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In seeking a great glass jar food processor, you need not look far! There are plenty of awesome brands out there, and we have narrowed it down to some of the best for you.

Even if you think “oh, this product is not for me…” Think again!

Once you realize all the great things you can do with an amazing glass food processor, you will be ready to pick one up and get making healthy and delicious meals.

If you have a baby, you can make him or her tasty and healthy baby foods instead of store-bought mixtures. You can make your own tasty homemade nut butters-say hello to delicious cashew, almond, and classic peanut butter, all made in-house! You can chop up veggies with ease and blend them into your salad (ever tried to eat an un-chopped baby carrot in a salad? Awkward!).

In fact, the better use of a baby carrot would be dipped in your homemade hummus, which you can also do in your food processor. You can even process tomatoes for homemade tomato soup.

My personal favorite? Making homemade healthy ice cream in it.
Yes, it is a thing. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Having a Food Processor with Glass Bowl

Aside from being able to make all kinds of cool stuff in your food processor, you are going to reap some amazing benefits when you invest in a non-plastic food processor.

I mean think about it!

Chopping, grinding, slicing, and dicing makes us all tired and gives our arms the feeling of having done a workout. Having a food processor ensures that you are going to take all the hard work out of prep. Those times when you read a recipe and immediately click away because of all the time-consuming prep work is over!

Being healthier is another great benefit to picking up a food processor BPA free. We are all so busy in our modern, crazy lives, that it is too tempting to simply stop at the local fast food joint, buy a quick burger and move on. The problem is that we all end up feeling unhealthy and guilty after that.

This food processor is going to eliminate those worries by helping you grind up veggies and meats with ease, so you can get them into your favorite foods with no effort. For example, imagine making zucchini bread. It will be so easy to chop up that vegetable and get that bread in the oven…and then to your family’s plates.

If you have a large family or just love to make dinner for friends, a food processor is going to make your life so much easier. Getting ingredients prepped for large dishes is a huge task and having a processor to handle the dirty work for you is going to make your hobby all the more pleasurable. Imagine making a pot pie for the gang.

Using a food processor, you can get the chicken, peas, gravy, potatoes and spices all together at once. If you want to serve a salad, it will be a cinch to chop up the tomatoes and carrots into nice, easy to chew chunks instead of awkwardly sized pieces.

If you live in a cold climate, or you just like to eat soup, it is going to be a blast making hearty soups that will fill your belly and warm your soul. Tomato soup is fine out of a can, but when it’s super easy to make your own, why not? You can put tomatoes into the processor and grind them up with ease.

Buying the veggies and processing them yourself is way cheaper than buying premade products, and you can make a big batch and freeze it for when the weather turns cold and the family needs a hot, tasty and healthy meal. You can even add spices to the mix and blend them so the soup, so the taste is distributed evenly throughout the mixture.

Soups and pot pies are not the only thing you can make in your food processor. Like I mentioned a little earlier, I enjoy making ice cream in mine. One of my favorite summer treats is when I mix a 10-ounce packet of strawberries, two-thirds cup of heavy cream, and a half cup of sugar in the processor.

You just process the berries and sugar it until the fruit is chopped roughly, and then pour in the heavy cream slowly until it is fully incorporated (make sure your processor stays running for this). You can serve it right away or keep it frozen for about a week. Just don’t eat the whole batch yourself, ok!

The Processors – Our Best Picks

BESTEK 300W Mini Food Processor

Great for people who have kids or roommates, as you don’t have to wake them up when you use this little powerhouse.

View on Amazon
Homeleader Glass Bowl Blender

This glass bowl food processor with 8-cup capacity is really ideal for those of us that have huge families to feed.

View on Amazon
Elechomes Food Processor

This model works for making baby food if you have a little one and will help you create the best mashed potatoes.

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Let’s go ahead and have a look at some of these epic food processor bowl!

* Electric Food Chopper, BESTEK 300W Mini Food

I am already in love with this little grinder because its motto is “Bestek, Best Life!” Yes, this one definitely is a winner. It is powerful, and yet small and quiet. Great for people who have small kitchens, kids or roommates, as you don’t have to wake them up when you use this little powerhouse.

The power measurement on this food processor is 300 watts. It is easy to use, in that all you have to do is press a button and you get chop and grind functions. It is so easy to clean, as all you have to do is take out the removable parts and put them into your dishwasher.

It is super lightweight and easy to carry around, super small and compact, too!

It measures in at only 3.7 lbs. for the weight and is only 8x7x10 for the dimensions. It is great for any kitchen, and if you really want to get creative, you could take it with you in your camper, too.

Another great thing about this little chopper is the speeds at which it operates. The low speed feature is good for chopping, mixing and pureeing. You can chop up soft and delicate foods like garlic, onions, herbs, celery and even soft cheeses.

You can puree cooked veggies and make your own healthy or spicy mayo (or regular mayo for that matter!) and mix up tasty salad dressings. It’s the right choice!

The high-speed feature is great too. You can use the high-speed pulse feature to grind up your favorite spices, and chop up hard foods like nuts, chocolate, seeds, and peppercorn. Keep in mind that the work bowl and its cover may get scratched when you use them to grind up grains and spices, but it will not affect the MG14 chopper’s performance.

The chopper also features bi-level sharp blades, whose design allows the top and bottom blades to mince, grind, chop, and blend all the favorite meats, veggies, fruits and peanuts you can imagine from every angle of 360 degrees. If you need to make a ton of food for yourself or your family take joy in the 5-ounce glass bowl that comes with this food processor bowl.

You can feed the family and clean up oh so easily after!

And the motor is something we talked about briefly but is still worth mentioning. It is 300 watts strong and makes it so easy to grind up meat in a pinch. It not only grinds fast but operates in a stable manner with minimal noise. It is advised that you do not operate this continuously for more than 30 seconds.


  • The glass is nice and thick, the blades are double, and a nice, beefy tough motor to chop stuff up with ease!
  • Making hard stuff like nuts, dates and the like into a blended paste is nothing for this powerful little processor.
  • Works really fast, you won’t be standing around at the kitchen counter for hours trying to get prep work done.


  • You are advised not to operate this for more than 30 seconds.
  • If you overfill the processor with an item that is wet, like a can of plum tomatoes, the liquid will leak out of the processor and make a mess.
  • It is hard to connect the bowl with the base, and sometimes you have to waste time getting that to attach before you can start actually using it.

* Electric Food Chopper, 8-Cup Food Processor by Homeleader

This is so perfect for chopping up all your veggies, mincing up meats and getting your smoothies pureed with a quick button touch. You will make your family oh so happy with these wonderful mixtures.

This electric food processor uses 4 s shaped blades (they are upper and lower) and they chop meat evenly, mince up herbs and garlic with ease, and get your favorite sauces made up in a jiffy with a nice even texture. Cooking is going to be so much easier once you get this lovely 2L food processor in your kitchen arsenal.

Get ready to be the hero of the family when you invest in this!

OK, one thing I like about this is that it has two speeds, slow and fast for whatever you demand your food should look like. It has one touch operation. And it takes only 6-8 seconds to get your task finished up and keep your hands free from repetitive painful chopping.

You can choose a different speed for fine, regular or coarse grind style to meet your recipe’s need. And be sure to give the food processor a break-make sure that you give it 2 minutes of rest between uses to keep your machine in good condition and functioning at its peak.

Another cool thing about this food processor is that it is very ideal for baby food. It takes only six seconds, for instance, to make a healthy baby pumpkin cereal your little one will gobble up. You put boiled pumpkin and sugar into the chopper’s glass bowl, and then plug in the chopper.

Hold the button down for six seconds, and then enjoy the delicious cereal with your baby! He or she will surely beg for more after all is said and done. You can tell it is a perfect food processor glass container for sauces too, because it takes only six seconds to make a spicy sauce!

Just put paprika into the bowl (make sure you have washed it first) and then press the button for six seconds. Add in some sugar, salt and olive oil, serve with noodles or dumplings, and just enjoy!

Indeed, this machine is a real time saver. You can chop up onions, make salad dressings, sauces and soups and more in just a few seconds. All you have to do is select the correct speed. For meats, carrots and nuts, choose the high-speed feature.

For eggs, veggies and soft fruits, the slow speed will do the job. Another great thing about this chopper is the 8-cup capacity. This is really ideal for those of us that have huge families to feed. It is also nice and quiet as far as food processors go-comes in at only 40db in terms of noise.


  • Has an 8 cup or 2-liter capacity, enough to feed the whole gang!
  • Has a soft plastic grip on the bottom of the processor that will keep it from slipping and sliding off your kitchen counter.
  • Glass container does not retain odors of garlic or tomatoes


  • Even though it says you can select if you want your food to be coarse or fine, one user stated that it just seems to grind everything fine, even if you do not push the button for very long.
  • The alignment when you attach the bowl to the base has to be absolutely perfect or the processor will not start.
  • Some users stated that the rubber gasket attached to the bottom came off upon the first washing.

* Elechomes Meat Grinders Electric Food Processor

This great little grinder is designed with twin blades made of stainless steel. They are S Shaped, and the food processor itself is a very advanced tool for your kitchen that will slice and dice through ingredients with a smooth “whirr!” It features a 300-watt motor made of copper, and a 2-speed control for the pulse feature. You can easily chop up nuts, garlic, onions, celery, peppers, and even bread to make breadcrumbs.

You can mince and puree veggies and fruit. You can whip up salad dressings and mayo, make soups and sauces, and even grate up cheese for a casserole or tacos. This one is pretty big, too, coming in at 1.8 liters for capacity. You can definitely process large food quantities with this. For two, you can make and freeze batches of food.

For a family, big meals are no trouble at all.

The blades are a strong force to be reckoned with. They are four-staged, titanium edged blades, and so even the hardest foods become like soft butter. It also works for making baby food if you have a little one and will help you create the best mashed potatoes you ever had.

Just add a little salt, butter and pepper and dig in. You can also make up your own homemade peanut butter or almond butter in this chopper. You will be truly amazed as you watch it whip through the nuts with ease.

It is also a safe appliance, too. The work bowl features a safety lock to make sure your bowl is on tight before mixing takes place. There is also a rubber gasket that forms a lock between the work bowl and the lid which will prevent splashes, messes and sprays. And finally, there is a mat on the appliance that keeps it from sliding around.


  • Nice and small, will not take up a lot of space.
  • Meats do well in this processor, chicken breast was easy for one user.
  • Is very quiet in its operation


  • Cutter shank is plastic, which some may not like.
  • Lid has to be snapped on perfectly or else it will not blend.
  • Leafy vegetables got caught in the mixer when being processed, reported one user.


No matter what it is you seek to do with your glass food processor, you will certainly have an easy time doing it when you pick up any of these great little kitchen appliances. The possibilities are endless when you think about it.

Now you will never fear reading another food blog or recipe guide again-we all know those times when we clicked on a recipe, read about a delicious meal, and then reviewed the instructions only to find that you needed a food processor to do the job (what a disappointment!) Well, that is no longer the case.

Get out your list and start checking it twice. Write down all the guac, soup and sauce recipes you want. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making whatever it is you feel like eating when you get one of these amazing glass food processors in your kitchen.

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