The question that comes to you when you are shopping for a pressure cooker is: what is the difference between instant pot and slow cooker?

Slow cookers typically run over a longer period of time at a significantly lower temperature, while Instant Pots are sealed devices that cook your food at a higher temperature.

Also, an Instant Pot will take no more than an hour to cook your food, while a slow cooker will take a minimum of four hours. This is also an important factor because an Instant Cooker will save 75% electricity compared to a slow cooker.

But there is a new product on the market that can give the Instant Pot a run for its money. Yes, it is the Breville Fast Slow cooker.

So… An Instant Pot or A Breville Cooker? Let’s Find Out!

An Instant Pot is a kitchen appliance that makes use of steam and pressure to thoroughly cook your food. Unlike with stovetop pressure cookers, you can cook simple food items like vegetables, soup, and rice as well as heavy or complicated items like meat, stew, beans, chili, poultry, multigrains, porridge, and yogurt.

While this list might not look impressive, you should remember that most food items you will see in a kitchen usually fits into one of these categories.

Not only these, but you can also use the Instant Pot to prepare great recipes for eggs, vegetables, and pasta. The newer models of Instant Pot have even more new features added. Now you can also prepare cakes, sous vide, and eggs. Instant Pots can also be used as sauté pans, which allows you to stir dry food with less oil and meat as well.

You will see that the possibilities of food that you can prepare with an Instant Pot are limited only by your imagination. For more recipes and ideas, you can always visit the Instant Pot website or any other cooking site.

The Breville multi-cooker is a kitchen gadget that has a lot of bells and whistles. This six-quart cooker offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing your cooking settings. You can choose between natural pressure release, auto-pulse, and auto quick as well as adjust the pressure level between 1 and 12 PSI to control the precise temperature.

The cooker has an altitude adjust feature, which means that it will program times temperature settings and time to match the boiling point in your location, according to your current elevation. This appliance is very sophisticated in this sense.

The Breville multi cooker is fitted with knob controls and an LCD screen, which is easy to understand and use. Some pre-programmed settings allow you to cook food items like dessert, chili, stew, meat, poultry, beans, stock, soup, risotto, rice, and vegetables.

The Comparison: Breville vs Instant Pot

  • Price

The Breville Fast Slow cooker tends to be more costly than an Instant Pot, but the price will also depend on the model that you buy. For example, you will see various models of the Instant Pot that are more expensive than the Breville Fast Slow cooker.

  • Functions

Unlike the Instant Pot (except the Luxe), the Breville does not presently have functionality to make yogurt overnight. This might come across as a disappointment since the price tag is very high. However, when it comes to slow cooking or pressurizing, both cookers work equally.

  • Interface

On one hand, the Instant Pot is fitted with several convenient buttons, while the Breville cooker makes use of several dials and an LCD display for selecting the program. While some people find the button system of the Instant Pot easier, there are others that prefer the dial and LCD system.

* Instant Pot DUO60

This Instant Pot DUO60 is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances available today. In fact, it is so well-performing that you might replace all your other pots and pans with this gadget.

The Instant Pot DUO60 allows you to cook a wide array of dishes like meat, risotto, vegetable, etc. It also doubles up as a great rice cooker and slow cooker as well. The Instant Pot DUO60 has received a lot of positive reviews online.

While the appliance may look intimidating, it is very simple to understand and use the Instant Pot DUO60. Additionally, if you run out of ideas about what else you can cook in the Instant Pot DUO60, you can always look online.

Yes, you will see a lot of recipes floating around the internet, mostly by home-cooks like you.

The Instant Pot DUO60 is dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned without any worries. The stainless steel build of the appliance makes it very durable as well and will definitely last you more than just a few years. It is also very pocket-friendly and allows you to cook almost anything imaginable. Also, the small size allows you to store it easily in a corner.


  • The Instant Pot DUO60 has a lot of safety features
  • Thousands of Instant Pot recipes can be discovered on the internet
  • The appliance is capable of handling a lot of different cooking techniques
  • The Instant Pot DUO60 is simple to understand and use


  • The appliance is not at all intuitive in nature
  • Operating the Instant Pot DUO60 can be difficult if you want to create a new recipe from scratch

Instant Pot LUX60V3


If you are looking for an all-in-one pressure cooker, then this Instant Pot LUX60V3 is the right appliance for you. It is mostly called all-in-one because it offers several different modes of cooking like pressure cooking, sautéing, slow cooking, steam cooking, or simply keeping your food warm. With the help of these options, you can easily whip up a meal within a span of a few minutes.

The control pad might look large but is actually very easy to understand and use.

You will see about ten pre-set cooking programs that you can use for cooking up a delicious meal. The Instant Pot LUX60V3 also saves up to 70% of energy while cooking. Additionally, the appliance is very cheap and but will cook the most luxurious food.

The appliance is fitted with more than ten security features like leaky lid protection, anti-blockage vent, pressure regulator protection, safety lid lock, high-temperature warning, and automatic pressure control to name a few. These features are configured so that you can cook without any worry of burning yourself with steam.


  • The food cooking process is silent
  • The ten safety mechanism in the Instant Pot LUX60V3 ensures you can cook worry-free
  • The pre-setting cooking programs are perfect if you do not have time to cook at all


  • Since the size is small, you cannot use it to make food for a family
  • You cannot cook yogurt in the Instant Pot LUX60V3
  • You will not find specific technology in the Instant Pot LUX60V3, like ‘Flavor infusion technology’

* Breville BRC600XL Cooker

This Breville BRC600XL Cooker is one of the finest cookers from the Breville Company. It has been revealed that you need to cook more with this appliance to get more positive outcomes.

You can easily cook with this cooker without having to worry about anything. It will allow you to serve many different types of food items without any problem.

You can also try to cook dishes that are difficult to cook or you are attempting for the first time. This is one of the best Breville cookers on the market today. Not only for cooking, the Breville BRC600XL Cooker is also great for serving. You can use the appliance to cook food but also to serve food easily.

The Breville BRC600XL Cooker will cook food with a very fine taste. You can easily remove the cord after cooking and your food will still be warm after some time. The appliance is packed with a lot of different features that will allow you to cook a wide range of delicacies. It provides the best cooking in less time. The appliance can be washed safely as well.


  • The Breville BRC600XL Cooker can cook many different types of ingredients, whatever your preference
  • The appliance keeps the food warm even after pulling the cord
  • The food is cooked faster than other types of cookers
  • Thanks to its metallic body, it is very sturdy and robust


  • The safety switch can fail at times
  • Some reviews reveal that the Breville BRC600XL Cooker shuts down after a year
  • Some also state that the cooker is not made to cook rice

* Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Multi Function Cooker

Do not go by the looks of this Breville BPR700BSS Cooker. While it may look very basic, this cooker is an absolute monster. You will see a nifty LCD screen that indicates whether the appliance is cooking or not.

You will also see a dial with three temperature marks, alongside the Keep Warm, Release and Cancel/Stop buttons. Gone are the days when you had to fiddle with a lot of knobs and buttons.

The Breville BPR700BSS Cooker offers you about 11 different types of settings, alongside a complimentary custom setting. You can cook almost anything in here – dessert, stew, meat, poultry, beans, stock, soup, risotto, rice, vegetables, etc.

Also, the Keep Warm feature keeps your food warm after it is cooked. In short, it is a 7-in-1-cooker with adjustable modes and two sensors.

The appliance also has a three-way safety system that will help you stay safe and use the cooker without any worries. The system consists of a safety valve, a manual steam release and a locking lid. The cooker releases pressure by itself. Hence, you will only have to select the cooking time, opening method, pressure, and other settings related to the cooking process.


  • The Breville BPR700BSS Cooker is a 7-in-1 cooker and allows you to cook almost anything
  • With more than 8-pressure settings, cooking food will not be a problem
  • Packed with three primary safety features


  • Since it is made of ceramic, it is prone to breaking if dropped accidentally
  • The price of the Breville BPR700BSS Cooker is a bit high

Final Thoughts

The Instant Pot and the Breville cooker are both multi-cookers and solid kitchen appliances. While the former comes in more models and sizes, the latter allows you to choose between 12 different cooking settings. At the end of the day, it will all be about which appliance fits your needs better.

Ultimately, it all comes down to preference.

You need to ask yourself certain questions. How much are you willing to invest in the appliance? Do you prefer a dial system or a button system? Will you be making yogurt? These are the questions you should consider while making a choice.

As a matter of fact, it might also be a good idea to read some reviews for both the products. This way, you will have a better feel for what others think of these two electric pressure cooker appliances.


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