planet.
  4. Making yogurt – This is a functionality that is primarily offered by electric pressure cookers. But it considerably increases the functionality of your Fagor cooker. After all, yogurt is one of the healthiest foods you could consume and homemade yogurt is even more so.
  5. Unthawed frozen food is easier to cook – Due to the high temperatures and pressures generated by the Fagor pressure cookers, it is capable of easily cooking frozen foods such as meat without unthawing them. This ensures that you save up on valuable time and effort in preparing your food.


Buying a new pressure cooker be it for yourself or as a gift for a family member or a friend requires quite a bit of a thorough research on your part. After all, these cooking appliances tend to last for a while unless you were to end up with a defective piece of machinery.

In the case of you ending up with a bad or damaged cooker, both stovetop or electric, such cookware will last you anywhere from a few days to a year. A regular, completely functioning cooker, on the other hand, should last you for multiple years.

This is why it is important that you carry out extensive research before making your final purchase. You research should help you narrow down your choices to a particular brand, type of surfaces the prospective item is compatible with, level of control or automation it allows you, etc.

We hope our extensive review of four of the best offerings for this renowned brand were to your liking and helped you along with your decision.

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