In deciding which Hurom masticating juicer to buy, there are a few things to think about. First of all, do you know what a masticating juicer is and how it differs from other juicers? I was definitely surprised when I tested my first masticating juicer. I thought it was going way too slow to be effective in any way.  Turns out I was really wrong!

These juicers are very effective in getting all the nutrients out of the fruits and veggies you put inside. Just because they are working slowly doesn’t mean you are getting any less of a quality product. Our Hurom juicer review seeks to make you feel excited and confident about buying one of these rad little appliances.

We made pear-apple juice with one of the Huroms during testing, and wow, was it the sweetest and tastiest juice! It seemed as though no juice was left in the fruits afterward. We could taste each and every nutrient. Come along us and we will show you the best of the best.

Choosing the Best Hurom Juicer – What you need to know

HZ Slow Juicer

If you'd like a quieter juicer in order to not wake up your family, this one will fit your needs.

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HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer

If you want a compact juicer that will easily fit most countertops, consider buying this one.

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HH-SBB11 Elite Slow Juicer

If you want an appliance that's an absolute breeze to clean, choose this slow juicer.

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H-AA Slow Juicer

This slow juicer with ice cream strainer is a dream come true for all the ice cream lovers.

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There is really no right or wrong answer to the question of which is best. You will want to read through each product description and decide which one meets you and your family’s needs the best. If you want my two cents, the Hurom H-AA masticating slow juicer was my favorite. Not only did it do the job as needed, but you can also make ice cream in it.

Yes, please! It was super quiet, so I did not have to worry about waking up my toddler or hubby. The slow mastication process keeps in all the nutrients, so we get healthful and fresh juice that didn’t lose a thing due to the heat or oxygen that gets let in with other juicers.

Comparison Time: Hurom HZ Slow Juicer, Hurom HU 100 Masticating Slow Juicer, Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, & Hurom HH Elite

Each and every one of these juicers has its highs and lows. The way we compare hurom juicers will help you decide which is the best option.

For example, the Hurom H AA has a control lever, a fine and coarse strainer and even a tofu press. Meanwhile, the Hurom HZ Slow Juicer has all that plus a squeeze and stainless-steel finish for a sleek look!

You may wish to watch out for the Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer, however. Don’t misunderstand, it is still a wonderful juicer, but only features a coarse and fine strainer plus a drying rack. The Hurom HU 100 is like this too. You will get great juice, but don’t expect extras like pasta attachments or a complete “nutrition center” like you find with other juicers.

One thing is for sure though: invest in some biodegradable plastic bags you can line your juicer’s pulp collector with to collect any pulp you don’t care to save. That way you can just compost it or recycle it with ease.

The Products – Read on for our selection of the best

Let’s get right to it: Here are the juicers!

* Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

This juicer, like the other ones we will discuss, uses an auger to squeeze out the juice instead of shredding fruits and veggies like most other juicer machines. You get minimal ingredient damage and a better, natural taste plus more nutrition.

Juice retains its cellular structure and natural, healthy color. The great thing about this juicer is that you get a higher yield for every nut, veggie and fruit you put in and the pulp that gets left behind is as dry as a bone. Nothing gets left behind.

Another great thing is that Hurom brand takes great pride in the way it manufactures its quality juicers. You will enjoy a ten-year warranty on the motor of this juicer, so feel free to buy with confidence.

One thing I liked about this juicer was how quiet it was. Don’t worry about sleeping kids or spouses who work nights and sleep in the day. Its 43 RPM motor is quiet and effective. Everything is BPA free, too, so you need not think twice about making your kids a fresh and tasty juice after school or for a healthy breakfast.

It is made with quality stainless steel and LED lights. This saves energy and also provides a hygienic experience. It looks very industrial and tough, but pretty enough for your kitchen. The strainers are also made of quality stainless steel. You can make pulp-free juice or silky-smooth milk in the fine strainer, and pulpy juice and stellar smoothies in the coarse strainer.

We tested it by putting in an abundance of apples and pears, 6 apples and 3 pears to be exact, and the resulting juice was really something!


  • Only 5 minutes or less to make a cup of juice!
  • Dishwasher-safe components, aside from the motor.
  • Stainless-steel color matches every kitchen.


  • Feed chute is not very big.
  • Disassembly takes a while to learn at first, which can be frustrating.
  • Not suitable for juicing wheatgrass.

* Hurom HU 100 Masticating Juicer

This great little juicer operates at 80 RPMs and uses only 150 watts of energy — great news for those of us trying to go green. You can process a variety of veggies, fruits, leafy greens and nuts in this machine. You can also make baby foods, sauces, juices and milks with ease.

As with the other juicers in this family, the slow juicing process gives you nutrient-rich drinks that will keep you healthy as can be.

This will support and help you achieve your health goals with no questions asked. You will get all nutrients, as the cellular structure of all foods are preserved.  I loved how nice and compact this one was, and the fact that it was easy to set up and take down was great.

I could see myself using this one each and every day because of how simple it was. The Ultem auger was another winning feature as it is engineered to be eight times stronger than regular plastics and can handle coarse and fine foods with ease.

One cool thing is that this juicer uses a cold press system to extract more juice from your food than high speed juicers, so you get less pulp and more dry pulp. A bonus is that this one can handle wheatgrass, which is good. Measuring in at 10x7x16 inches, it will easily fit in most of our kitchens.

Our test of the juicer was just as fun. We put in 3 navel oranges, an apple, lime, carrots and a handful of blackberries. It was what we had lying round and wow, did it taste great.

This one is a little louder than the others, but nothing to be afraid of running while others are asleep. The nice white color looks less industrial and is therefore appropriate for a household setting.


  • BPA-free, so no need to worry about harmful chemicals in food.
  • Really nice and quiet in its operation even though it is more powerful than our last reviewed juicer.
  • One user reported this was their favorite out of all the juicers they’ve ever had, and they’ve owned all types from the super expensive to the less than 50-dollar ones.


  • No recipe booklet included in this package.
  • Auger is plastic but very durable. Some people, however, do not believe in plastic cookware.
  • Contacting the company for replacement parts proved to be difficult for some.

* Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11

When I first laid eyes upon this juicer, I was struck by how lovely it looked. The silver color looks so good and it is just so easy to clean too. If you’re like me and you accidentally splash your other appliances with sauces and the like while working in the kitchen, you will appreciate how easy this one cleans with just a nice soft cloth on the outside.

Much like all the other hurom juice extractor, this juicer uses a strong auger to push out the juice from your fruits and veggies and keep all the nutrition and enzymes where they should be. The auger is twin-winged, for more pressing power!

So, like with all the others, your food gets the same nutritional quality! Yes, this means the cellular structure is still maintained and all the nutrients, colors and tastes remain. You drink things as nature intended! And as with the other juicers, the ten-year warranty is included here, so you can just buy with no second thoughts.

Another wonderful thing is that the juicer is nice and quiet. Once again those of us with kids, spouses, roommates or even dogs that bark at the slightest noise can just relax and kick back…. taking in all those great nutrients! It rotates at 43 RPM and the strength is definitely present. Just watch for that ultra-dry pulp to come out!

Another thing you can take pride in is using your juicer with a sense of security. Why? All the parts are BPA-free. Nothing harmful in the construction of this juicer… No way!

Remember how I said I liked how it looked? Turns out I was among friends. This HH Elite slow juicer possesses a great design that has won awards, features Red Dot and iF. It’s just so small and compact that no matter if you’re blessed with a professional size kitchen or just a small college apartment, you can have this thing in there with no obtrusiveness whatsoever.

It just fits anywhere! The strainers are a further example of the lovely craftsmanship this juicer possesses. You will enjoy the fine strainer that will allow you to make the best nut milks like almond or soy, or the smoothest pulp free juice ever.

We all have those family members who get weird about the pulp in their juice… this will make everybody happy. This strainer does well with leafy greens, nuts and all fruits and veggies.

The coarse strainer on the juicer will help you make the pulpy juice some of us love. You can also add frozen fruit, yogurt and milk for creamy, thick smoothies that will get you fueled up and refreshed for a long day ahead.

You can make the kids smoothies after sports or school, or even make your baby some food. Soup is another food that mixes up well in this lovely machine.

Using it was fun while we ran the test. You control the pressure by using the control lever. Put it on close when you start juicing. Let the chamber fill with juice. As it fills, switch the lever to half-close so as to release the pressure and let the pulp leave freely. This is a real value add especially when you are juicing seed rich fruits like kiwi and grapes.

If you have teens or other youngsters that like to use the juicer but are nervous about them doing so, you can smile knowing there is an advanced safety lock system on this machine. Therefore, unless all pieces are assembled correctly, the machine will not turn on.


  • One user reported using it at 3 AM while their family slept. How quiet!
  • Works exceptionally well for celery!
  • Easy to clean and reassemble.


  • Many parts are made of plastic, which may be off-putting to some users.
  • Some users report lots of pulp even after using the fine-mesh grate.
  • Users indicated a hard time getting wheatgrass to juice.

* Hurom H-Aa Slow Juicer

If you’re like me, the thing that first strikes you about this hurom cold press juicer is the sleek black design. That will look so great on any kitchen counter, no matter your color scheme.

Like the other juicers in the lineup, the nutrition-keeping properties are all done courtesy of the strong auger that presses the juice out leaving behind nothing but dry pulp. You will enjoy a higher yield with this juicer than a conventional one, so get those cups ready.

As with the other juicers made by Hurom, you will enjoy a ten-year warranty for a safe and fun experience. The motor is also quiet here, so if you need your juice fix at 2 AM, it will no worries. Of course, it is BPA-free, as it should be. The strainers here are just like the other ones on the other great juicers.

The fine strainer will make your nut milks smooth and easy to drink. Your juices will be pulp-free and sweet, full of nutrients. The coarse strainer will do you well in making baby foods, smoothies, soups and more.

Something special about this juicer is the ice cream strainer. Just take out the fine/coarse strainer and spinning brush and put in the ice cream strainer. Put in the frozen fruit and act like you are juicing. The end result is a nice ice cream made of fruit… yum! We tested it with frozen berries and it was refreshing, sweet and very healthy, not to mention easy!

The shape of this juicer was also really aesthetically pleasing. It curves so it became slimmer in the back, making it easy to store and just overall really cool in its design. It uses only 150 watts of power and is just 16 inches tall. It will fit in your kitchen, I’m sure — just measure to be safe!

During our test, we found it very easy to set this up and take it down.


  • User manual was very helpful and well-written in showing users what they could do.
  • Very easy to clean and take apart.
  • Comes in Rose Gold, which is a unique but stylish and versatile color.


  • Plastic parts cannot go in dishwasher.
  • Lid may get stuck if you try to juice a lot of produce at one time.
  • Engine may get noisy after a few months of use as reported by one user.


As you can see, Hurom is a trusted brand when it comes to getting a great juicer. Perhaps the best thing to do if you are still on the fence about whether or not to get one is to imagine all that you will do with your juicer if you get it.

Think about your own family, too; do you have somebody that just will not take their fruits or veggies, no matter how hard you try? You can save yourself a lot of headache reading this Hurom Juicer review, choosing one and serving them a cup of fresh juice. If you want to get healthier but keep holding back and making excuses, just pick one of these up. One sip of that sweet juice and you’ll be happy you did.

Our goal is not to make you buy anything, but to help you see all the good things that can happen when you get one of the Hurom appliances in your home. Happy juicing and stay healthy!


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