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Kitchenaid 6 QT Mixer – A Detailed Review

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Review – A kitchen aid that can make a cook’s life real easy

Last Updated Nov 2021 – If you like to bake, whether it be cookies, bread or cakes, then you really need to have a good mixer.

There are many mixers available on the market that perform well, but most of them fail when it comes to working with denser and heavier mixtures. In our quest for a powerful stand mixer we came across the KitchenAid pro mixer – let’s have a look at it in more detail.

The Zojirushi NS LAC05 Rice Cooker – 2021 Review

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Last Updated Jan 2021 – Cooking rice is no less complex than a chemistry experiment; you need to cook the right amount of rice, at the right temperature, for the right amount of time to get the exact portion of rice you want. Believe us, it is easier said than done, quite often, even the most experienced of cooks end up messing up their rice; it either turns out overcooked and gooey, or undercooked and chewy.