Say hello to Nutribullet Prime and see how the Nutribullet prime edition has taken the food industry by storm. For anyone looking to get their family to embark on a healthy lifestyle, things have just gotten a whole lot easier! And all for just a few minutes a day!

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It can’t be said enough – fruits and vegetables fuel your body. Research says it is important to include at least five colorful fruits and five vegetables in our daily diet. But with the convenience of more unhealthy fare and every family member having certain likes and dislikes, keeping your family healthy isn’t as easy as it seems.

Let’s face it: cleaning, peeling, and chopping different fruits and vegetables amidst your busy daily schedule does not sound appealing in the least.

Well, now you have a life (and time) saver in the form of the Nutribullet Prime. For the uninitiated, we have put together the most comprehensive Nutribullet Prime Review around to fill you in on all you need to know about this new amazing addition to your kitchen.

The Nutribullet Prime – The New Time Management Tool For Your Kitchen

We all wish to provide our family, and especially our children, with optimal nutrition. Today’s active lifestyle, with all the looming deadlines and rush-hour traffic, leave us less and less time to invest in meal prep and planning. How does one make sure that our families (not to mention ourselves) are getting the right nutrition for a healthy, balanced diet?

We’re here to unlock all the secrets to these questions today!

It doesn’t help that your son frets over apple peels and your daughter doesn’t like the texture of those nutritious walnuts. You can’t get them to touch their vegetables at the dinner table and often watch them stick their tongues out at their greens. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Well, now you’ll have no more cranky and grumpy reactions to veggies at the dinner table! Nutribullet is going to help make fruits and vegetables a colourful, delicious and fun joyride that you and your children love to ride every day!

Why not go for any of the regular blenders available on the market, you ask? The Nutribullet Prime portable mini blender makes it easy to get all the wholesome nutrition out of every single part of your fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that’s ready for your taste buds in a matter of seconds as a velvety smooth drink!

Here’s a sneak peek into everything the Nutribullet offers that’s just so refreshingly unique. Nutribullet helps retain nutrition that’s found in the peels, stalks and other parts of fruits and vegetables that we would otherwise throw away on the assumption that blenders simply cannot process them effectively.

Well, guess what!

Nutribullet gives you more bang for your buck in each glass of juice since it lets you throw all the peels, seeds, and stalks of fruits and vegetables in the blender that would otherwise find their way to the dustbin. Nutribullet breaks down the fibre in fruits and vegetable cells to unlock an unexplored world of hidden vitamins and minerals.

And the best part – your family will have no inkling of what’s in their delicious and power-packed drink all thanks to its silky smooth texture! You can throw in all the superfoods that are otherwise frowned upon by your fussy family because it’s Nutribullet to the rescue!!

Here’s all the information we’d like to share with you before you pick up one of your own. Let’s start with everything you receive in your Nutribullet Prime goodie box.

Nutribullet Prime System as a complete Nutribullet Prime 12 piece set which includes:

  • 1 high torque power base
  • 1 28oz stainless steel insulated cup. These wonder cups can keep your cold drinks just as cold for up to eight hours. Just pour your drink into these aesthetically pleasing cups and have your dose of good health on the go.
  • 2 32oz Colossal cups. Only one of these cups comes with a handle. The other one is au natural.
  • 2 flip-top lids just in case one gives out over time.
  • 2 screw on lip rings
  • 2 vessel grips
  • 1 extractor blade
  • Recipe and user guide book

The flip-top lid is specially designed to keep your drinks fresh by avoiding exposure to air and moisture.

Nutribullet Prime vs Pro – A Total Nutribullet Review

The Nutribullet Prime is a straightforward and perfect family blender for domestic use. It sits pretty on your kitchen countertop and is ideal for everyday use. But let’s take a sneak peek into the Nutribullet blender family to understand what else they have to offer and help you choose the perfect blender for your family.

Nutribullet has a whole range of blenders under its brand name ranging from Nutribullet 600, Nutribullet 900 Pro, Ninja Bullet, 1200 watt Lean Blender, 1200 watt Max Blender and the 1700 watt Rx Blender. Let’s look at how the Nutribullet Prime squares up against the Nutribullet 600 and 900 Pro.

The Prime, 600 and 900 Pro have essentially the same build, except that there is a difference in wattage, namely 1000 watts, 600 watts and 900 watts respectively. However, it is only the former that comes with the 1-minute auto switch-off mechanism. The other two require your complete attention throughout the blending process.

In terms of capacity, it is only the Nutribullet 600 which falls short in this case at 24oz cup. The other two, Nutribullet Prime and Nutribullet 900, boast a 32 oz container.

The good part between these three blenders is that their cups are interchangeable. So in the event that you have been using a Nutribullet 600 and wish to upgrade to a Nutribullet 900 Pro or a Nutribullet Prime, you can very well hold onto the cups and use them with your new blender.

If you are looking to go all out with a super powerful blending feast, go with the Nutribullet RX model. It can be used to dish out yummy soups called Souperblasts. We’re sure you could use a warm soup every once in a while after a long day’s toil. What’s better, you can run multiple blending cycles on this mean machine without having to trouble your hands, thanks to its SMART technology.

We must mention that the Nutribullet 900 Pro is a household favorite and is also slightly cheaper when compared to the Nutribullet Prime. If budget isn’t a concern, you can go in for the Nutribullet Prime for the extra 100-watt power and some fancy accessories.

Let’s move away from the Nutribullet Prime vs Pro debate back to our primary focus in this article, Nutribullet Prime. We’ve taken a peek at everything that comes as a part of the 12 piece set, we have given a rough idea of other blenders in the Nutribullet family – now it is time to get into the nitty-gritty of each element of the Nutribullet prime such as dimensions, blades, motor power and a lot more. Read on to find out.

What’s not to love about some extra bonus goodies and giveaways with our favorite products?

Especially when it only makes our job in the kitchen easier. If you are someone who runs out of meal ideas, you are going to love what we’re about to reveal in our review. We had a fantastic time playing around with the recipe ideas that are complementary with the user guide of the Nutribullet blender. That’s right! Easy recipes out of the box to make the best use of your new blender.

Each of the 25 wonderful recipes is a blend of half fruit and half greens, with an optional punch of seeds and nuts. These ‘Nutriblasts’, the name given to the recipes in the Nutribullet Prime booklet, are an ideal option to give your body all the benefits of fruits and vegetables in an easy to consume liquid form.

Measuring 345x200x300mm, we would say the Nutribullet Prime is quite sleek and can easily slot itself on your kitchen countertop. Weighing around 1.8 kgs, it is bundled fairly well to give you the most in a compact build. The cup/container is 950 ml at full capacity, although we would recommend not topping it up to 950ml to avoid spillage.

Having said that, 950 ml makes for a perfect meal replacement drink, post-workout protein shake or an indulgent yet healthy smoothie for one person. You can make any quantity you wish, as you’ve got room for close to a liter. It also works well to divvy up a drink as a meal accompaniment for a family of 3-4, filling everyone up just right and avoiding over-indulgence.

* The Nutribullet Prime 1000w Blender

Coming with a 1000 watt motor power, this Nutribullet Prime blender makes for ideal domestic use. As a single serving blender, the Nutribullet Prime gets the job done just fine. No matter what the ingredients, a minute’s spin is all it needs to give you a smooth and scrumptious treat. It has a powerful cyclone spin, pulping the toughest of nuts and seeds.

On some occasions, you may have to open up the top lid to give the container a slight shake for the ingredients to blend uniformly. But that is only a rare necessity when your ingredients are fairly dense.

It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t warn you that this isn’t the quietest of blenders. Be prepared for some noise you may not be able to hear voices over. But hey, after all, it is a 1000 watt machine we are talking about. Besides, it’s only a minute’s compromise and you get lots of creamy, delicious goodness in the bargain.

Thankfully, the vibration isn’t as troublesome as the noise. The body of the Nutribullet Prime has in-built suctions cups that keep your appliance intact and solid all throughout those extreme grinds. The length of the power cord is a good 1.45m, making for a convenient stretch to your electrical outlet.

An important piece of information to know in case you are thinking about bringing the Nutribullet into your home is that it does not support any hot blending. So refrain from tossing hot chocolate, hot brews or hot cooking sauces into your Nutribullet Prime. However, you could cool any hot ingredients and then throw them into your all-new blender.

Nutribullet Prime works well for blending ice into your drinks though. So drop in those ice cubes without worry as your 1000 watt machine can easily tackle them, giving you a chilled smooth juice.

Control Mechanism & Maintenance

Let’s gives you a heads up on the control mechanism of the Nutribullet Prime. Unlike many other blenders, the Nutribullet Prime does not sport any control buttons on its body. It uses a simple twist mechanism wherein you just twist the container onto the blender’s body to get things started.

The good part?

The Prime variant of the Nutribullet range of products comes with an auto-off timer that activates within 60 seconds, giving you a chance to step away and attend to other errands on those busy weekday mornings. To switch off the blender before the 60-second auto turn-off, simply twist it back to stop the blending process remove the container.

Let’s come to the part that we’ve all been waiting for – cleaning & maintenance of the Nutribullet Prime. Nutribullet Prime does make providing a wholesome diet for your family a whole lot easier, but is the clean up just as easy?

You won’t believe us when we say it’s easier than any blender you’ve ever used before! And why is that? Because the cup is completely dishwasher safe! That’s right! You can breathe a sigh of relief, just like thousands of other users who have discovered the benefits Nutribullet Prime has to offer.

The Nutribullet Prime comes with an extractor blade that works at an amazing 25,000 RPM, effectively pulping all those nutritious seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies to give you a smooth, creamy, textured drink. At 25,000 RPM, we couldn’t really ask for anything more. It certainly is up there with regard to blade dynamics and speed.

The blades, however, will require some manual attention and need to be washed by hand. Dip the blades in soapy liquid and gently scrub it with your fingers, and they are as good as new. The Nutribullet Prime comes with just one set of extraction blades so you are going to have to keep them clean to be ready for your next blend.

Pros & Cons

To help you make an informed purchase, we will now give you an overview of the pros and cons of the blender. We have listed all points that may influence your decision as well as your daily interaction with the Nutribullet Prime.


  • The container is dishwasher safe
  • Powerful motor that can get your drink ready in less than a minute
  • 25 complimentary and wholesome recipes as part of the purchase
  • Nutrition remains intact as the seeds, skin and stalks of fruits and veggies remain part of the mix, which otherwise have to be discarded in other blenders
  • A stainless steel insulated cup is part of the package to keep your drink cold for up to 8 hours
  • Containers can be used on the Nutribullet 600 and 900 Pro and vice versa
  • Auto switch off mode after 60 seconds of blending
  • Suctions cups give the body and motor base a stronghold and reduce vibration


  • Cannot process any hot drinks or mixes
  • The Nutribullet Prime comes with just one set of blades
  • The machine is noisy

Final Verdict

All in all, we would like to conclude by saying that the Nutribullet Prime 1000 watt blender can certainly be a superb new addition to your kitchen. It can help you tackle those busy mornings when it’s difficult to pack in a nutritious meal among the hustle and bustle, not to mention food tantrums of your loved ones. A convenient, tasty single blend of all things healthy might be all you need to make life easier.

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Throw in advantages like auto switch-off, a large 930ml container with a handle, flip top lids and easy cleaning using your dishwasher, and you have got yourself a clear winner!

We have tried our best to bring all relevant information together while writing this Nutribullet Prime review. We hope all the insights in this article have given you a complete understanding of all this product brings to the table. If you go with the Nutribullet Prime you will quickly find this wonder machine will make pulverizing colorful, juicy fruits and vegetables easy and provide a wholesome diet for you and your loved ones.


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