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There is nothing better than homemade salami, except for maybe homemade chorizo or homemade ….. well you see where we are going. Making your own sausages and mince is actually a lot better than buying from a supermarket. You cut out all the additives and preservatives and basically have control over what cuts and kinds of meat you use. Making all of this at home is a cake walk if you have a good quality meat grinder.

You need one that is as functionally efficient as its commercial counterparts, but is easy to operate and clean. Although there are several meat grinders for home use available on the market, the LEM meat grinder is the one that stands out. Let’s have a closer look at this meat grinder, and see if it is a worthy investment.

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What exactly is the LEM meat grinder?

LEM offers electric meat grinders that you can safely call quasi-commercial. They come with a powerful motor and are fit for heavy-duty performance. The stainless steel body makes them extremely sturdy and long-lasting and they are ideal for frequent use.

With most LEM meat grinders you get an auger, meat stomper, meat plate, sausage tubes (different sized), and a stainless steel knife. In a few simple steps, you can put together the LEM meat grinder, and it will be ready to use in no time.

The meat gets processed in a mess-free and efficient manner. So, whether you are going to use it daily, weekly or just once in a couple of months, it offers a perfect solution to all your meat grinding needs.

Who is it best suited for?

best mincer, beef mincerNo, you don’t really have to be a butcher or even close to that to own this meat grinder. It is a product meant for those people who prefer to process their own meat. It gives you immense freedom to grind your meat the way you want, whenever you want.

It is a great choice for anyone who likes to be in control of all aspects of their food preparation. You can clean the meat well, remove the fat and then process the meat from the convenience of your home.

If you live on a farm, kill your own animals or like to go hunting once in a while, the LEM meat grinder would help process large quantities of meat quickly, and with a vacuum sealer you can easily store it for future use.

What sets it apart from other meat grinders available on the market?

There are several meat grinders available on the market in the same price range, and offering about the same horsepower, but the features, style, strength and performance of LEM grinders make them really stand out. The main point of heavy duty performance. The company and many other LEM meat grinder reviews claim that it can process more than 200lbs of meat in an hour!

This meat grinder can efficiently process all types of meat including pork, chicken beef and venison (Check here the best grinders for Venison) and it comes with a large capacity stainless steel pan, motor housing, auger, and grinder head.

Three different sausage tubes let you prepare different sized sausages. It has high power, permanently lubricated motor, roller bearings, and a built-in circuit breaker. Cleaning it is a breeze.

Owing to its solid stainless steel build, the meat grinder is a little bulky, but thanks to the sturdy handle (built into the motor housing), lifting and maneuvering this it is quite easy. It is a heavy-duty, durable appliance, which will keep your grinding for ages. If at all something goes amiss, there is a 2 year warranty that covers pretty much everything.

Are there disadvantages that one should be prepared for?

mincer machine, electric mincerThis meat grinder is not a sleek kitchen appliance. It is a solid, bulky, and reasonably large piece of equipment. But – that being said – if you are grinding your own meat then you are probably not worried about the ‘aesthetic appeal.’

If you live in a small condo or have little kitchen space, then you might find it difficult to accommodate it. Oh and don’t stick your hand, fingers or any other extremities in it and don’t wear a necktie whilst grinding.

Is it worth an investment?

In our opinion, LEM meat grinders are certainly the best grinders you will find on the market. They offer the functionality of commercial meat grinders but are perfect for home use. 

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