In my quest for a great omega masticating juicer, I felt like I was in over my head! There were lots of good ones to choose from, and I wanted a machine that would get me and my family the nutrients we needed with no hassle. My youngest will not eat any vegetables, so putting them into a juice form is one way I get her to eat her veggies.  

We were able to extract all the juices from the fruits and veggies I picked up from the store, and I called it her “Grinch Drink.” (It came out green, and she loved it). The test recipes we ran on the juicer proved to be very successful.

Our Omega Juicer reviews are here to save all the parents of the world from their kiddos who just refuse to take in their carrots, tomatoes and broccoli. You will find that the versatility and accessibility of these juicers really outshine the competition. Jump in and join us as we show you the reviews.

Which is the best Omega Juicer? – Read on for the Best Tips

J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Offers the best nutrient extraction ratio giving you the highest level of vitamins from fruits and veggies.

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NC800HDS Juice Extractor

If you need a more versatile device that will manage making nut butter as well as juice, choose this model.

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VRT350 Low Speed Juicer

If you want a compact juicer that will easily fit most countertops, consider buying this one.

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J8004 Dual-Stage Masticating Juicer

This juicer is a good option if you have a rough family or just a busy gang in general.

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Really, you cannot go wrong with any of these amazing juicers. The cool thing about the Omega family of juicers is that they all masticate as a good Omega cold press juicer should.

They slowly but surely press the fruit up against the chamber of the juicer, getting each and every drop of the nutrient-loaded juice right out of there for you. Virtually all of these juicers have the ability to help you select the amount of pulp you want in your juice.

We are going to do a little Omega Juicer comparison.  Let’s start with the Omega VRT 350. You get a strong auger, a 2.25×1.25 oval opening and a great pulp strainer. It handles fruits and veggies like a pro!  It is a great little juicer for all your basic needs.

The Omega NC800 has a nice oval opening and turns at 80 RPM. You get it all here. This one is the Cadillac of juicers. Not only does it juice things up well, but you can make nut butters, chop food and even whip up sorbet. Don’t think twice about this one, it will do whatever you need! It even has 2 HP motor.

The Omega J8006 has a circle opening, an auger and strainer, and does everything except mincing and chopping foods. This is one of the ones that features a 2HP motor, so power is also a factor here.

You can buy this one in a vertical style as well if you would like, but keep in mind that it does not do all the same stuff that the non-vertical one does. Basically, you won’t be able to do nut butters or sorbets.

* Omega J8006: Metallic Nutrition Centered Masticating Dual-Stage Juicer

This is a masticating style juicer or a low speed juicer. The nutrition center within operates at 80 RPM, but most juicers process at a speed of 1650 to 15,000 RPM.  You might wonder why a low speed is any good. Well, it is to protect the enzymes, prevent oxidation, and let you store your juice for up to 72 hours without worry of degradation. The GE auger in the juicer is 8 times stronger than other plastics, and the motor is 2HP.

The dual stage extracts the max amount of juice from fruits and veggies as well as leafy greens and wheatgrass. You can even use this juicer to make nut butters, make baby food, grind up coffee, or mince herbs and garlic. And of course, you can make those super cool juices everybody will love.

It measures 7x16x9 inches tall, so check to see if it will fit your kitchen. Keep in mind that using frozen foods in the juicer leads to foods that stick to the sides of the blender jars and will not flow. Plus, this handy juicer is engineered to be quiet for an easier time when using in the early morning hours.

It’s just super cool that this juicer can really extract all those great nutrients without leaving anything behind! Another cool thing is the pasta nozzle that comes with this juicer.

Yes, you really can make excellent pastas with it too.

Imagine whipping up your own homemade wheat pasta in the omega slow juicer. Oh, and the juicing parts go into the dishwasher!


  • Ultra-high juice yield as it takes all the juice out of your favorite fruits and veggies!
  • You can make your juice with or without pulp, perfect for the picky eaters of the world!
  • Durability rating is at a 4.2, this thing can take a beating and still keep on truckin’!


  • Filter screen may burst if too many things are put in at once.
  • Plastic cover on auger may break after repeated use.
  • Takes a lot of time to assemble and disassemble due to the number of parts involved.

* Omega NC800HDS: Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extractor with Adjustable Settings

Here we have another one of Omega’s great masticating-style juicers. This one also operates at the 80 RPM speed and prevents oxidation and heat buildup. The auger, like the other juicers here, pushes the produce against the wall chamber and gets the juice flowing. No part of the juice is left behind! You can also make your nut butters or almond and soy milks, and it even comes with two juicing screens.

You will get a 15-year warranty on the juicer, and also some extra nozzles that will help you make baby foods, pasta, and mince up garlic and herbs to make your meals taste amazing. Just select one of the five settings for maximum output of the juice. You can even enjoy pulp ejection if you don’t want it!

It measures in at 14.5X6.5X15.5, so use those dimensions to measure and verify it will fit in your kitchen. The voltage is 110-120, so those in other nations aside from North American ones will need a transformer.

All in all, you will really love this omega fruit and vegetable juicer and its versatility.

We certainly did, and we loved the sweet juice we got out if it!

Making the juice in here was really a pleasure. We juiced up a few carrots and apples and were very impressed at how little foam was on the yield when it came out.

Just for the fun of it, we even ground up some coffee using the grinding attachment and brewed up a cup. The grinds were consistent in our eyes, but coffee lovers who are serious about their joe may want to stick with their own grinders.


  • Super easy to assemble, no guesswork required.
  • Users report the same quality as that of a more expensive brand of juicer.
  • Has a larger chute than the other Omega juicers


  • Juicer is made of plastic parts which may not be okay for some users.
  • Not commercially certified by the NSF, only designed for home use.
  • Not designed for food processing use such as minced meat.

* Omega VRT350: Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer with Automatic Pulp Ejection

This is a wonderful Omega Vertical Masticating juicer of the heavy-duty variety that does the same great thing as the rest of these amazing machines. Like the others, it does 80 RPM to get ALL the juice out. This juicer will kick butt on fruit, vegetables, leafy greens like kale and of course wheatgrass.

Using it is easy. Just use the pusher to push the ingredients into the juicer. Attach the hopper to the bowl using the easy-to-follow instructions. What’s really special about this juicer is the 64-ounce capacity for both of its containers.

One catches the pulp and the other your fresh juice! I really like how compact the juicer is, and how it fits oh so easily on most countertops. Its dimensions are 15.5x13x11 inches. Measure to be safe, but most of us will have a great time setting this up on the counter!

Testing this juicer out was a ton of fun. We made a mixture of all our favorite fruit juices, and even some veggies too. We put in apples, carrots, ginger, kale, pears and beets.  The fact that it can handle roots like ginger is super cool! It really gave a nice spice to my juice and gave me something to look forward to.

Once we were all done, I had to learn how to take it apart, clean it and then put it back together, but the cleaning took only about 5 minutes total.  I’d hazard a guess it took me longer to prep the veggies and chop them up than it did to actually juice them!


  • Handles fruits and veggies like a boss! Whether they are soft or hard, it juices like a dream.
  • Plastic is BPA-free, so you can enjoy a healthy and sanitary juicing experience.
  • There is a one-year warranty on this lovely juicer. Makes for a worry-free buying experience!


  • Must cut cabbage into chunks before juicing. I didn’t expect to put a whole cabbage in, but it sure is a lot of work!
  • The disassembly and reassembly process is easy but will take you some time to get used to.
  • We did not see a lot of froth during our test. Other users, however reported that there was a lot of froth/foam in the juicer.

* Omega J8004: User-Friendly, Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Juicer

For the last of our omega juice extractors, we will discuss the Omega J8004. This one is good if you have a large family. It is literally built for commercial use but nice enough to have in your home.

Like the others, it handles fruits, veggies and wheatgrass with ease. This one comes with a fifteen-year warranty, so all your parts and performance are covered. I’m really glad for this, as this juicer is certainly an investment.

Using 80 RPM, you will get the sweetest and most nutritious juices you ever tasted. Like the other juicers, you can make pasta, nut butters, baby food and even mince up the garlic and make sorbets.

This one is pretty epic! Another really cool thing about this juicer is that it has four feet that hold it right onto the table or countertop while in use. This omega juice extractor will give you maximum juice with dry pulp, and you can even automatically eject the pulp as you work.

I found this juicer to be very easy to take apart and clean. Assembling and disassembling the juicer was a very easy thing to do. The measurements of the juicer are 14.5×6.5×15.5 so it should be an easy fit for many kitchens.


  • 6 durability rating by other users like you… how wonderful!
  • Can clean rubber pieces with a toothbrush that has a flat end.
  • Not loud at all when being used. Now you can juice in the early morning and not wake up the household!


  • Although this is an amazing juicer, you still need to cut everything into small pieces to get it to juice.
  • Juice tends to come out thick from this particular juicer. It still tastes great but may be too thick for some.
  • Some users reported the juice straining fixture cracking after use.


All in all, you will absolutely love your juicer once you get it. Just imagine all the ways your life will get easier as you juice away! You and your family will enjoy a healthier lifestyle and maybe even higher energy levels as you take in all the great nutrients.

If your little one is anything like mine, you will feel relief when she finally takes in the juice, and you can relax knowing the child is actually getting some nutrition that doesn’t come from chicken fingers! Have fun shopping and choosing your favorite from our omega juicer reviews. We know you will just love it.


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